Motorola Makes Fun Of Apple’s iOS 6 Maps In New Ad, Calls It “iLost”


While Apple is already working hard to clean up the mess it’s made with the iOS 6 Maps application, Google subsidiary Motorola Mobility has taken the opportunity to mock the Cupertino tech giant with an advertisement pushing the phrase “#iLost” on Twitter, as pointed out by Apple Insider.

In a new Motorola Droid Razr M ad, the iPhone 5 is shown side by side with the Droid with the caption saying “the real world that’s fit for your hand.” Both phones are shown searching for the address of 315 E 15th in New York City, but Apple’s iOS 6 Maps return an incorrect result (shown above). On Motorola’s official Google+ page, the company said that “Google Maps on DROID RAZR M will get you there & not #iLost in Brooklyn“.

In response to the growing customer dissatisfaction with iOS 6 Maps app, Apple has already released a statement acknowledging all the issues and has assured that the service will get better with time as people continue to use it.

Apple is now said to be actively recruiting software engineers who previously worked in Google’s Maps division.


  • FragilityG4

    Who is Motorola to make fun of any company? Their products are complete junk that always break.

  • Husein S.

    Take a look at the Toronto Island Airport in Apple Maps – be interesting to land a plane there!

  • Sam

    I thought Motorola died after the StarTAC flip phones.

  • cris0744

    yeah.. that’s funny.. oh by the way MOTOROLA have you fix ICS on Droid phones yet, heck it’s been almost a year since you promised a fix and it’s still not FIX but you MOTOROLA have the time and money to spend on commercials modking iOS6 Maps. Have i mentioned to you that i have 3 phones by MOTOROLA with 3 different power connectors and 3 Different OS becuase you can’t get your $h!T working. Oh I spend tons of $$$ on APPS that only works on certain phones. Geez.. maybe you can refund me 2 crappy phones MOTOROLA. I would rather have an iOS6 with Maps issues than a phone and apps that dont quite work and to say the least your phones don’t last longer than 7 hours, so the commercials don’t do justice so stop spending too much time mocking Apple and fix my phone, make me happy then mock your competitors otherwise just shut the F up and fix my phones.

  • reformcanada

    I refuse to update my iPhone 4S to iOS6 until a Google Maps app is available.

  • Brian

    It’s so jagged.

  • Present

    For me… I prefer to lost with my cool iPhone than using their damn products!

  • Meena

    Apple has been mocking on all these companies for years. What I don’t get, every year they launch their ios update, they never deliver the fully function iOS..
    Regardless, I think the ad is funny 🙂
    btw anyone facing issues (slowing down) with their iphone 4 after the update,,Map app taking extremely long to send me the directions.

  • xywix

    is google gonna release a google maps app or not?? im not updating my iOS or buying the iP5 unless im sure they will!

  • Have to admit that while I’ve seen the pics posted of where the app has screwed up in imagery, my local usage has been great. The building I work in looks complete as the google maps image said it was still in construction (which finished three years ago). In fact I thought it finally messed up yesterday when the map’s blue dot (me) and the pin dropped for a search didn’t match up. I was about to submit it and then I realized the address was entered wrong on my part. it was actually right. Maybe im the minority on this but google’s maps wern’t THAT great or accurate for my day to day. Google said my cousin’s 2 year old house was a field. They have never provided traffic congestion or transit info on the iOS app in my area ever, so I guess that I’m oddly lucky to be in a city that has been ignored by google… has made the transition way easier.

  • Brian

    My 4S has been slower and often reverts to Edge even when I’m in an area that I’ve always had 3G. I have to toggle 3G off and back on in order to get it to work. Map directions have also been wonky, which is weird since I’m still on iOS 5. I’m convinced they make the old phones stop working as well when they have a new one released to encourage people to upgrade. In my case I’m going to sell my unlocked 4S and buy a Samsung. Had enough of Apple.

  • Upgrade_Fail

    I agree 100% I am not upgrading until Google Maps are available.
    The crappy Appstore search is brutal as well, only showing one item at a time with a search, uggh. I am glad I didn’t upgrade and watched coworkers first.