Apple TV To Get Bluetooth Keyboard Support In Next OS Update


Folks over at 9to5Mac have discovered that the latest iOS betas of 2nd and 3rd gen Apple TV not only include support for Bluetooth, but also allow successful pairing of Bluetooth keyboard, that can be used for content search and password entry.

So far, Apple only allows paring of iOS devices with Apple TV using the Remote app for making keyboard entries. But now, it seems that Apple is getting ready to introduce full Bluetooth Keyboard support to Apple TV with the next iOS update. The source notes that searching for content on Apple TV with a physical keyboard is “a thousand times easier”.

“Once connected, you can use a wireless keyboard to completely control the Apple TV without using the included remote. The arrow keys function for navigation. The return key is the play/pause and the escape key maps to ‘menu’ or up ‘one level’ functionality”.

Will you be using a Bluetooth Keyboard with your Apple TV?


  • Tom

    This is great! Wonder why they didn’t pair this in the first place?

  • bradg17

    Yeah I agree. This seems like it should have been included since the beginning

  • Amipator

    What would be really cool is if they introduced full keyboard support via iPhone or iPad with AirPlay. This doesn’t seem like a stretch.

  • Leander

    I would like to see Apple correct the wifi issues with Apple TV and 5.1.1 rather than spend time adding new features.

  • draz

    If the Remote app is open on your iOS device and anything on the Apple TV requires input then the arrows switch to full keyboard for input.

  • Nick

    Cool.. I didn’t realize the apple TV even contained bluetooth. Is that the 720p model or only the new 1080p version? Seems like the obvious next step once there’s keyboard support is a full web browser

  • rhodz

    brilliant idea, i hope it can connect with bluetooth speakers too.

  • Johnnygoodface

    Oh yes I will you betcha!

  • Mark

    If you have an iPhone running Remote, then this seems really silly. Who wants a keyboard sitting among the remote(s) for something as insignificant and infrequently used as this?

  • ThewingNut

    What makes a keyboard interesting on ATV would be a browser app to go with it.