ZAGG invisibleSHIELD iPhone 4 Review + Picture Gallery


You should all know by now I love using the invisibleSHIELD on all my Apple toys. It’s on my aluminum MacBook, iPad, and iPhone 2G/3G/3GS. Now, my iPhone 4 has joined the club. Earlier we posted about how the new full body iPhone 4 invisibleSHIELD includes side protection, which helps solve the “antennagate” issue.

iPhone 4 invisibleSHIELD Install Tips

Previous invisibleSHIELD installs required patience as the rounded corners of iPhones made for a tricky install. Now that the iPhone 4 has flat glass on both sides this is by far the easiest invisibleSHIELD install of all time.

Here are some tips:

  • Wipe down your iPhone with a clean microfibre cloth beforehand. Blow away dust. Wash your hands with soap and water.
  • Spray down your fingers before peeling off the plastic.
  • OPTIONAL (at your own risk!): Spray down your iPhone 4 as well as the shield itself. The more water makes for an install with less air bubbles. When you smooth out the water the bubbles go with it.
  • One the shield is applied on the phone, lightly spray the surface, then wrap your squeegee in a damp paper towel to wick away the water/bubbles. I find a wrapped squeegee makes it easier to smooth everything out.
  • Let the shield cure for at least 12 hours or so, you can still leave the iPhone on.
  • For the sides, I sprayed down the pieces then wicked away excess water with my fingers. I carefully laid it down so it was nice and straight.
  • The “orange peel” effect goes away slightly after a few days.
  • Retina Display still looks amazing with the shield on the front.

I’m pretty happy with my install–quite easy if you take your time! The shield adds more grip to the phone and has already saved me from a few potential scratches. Once my iPhone 4 Bumper arrives, it will make a killer combination with the fully body invisibleSHIELD.

Check out the pictures below and decide for yourself!

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Here is a picture gallery of my iPhone 4 invisibleSHIELD

Apple iPhone 4 (Maximum)


  • Bshigeta

    it looks like you were able to install your invisibleshield with a lot less orange peel than what i was able to do. as in the previous comment, my film started to peel after only a month. i replaced it after with a power support hd anti-glare film. i’ve posted pictures comparing the two here…

  • JMCD23

    Way better than the previous iPhone ones. I never liked how the old Zagg's wrapped around, always ended up peeling off after a while. Should be a good solution on this one.

  • ZaggDiscount

    I have 2 25% off zagg discount codes. One time use so hurry, they expire august 11.

  • Jessica

    I installed an invisishield on my brand new iphone the same day i got it and it turned out i had a defective unit.. took an appointment with those Genius and they immidiatly gave me a new phone..

    question: I removed my invisishield from the defective unit.. do i just re-apply it to the new phone.. looks like i just lost 20$+ on that shield since i beleave it will leave small spots on the new iphone4. That blows!

  • Thx for the tips. Should be getting mine this week so I'll be trying it soon! I think while I let it dry I'll use my 3G. Just get Rogers activate my old sim card. Wish me luck! Was putting the sides on easy?

  • Butlerchick

    I bought this for the first time and love the look and feel of the skin on the front of my new iPhone 4… HOWEVER I find that once the bumper is on, it lifts on the edges and I have to reflatten it. It re-flattens nicely but doesn't last… It's as if the bumper is so snug that it pushes the edges of the skin up…??? Anybody else have this happen?

  • Josh

    I don't have a bumper yet but I did buy a flex case that wrapped around the front edges in a similar way, and yes, the exact same problem. I had to return it and get a “snap on” style case, that doesn't wrap around the front edge of the screen.

  • Email zagg for a replacement! Lifetime warranty!

  • Allan

    Here's a note for people who are scared to do it. Bestbuy installs it for $10 and also sells it for $34 so all together it could come unto about $50. You do have to make an appointment though.

  • Prailor

    i have sued the shield before, and i will get it again,
    it really isnt hard to install, just take a bit more time so you get it perfect
    i just got a new one for my 3g, it was from zagg and under $16cdn (front and back) shipped to canada

  • Excellent photos! Tons of detail. I had one of these on my 1st Gen iPod Touch, but I kinda hated how it would ripple up at the edges. So I didn't put one on my 2nd Gen iPod Touch, and it has some scratches on it after a year of use, plus it's slippery as heck. I think I'll be putting a Zagg on my iPhone 4.

  • Ellard

    Hi Gary,

    Do you still have some invisible shield to giveaway?



  • Laura

    i just bought an iphone4 zagg shield from bestbuy for 19.99 πŸ™‚ with a really nice rocketfish case….looks great!

  • Diecast84

    This is great! Now can someone direct me to anywhere in the GTA that still have iPhone 4 in stock

  • Mitch

    pretty ticked off right now…order my invisibleshield from zagg online on the 27th and it said it shipped the 28th…still have not received it yet…i called them and they said its because Canada is considered international….bullshit we are just a border away >.<

  • Missinglogo

    In terms of a front screen protector (only) how does this InvisiShield compare to the Power Crystal film? Does anyone have any input? I've been using Power Crystal film on my stuff until now and it doesn't have any “orange peel” effect, it's shiny and nice, is there a reason InvisiShield might be better? Just wondering.

  • warpdrive

    I ordered and had my i4 shields 3 weeks before the Canadian launch! I ordered before they offered the “antenna” protection. They have since offered to ship the other pieces to me for free. I also preordered a classic magnetic piel frama case from Spain. The combination is fricken awesome. Lucky too, the piel frama showed up via UPS on launch day last Friday!

  • LoWd0Wn

    The biggest trick for the invisible Shield to work – is like was said – lots of water. It doesn't hurt the phone plus you squeegee it off. That way, you wont get sides to peel in a month. That should not happen, you just did not use enough water in the install. Spray down the phone and the shield.

  • Joe+

    I've looking for some reviews online and it sounds like invisibleSHIELD is great for the iPhone but
    I'm worry the solution that comes with it will distroy the phone's special coating/layer on the screen…
    or not?

  • Joe+

    sorry I'm half awake lol
    didn't realise there's so much error in my post…


  • Dr. Discount

    If anyone is looking to buy the invisibleShield I suggest you use google to find some coupon codes. Got mine for 50% off! Saved $12.50!

  • Mitch

    Same πŸ™

  • Rox

    I've used Invisible shield on 3 Macbook Pro and 2 iPhones. It reaaly does a great job for protecting from scrathes. however, I find the one on the front screen of my iPhone 4 a bit disappointing. I could see really tiny vertical bars that fudge the accuracy of the colors (like a prism effect). Easy to see on a white background. Anyone had that issue as well ? Just open a blank email and look on the white portion of the screen. For me it seems that InvisibleShield might not be super HD compatible.

  • Guest

    I just bought one at Best Buy yesterday. πŸ™‚

  • Matt

    Hey Ex, have you used the zagg smartbuds? Are they better than the apple ones that come with the iPhone itself?

  • Bryce

    ex or somebody. I just installed my zagg shield. and I found I have tons of little white specs all around underneath the zagg shield. Is that from tons of dust or not enough water when I did the install as the film almost immediately stuck to my iphone?

  • jeff

    Mine got shipped on the it today!!!

  • Ex

    Give it 24 hours.
    If it's not gone, it's dust.

  • Ex

    I have and I prefer the Apple ones

  • Whiterhino14

    Check out ( sgp steinheil ) They offer a great selection of shields. matte, crystal etc and they are getting awesome reviews. They even have anti oil screen options. I've ordered 3 sets : ) I found that my zagg's always turn yellow and peal off. Iv'e ordered 9 zag products over the years and I think they are over priced considering that most companies give you two full shield kits for the price of their one.

  • Wooj

    Today is a great day! Happen to stop by at Apple Store and they just got in some 32G unlocked iphone 4G and I got one! WOOHOO! Then I go home and look in my mail box and my iphone 4G InvisibleShield also showed up. DOUBLE WOOHOO! Now just waiting to hear on my pre-order Element Case is ready to ship. I should go buy a lottery ticket.

  • Guest

    I'm scared to buy invisible shield because of orange peel. I don't want that shit

  • Lilmikyb


  • Whiterhino14

    I ordered my Vapor 4 on July 03 and it hasn't shipped yet but it looks sick and I can't wait.

  • James00

    Gary why the heck wouldn't you have filmed the shield install for us?

    I'm more confused now about installing my Zagg shield then before I read this post!

  • I had mine proffesionally done at a bestbuy. Ordered the maximum protection from the states and went to the best buy where they put it on for me for 10 dollars. They did I REALLY REALLY good job. It also helped because since I got my iphone 4 I never took off the packaging to keep it in mint condition. I am so happy it turned out great.

  • kerv

    Does it affect the use of the flash or camera?

  • nice. think I'm going to get this for mine.

  • Bryce

    Thank you ex

  • DaMan05

    OMG look at the orange peel! It's hideous! do yourself a favour and go Phantom Skinz. Cheaper and better.

  • bshigeta

    yeah, it makes the phone look and feel really cheap.

  • Sandy

    Hi Gary,
    What cases do you know of that will work with the invisibleshield installed on front and back of the iphone 4?


  • Guest

    Hey Kirk,

    Which bestbuy did u get it done… hoping they wud do the same for me…

  • roc

    Butlerchick: the same thing happened to me. The Zagg Invisible Shield looked and felt great once I put it on, but when I put the bumper on it lifted the edges of the skin and it looks like crap now. You’re right, the bumper is too snug going on.

  • Smiley

    I got the invisible shield and was excited to use it, however was quite disappointed afterwards. It’s grippy on the screen, when i glide my fingertip on the touchscreen it feels like my fingertip is being tugged. Also, you can tell that there is a layer of plastic over your screen and it takes away a bit of the resolution. A lot of dust also cling onto it easily, which is annoying to brush off constantly. On top of all that, it slides and peels off after using it for a while. The only good thing i can say about it is that it gives you a good grip for the back side of your phone. Overall, i wouldn’t recommend getting this screen protector. I peeled mine off and stuck on a high-quality Japanese-made screen protector, Momex – it looks and feels like you don’t have a protector on your screen, and it does its job well. If i were you, i’d opt for a Japanese-made one.

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  • Powercube

    Terrible. I wouldn’t use this for free. Why would I want to cover up such a beautifully designed phone? So long as you treat the phone with care, never allowing anything harsh to touch any part of it (especially the screen), and putting it inside of a soft sleeve or case when it is in your pocket or bag, you can and should use it nakedly…like a BlackBerry.

  • Powercube

    I should add “like a BlackBerry…except brilliant and lovely.”

  • Powercube

    I should add “like a BlackBerry…except brilliant and lovely.”

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  • Collguyjoe

    that is a great install!
    looks just perfect to my eyes..
    almost no orange peel..
    it doenst look so sticky either..

  • cwh

    Does the invis shield have any grip on it or is it really slippery once it’s on the phone?

  • It increases the grip on the phone. I found other shields to be slippier. It
    depends on your preference though.

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