[Update] iBooks Detects Jailbreak, Disables iBookstore Purchases


Update 1: A fix is now in Cydia, called “iBooks Fix”. Click here to find out how to install it.

This week, Social Apples reports that a change made in the reent Apple iBooks app detects whether an iDevice has been jailbroken, and if so, refused to open content purchased from the iBookstore!

Since using the greenpois0n jailbreak, I have been unable to open some of my iBooks that I rightfully purchased from the iBook Store. I thought it was a problem with the downloaded books, so I re-downloaded them. That didnÂ’t work so I removed the iBooks from my iPhone and re-syncÂ’d them from my computer… still no luck. Then I stumbled on a tweet from @comex tonight that really blew my mind.

A tweet from @comex seems to clarify the finding which states that whenever a user attempts to open a book downloaded from the iBookstore, the new iBooks attempts to run an unsigned binary to test if the device is jailbroken. If the binary is successful, the device is flagged as jailbroken and the downloaded book fails.

If you have been victim of the described issue, once the binary successfully runs, the following message appears on the device:

There is a problem with the configuration of your iPhone. Please restore with iTunes and reinstall iBooks.

If followed, restoring the device via iTunes removes the jailbreak, and brings the iDevice back to ‘normal’, within Apple standards.

Also, recent updates have indicated that this jailbreak detection has been present since iOS 4.0 and is part of the fairplay DRM check. It has only recently hit the news as new jailbreak methods have opened up Apple’s restrictions just enough to trigger the blocks.

[Social Apples]


  • Cjlee9

    There is a patch available to make iBook work once again

  • Anonymous

    What’s it called?

  • Wuju007

    what is it? Would like to know too

  • Anonymous

    Links or it didn’t happen.

  • Hyperextension

    Quote from the Dev-Team Blog: “PwnageTool also includes two very recent improvements to the 4.2.1 JB: iBooks was just fixed by @comex and @pushfix last night so that it works as intended on DRMed books, and the wifi problem on AppleTV 2G was fixed by @nitotv, @DHowett, and @saurik. Both of these fixes will also be available in upcoming Cydia package updates, so if you’re already jailbroken you can wait for those updates rather than restore and jailbreak again.”

  • ill just wait for cydia, i have like one book i bought on ibooks, i actually by them other places because its cheaper. its good that ibooks supports other books unlike kindle. or does it now?

  • Anonymous

    Since the courts in the US have ruled that it’s “legal” to jailbreak your iphone and considering that the US is an EXTREMELY litigious society……….I’m counting the weeks before someone decides to take Apple to court over this and sue them for this little binary code “worm” so to speak.