Bell and Virgin iPhone Unlocking Starts Today for $75


As we first suspected almost a week ago, Bell was set to start unlocking iPhones for the first time starting today, and that has been confirmed according to an internal memo obtained by MobileSyrup. Both Bell and Virgin Mobile will start unlocking the iPhone but there are some requirements before you will be eligible:

  • You must own a Bell or Virgin Mobile iPhone outright (i.e. no subsidies remaining)
  • You cannot be on contract
  • You must be a postpaid Bell or Virgin Mobile customer
  • Call into Bell’s Credit & Prevention or via Virgin Care to proceed
  • Pay a one-time $75 fee via credit card

The memo notes the next phase in 2013 will look to expand eligibility guidelines.

Rogers will unlock your iPhone for $50 and TELUS will do it for $35.

If we take a look at Apple’s official wireless carrier support page, Bell and Virgin Mobile below should soon be updated to indicate carrier unlocking. This brings all three major wireless carriers on board for unlocking the iPhone:

Who’s looking forward to jumping on this?


  • SKS


  • Networx

    Sure hope this doesn’t mean that Rogers will raise their unlock price. $50 is high enough for a process that actually takes two minutes, once you finally get to talk to the unlocking department. That can be a bit of an adventure to get there, let me tell you.

  • Don’t publish any smart ideas dude! 😉

  • Sean

    The worst unlocking policy in the entire country. It takes a special company to treat their customers worse than Rodgers does, and Bell has accomplished it.

  • Fireeast

    Once the contract is finished they should unlock the phone for free.

  • Nightfly


  • Justin

    Such a joke. Swallowed the $75 rip off today, but my iPhone is finally legit unlocked. Was unimpressed Virgin didn’t perform the unlocking cheaper.

  • It’s crazy how it’s 2x the cost of TELUS.

  • fnam

    Well, nice to be a Canadian. While I was in South Korea, I had iPhones3S and asked unlock service though I was still in a contract period.
    They did it for free. Free!!!!. One quick call, then done. I am using it now in Canada.
    By the way, most OECD countries, 2 year contract is standard not 3 years

  • I’ve been with Bell for 7 years now, worst customer service, policies, etc I’ve ever seen. This is just the ultimate rip off! Moving to Fido as soon as my contract ends.

  • Daniel

    Here is the answer of the mail I’ve sent to Virgin:

    Thank you for taking time to write to us. This is Melissa from Virgin Mobile. I will be very glad to assist you on your email inquiry about having your Virgin Mobile iphone unlocked.
    I know your time is valuable and I’m glad to answer your important question. It appears that you want to use your Virgin Mobile iPhone to other network provider.
    As nice as it would be, yet Virgin Mobile is unable to unlock Apple iPhones.
    Anyways, as soon as there’s any updates or changes, we’ll be sure to let everyone know.
    In the meantime, you may contact Apple Customer Care hotline at 1-800-263-3394 to ask if they have a way to unlock your iPhone. You may also visit their website at
    Just in case you have further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to send us an email or you may also give us a call on our Customer Care at 1.888.999.2321 (when calling within Canada) or 1+ 416-348-1892 Â (when calling outside Canada).

  • dice

    Said it before, will say it again. Bell sucks. When my contract is up, I will leave them and never come back. My whole reason for wanting to unlock the phone is to be able to pop a local sim when travelling.

  • AKS

    Has anyone tried to unlock their iPhone 5 (bell) by using one of those websites that claim they can unlock iPhones??

  • BellFucker

    How unlock iphone 4 16 GB Bell Canada?

  • Sneha

    true i have a iphone out of contract, they want me to get it activated by paying $30 then unlock it for $75 + taxes then give cancellation notice for another 30 days so that is $30+ taxes technically they want me to unlock it for $200 and i have already paid them $700 while i was in contract………..they suck

  • dimdaravuthy

    can i unlock iphone bell canada

  • Squink

    They “should”, but if they hold the upper hand and can make some more $s out of it, then they figure why not?
    By paying for your phone on the virgin mobile tab you are effectively getting a 10% discount on your bill each month. I have an unlocked iPhone 4S (from the Apple store) I can get an iPhone on the Virgin Super tab for a fraction of the price. They take 10% of my monthly bill and use that to pay off my tab. As I don’t have a tab I’m paying the same monthly bill. “Should” I get a 10% discount because I’m not paying off of my phone each month? I can tell you I don’t get any such discount!
    I’m not in favour of this practise of charging to get an iPhone unlocked, I’m just playing a little devil’s advocate here 🙂

  • Chris


  • ?????? ?????????

    When i can unlock iPhone 4 Bell Canada

  • Bob79

    I have had good luck with Telus mobility here in Ontario for a few years now. I’m glad to see they are the cheapest to unlock. Another point for them in my books.