ZAGG iPhone 4S invisibleSHIELD Now Available


Update 1: We reached out to ZAGG regarding our coupon code, and they said the iPhone 4S invisibleSHIELD is not eligible toward promo codes at this time. In the meantime, I would check out Wrapsol, as that is what I’m currently testing on my iPhone 4. It’s crystal clear, a bit slippery but no orange peel effect. The install was fairly straightforward as well.


Did you take our poll on whether or not you’re going to jump on the iPhone 4S? If you do, you obviously will want some protection for your new phone. Today, ZAGG has announced the iPhone 4S invisibleSHIELD is now available.

I’ve been using the invisibleSHIELD since the days of my original iPhone purchased from the U.S. It adds extra grip to the slippery iPhone 4 design, and offers some awesome scratch protection. It can be tricky to install if you don’t have patience, but once done properly it looks great. The invisibleSHIELD kept the back glass of my iPhone 4 intact when I dropped it onto stone tile.

Apple’s Bumper case also fits no problem over the protector. Read our iPhone 4 invisibleSHIELD review here.

You can save 20% off your iPhone 4S invisibleSHIELD order. A full body shield costs $24.99. Just use coupon code iphoneinca during checkout.

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  • So… is there any physical difference between this and the iPhone 4 invisible shield? 😛

  • Looks to be the same.

  • Bo Radojcic

    I found that the shield for the 3GS ruined the clarity of the screen.  I applied it nice, with no air bubbles, but the picture wasn’t as clear as it was when it was naked. This still the case with the 4(S) version?

  • Kraken

    Still the same with the 4 and now with the 4S.  That “orange peel” texture on the protector is an ant-glare feature, and is supposed to deflect light, as well as provide self-healing. 

    If you want a truly clear screen protector, I recommend getting the PowerSupport Crystal.  It doesn’t have the same hardcore scratch protection as the Zagg’s IS, but it is crystal-clear and very smooth (no texture).  When applied, you can hardly tell there is a screen protector on it.

  • Kraken

    No difference at all. It is exactly the same.   In fact, they are selling it as a 4/4S IS, not just a 4S IS.  Which makes sense because there is no physical difference between the 4 and 4S.

  • Chuv

    Go with Ghost Armor if you don’t want the orange peel effect. Same hardcore protection. Same type of material. But better IMHO and absolutely no orange peel texture. Keeps the retina display very visible.

  • Aryarovira

    The coupon code isn’t working for me…

  • Kimrvan

    The coupon code isn’t working for me too Aryarovira…

  • Jay

    Coupon code isn’t working….

  • Splicer100

    It says “*Not available with any discounts or promotions”

  • Zilly

    There’s something different on the front above the earpiece