Woodwerx Releases the STiCKSTAND iPhone Key Ring Stand


Recently we posted about a cool little Canadian company called YEG Wood who creates interesting wooden iPhone cases. Now we have another wood based iPhone accessory to share with you.

The STiCKSTAND Keyring is a handy piece of shaped wood that connects to your keys and allows you to prop up your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s for some hands-free action.

The stands are actually made from reclaimed hardwood by Woodwerx . They are previously unused pieces of wood that would have likely found their way to the landfill if not for this clever re-purposing. The stand appears to be functional even with a case on your phone and you can have the STiCKSTAND sent your way for $17 USD (before shipping). We will soon have a hands-on review of the STiCKSTAND along with a contest.

While certainly an interesting use of recycled wood, can you see yourself actually using a product like this?


  • Anonymous

    This is amazing!

  • $17 for a piece of wood?

  • Want

  • Djjessejames

    Fire up the bandsaw and pick up some scrap wood that would get thrown out from your local lumberyard. Save money and trees…
    well, save the money anyhow.

  • Toysandme-1

    Must be a typo: 17 cents maybe but not $17!

  • $17??? for a chunk of wood and a $0.50 ring?  who are the idiots buying this?

  • ????Dennis

    “Hey guys, look at this cool video I took while on vacation”. Pulls out iGay keychain…

    What fools are buying this shit? $17????

    PLUS SHIPPING! Hahahahah!

  • Hi, nice and innovative key ring and stand both in one.Thanks for sharing.