Philips Hue Wireless LED Lighting Unboxing and Hands-On Demos [VIDEO]


The Philips hue wireless LED lighting system was announced at the end of October. These wireless bulbs allow control via your iOS devices to set various lighting moods. The starter package costs $199 with extra bulbs available for $59, all available from Apple retail stores in Canada. 

Numerous reviews have already hit the web after the units have become available. Here is a great hands on review of the Philips hue by YouTube user DetroitBORG worth checking out:

And another one via Japanese blog Mak Otakara:

These videos should help you decide whether the Philips hue would be a worthy addition to your home or not. Let us know what you think of these news bulbs: are they practical or just an expensive gimmick?


  • Vas

    My wife thinks it’s an expensive gimmick…as to what I think, well I’m into gimmicks, especially cool ones 😉

  • wuju

    I think the problem I have with this is the size of the light bulb. Too big for some situations.
    Price is the second pain points.

  • Nick

    Looks cool but way too expensive… It would be awesome to have my whole apartment using these, but the price for the bulbs is just way too much. Also it sucks that the wireless bridge can’t connect to Wifi – I have an airport express, I don’t think it would work with that at all since there’s no ethernet on it.

  • Yeah it’s pretty pricey for light bulbs.

    Gary Ng
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  • Nest

    Useless… Spend the money on a Nest thermostat, at least you’ll be saving energy and help the earth a little bit!