Bell, Rogers Offer Unlimited Internet Ahead of CRTC Ruling


In November of 2011 the CRTC ruled against usage-based billing (UBB) for internet (the Harper government stepped in to reverse it), after they initially approved a plan for internet providers to implement UBB. Now, with the CRTC set to rule what smaller independent internet service providers (that purchase bandwidth at wholesale from the likes of Bell and Rogers) will pay for wholesale internet, it is believed prices will eventually drop compared to before.

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Coincidentally prior to the CRTC announcement, both Rogers and Bell are offering promotions for unlimited internet reports the CBC, a change from before when internet bandwidth was capped, with telcos long arguing the latter helped control network congestion. Canada has long been notorious for having some of the highest bandwidth prices in the world.

Rogers and Bell have similar offers where customers with bundles can pay $10/month extra for unlimited bandwidth and those without bundles will be charged $30/month extra. Videotron in Quebec also looks to be jumping into the unlimited internet too for $10/month.

Peter Nowak on these new internet offers:

The image at the top of this post is a pretty clear indictment on the state of internet competition in Canada. Not only are Bell and Rogers offering the exact same service for the exact same price with the exact same limitations, they’re even using the exact same marketing imagery. How sad.

Savvy internet users would be wise to wait until indie ISPs have a chance to digest the CRTC’s ruling before locking into the big guys’ extortionately identical plans. Many indies have continued selling large or unlimited plans during this whole usage-based-billing saga, but this week’s ruling should give them some final clarity on what sort of prices they can offer in the long term. Cheap, affordable internet without a host of limitations looks to be just around the corner.

This isn’t the first time telcos have unveiled new options for consumers prior to CRTC announcements. Just prior to the CRTC proceedings on its draft wireless code, Rogers announced an update to its cellphone unlocking policy.

With consumers consuming so much bandwidth nowadays thanks to YouTube (blame Harlem Shake/Gangnam Style videos) and streaming services such as Netflix, internet usage will continue to increase. What do you think about the state of internet offerings in Canada?


  • FragilityG4

    Still a rip off. In the states you pay for the speed. Bandwidth is always unlimited.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    not true, much higher caps yes and unlimited has been available for a while, but NOT always

  • FragilityG4

    Unless something has changed I had read on a few of their sites you only pay for speed.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    i know a friend with comcast has like a 500g cap

    could have changed though

  • Starklet

    Since when do Bell and Rogers offer internet??

  • JMCD23

    Comcast has had a cap for a while, Time Warner has tried, AT&T has a cap, not sure about the rest. All the providers are pushing for it down there, about half half caps. So far they’re only soft caps from what I’ve seen. It’s going downhill though.

  • JMCD23

    CRTC decision tomorrow should hopefully allow TPIAs to offer unlimited at better prices anyway. Hopefully.

  • FragilityG4

    Crazy … Devolution.

  • Anthony W

    Way to go Rogers and Bell. Only Telus and Shaw are left now.

  • Joe

    I just called Rogers. They do not give u unlimited Internet even though I have 3 cell phones , cable tv and Internet with them. I am not considered someone with bundrked services sz the Rogers CSR.

    For u to get unlimited Internet you need cable TV, Internet and home phone. Never mind I pay them 500 bucks a month. Can some one help me how can i report this to CRTC. This is absolute extortion and bogus policy

  • Excluding turbo hubs, rocket sticks and Internet devices. Thanks for nothing…

  • montymon

    When will they offer unlimited internet for my iPhone?

    Then I’ll be interested…

  • A few years ago Rogers had a maximum overage charge of $25. So you could get unlimited internet for an extra $25/mo. but you would only pay if you went over your cap. Then they upped that to $50 so I switched to DSL. Now their max overage charge is $100. I’m not sure what the timeline is for these changes but seems like exponential growth. $30 extra for unlimited doesn’t seem that good compared to $25.

    Hopefully the CRTC ruling has some good news for the 3rd party ISPs. Based on Roger’s and Bell’s moves I would guess so.

  • That day might never come…AT&T did it at first, then took it away and later ‘regretted’ that decision.

  • For those out East

  • Ouch

  • Scott

    Tell me about it.. I just got on Optik 50 (GPON connection) and they dropped my download from 500gb a month to 400gb a month – and are going to charge $5 more a month.. $80..

  • Junior C

    I’m having the same problem. I have Internet, cable and cellphone and they offer the 10$ option unless I add home phone.

  • Honestly, just call Distributel or Start for cable internet instead. I’m happy to be paying $0 extra for unlimited data.

  • guest

    I got this added for 10$ because I have 3 services. They said two services is $30 extra. There is another promo right now….$45 extreme with 200gb but they said that is for new to internet only. So I whined to retentions about new customers/vs loyal customers….they wouldn’t credit my home services cause they said those credits are high already (which they are) so he took $20 of my cell package to compensate.

  • Matt

    Teksavvy. Enough said.

  • Koobecaf Gnikcuf

    shaw already had it

  • Koobecaf Gnikcuf

    dont worry, they wont answer it