Fido iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Start, Only 16GB Models Available [Update]


Fido kicked off their iPhone 5 pre-orders this morning, but their customers were in for a bit of a surprise. Only 16GB models were available, much to the disappointment of their customers (screenshot via @i0livier):

According to this Fido forums thread, customer service agents explain their “reasoning” for the shortfall of model availability:

“Apple is holding back the 32gb and 64g from all Canadian carriers”

This clearly seems to be misinformation as all other Canadian carriers such as Telus, Bell, Virgin and Rogers have offered iPhone 5 pre-orders in 32GB and 64GB capacities.

Maybe Fido assumes those upgrading will want to use their Fido Dollars towards iPhone 5 upgrades, and are sticking with 16GB models only? We’ll reach out to Fido for further comment.

Update (9:16AM) –  Fido tells us via email why the 16GB iPhone 5 is only available:

Based on customer feedback and preference, we have added the most popular version of the iPhone to our lineup.

Update 2: (4:01PM): Fido has emailed us to inform you 32GB and 64GB models are now available in the Fido Reservation System:

iPhone 5 32 and 64 GBs are being added to the Fido Reservation System as of 7 p.m. EDT tonight.

Update 3 (Sept. 19th): According to emails received, Fido orders have started to ship.


  • “Apple is holding back the 32gb and 64g from all Canadian carriers”

    How is this true? Telus is letting people pre-order the 32gb…

  • swotam

    According to their canned response to complaints on their Twitter feed (@fidosolutions):

    “Based on customer feedback & preference we added the most popular version to our lineup. Select a plan & woof, you’re good to go!”

    Also, according to FidoStephen on their forums, Fido will only be carrying the 16GB model.

    Sounds like I’ll have one more reason to never get a carrier locked phone from them again.

  • ali

    i called fido got the same run around. hope they put the 32gb up quickly.

  • James Hayes

    im guessing leverage from rogers is blocking the 32 and 64

  • BeaveVillage

    The Rogers site is abysmal right now, totally inaccessible or corrupted. I’m sick of this. Why can’t these people anticipate a launch like this and properly prepare for it. Every year the same old thing over and over. This got old a decade ago.

  • kyuusei

    Ouch. Glad I’m not on Fido, but maybe after enough complaints they’ll magically find some 32/64s.

  • Navid

    Any news on Rogers’ prices concerning old clients who aren’t up for an upgrade?

  • pegger1

    Yeah, you pay off the remaining subsidy on your last phone.

  • I wonder where you can get a Fido nano sim card. I don’t wanna pay 10 dollars for it. Coul I pick it up from a Fido Store before my iPhone 5 is delivered on Friday?

  • Just found out Fido Dollars cannot be used towards any iPhone.. Now that sucks!

  • draz

    Fail on their part. I bet Apple store will give you all colors and sizes though.

  • BryceMeiklejohn

    I’m just going to wait in line and get a 32gb for fido on the 21st.

  • mike

    I’m assuming the 32GB and 64GB are being held onto by Rogers, as they are allowing reservations for all 6 skus

  • ball

    where do you find our fido dollar can not use for upgrade phone?
    that all the fido dollar for, hardware upgrade…

  • Cassy

    Will they eventually have 32g/64g iPhone or are they going to stick to the 16g? I need to change my phone as my current one isn’t working properly, but I hate to chose a 16g…

  • Zing

    What if I wait in line at apple do I still have the option to buy the 32/64g..or is fido only offering the 16 to everyone!?

  • annoyed

    This is such unmitigated poor sister crap. First they stack those of us who got the iphone 4, so now we are not eligible for the iphone 5 unless we pay about 500 + phone cost and then they only offer the 16GB (which is fairly useless). Very annoying. Very annoying. I have a great phone/data plan with them, but this is ridiculous.

  • Yeah you should have that option if you wait in line.

  • ostracario

    Bullsh$t! If every other provider is offering the 32 & 64 GB phones why isn’t Fido? My contract is up. Maybe it’s time to switch.

  • swotam

    I chatted via DM with one of the reps at Fido and was told that “For the time being, only the 16GB is being offered. No ETA otherwise.”

    That’s all they seemed to know.

    There’s a couple of comments from Fido posters on their forums that seem to infer that this is an intentional thing.

    Rogers has always positioned Fido as the “value” brand, so perhaps offering only the cheapest phone is a way of differentiating the 2 brands, with Rogers being the “premium” brand?

    Who knows, either way it’s a stupid move. I’m currently on contract with Fido but if this is the sort of stupidity I can expect moving forward I definitely won’t be getting any more subsidized phones from them.

  • tind

    the fido guy on the fido’s chat told me it’s the only option right now : waiting in line @ applestore to get a 32g or 64g with fido. 🙁

  • Eric

    So glad I bought an unlocked 64 from Apple. Yes, it was expensive, but I expect to make it back in roaming charges because of travel… Plus, that will bring me to the end of my Fido contract in 2014 – I don’t expect to stay with them…

  • Zing

    Holy!!!..had me worried for a bit but I still want me make sure

  • goodweather

    You should be able to pick up a nano sim at any Apple Store in or after launch date for free

  • “Based on customer feedback?!?!?” I seriously doubt any of their customers said to them “I’d like less options next time, please.” Customer feedback and preference explain why they decided to get the 16GB, but NOT why they decided to only bring in one size. Stupid PR BS. What an ugly move. I used to love Fido. Really glad I wasn’t planning to upgrade this time, but they’d better do things differently next time. I’ll have to give them a bit more “customer feedback.”

  • jg

    if you buy the phone outright from fido (no contract) is it still locked to Fido? Can you use fido dollars to purchase a phone without a contract, and if so, is it worth it to use FidoDollars if the phone is going to be locked to fido?

  • badrogers

    I dont understand. I am close to have to two years contract and I cannot upgrade to iphone 5 until april 2013. Boycott rogers

  • Moving

    Time to move . So which is better – Telus or Bell in Alberta?

  • Ben

    When you buy the phone from Fido, whether it is on contract or not, it is locked no matter how you pay for it!

  • Robt

    Brand loyalty works both ways. I’ve been with Fido for almost 10 years, and I am still a big fan of to the second billing. But Fido’s gone downhill a bit, and if they don’t offer a 32 gb phone my brand loyalty will be at an end. Fido doesn’t even have billing plans for the iPhone up yet. If the brand won’t reward my loyalty by offering me what I want, I won’t reward the brand.

  • TeeTw0

    Was just chatting with a Customer Service representative (Mohamad) and here are some facts:

    1. For the time being, Fido is only selling the 16GB model. Price is $199+Tax with an agreement, $699+Tax without an agreement.
    2. If you buy without an agreement, iPhone is locked to Fido, but can be unlocked for $50.
    3. If you buy without an agreement, Fido Dollars can NOT be used.
    4. Fido iPhone will NOT come with a Nano SIM Card. They need to be purchased separately for $10.
    5. Nano SIM cards will be available in Fido Stores on September 21st.

    6. You CAN use Fido Dollars to pay for the Nano SIM Card in store.

    I think that’s pretty lame on Fido’s part – what good are the Fido Dollars then? I think I’ll just go with an unlocked iPhone straight from Apple.

  • George Henry Hill

    Will it work the same at Bestbuy? I bet I cant use my fido dollars at the Apple Store…

  • Andrew74

    Complete BS, I’m on the phone right now with Fido and the rep (understanding guy) doesn’t get it either, especially if you have a 4 or 4s which is 32GB or 64GB and then they expect you to downgrade to 16GB… Really?

    He says that they will possibly make the other versions available soon (due to demand), and since they have a $50 dollar refund, if it takes longer then 14 days to get the phone, they will probably not want to give to may of those out. He is totally guessing though… so.

    But using that logic, it sort of makes sense why they are only carrying the 16GB version, the most volume they can get their hands on, therefore less $50.00 refunds due to late shipments.

  • wigglechicken

    When I phoned fido earlier this morning, I made sure to get through to their retention department. The guy I spoke to said that the phone should be available online for preorder within the next few days.

    Who knows though. When a bunch of misinformed CSRs are all running around with different facts, the only way to get a straight answer might be to wait for an announcement.

  • Ben

    it should be $179 with 3y contract

  • Farids

    “Based on customer feedback, we have added…”? They haven’t added anything if they’re ONLY selling the 16GB. Model!!!

  • TeeTw0

    That’s what I thought as well, but the rep wrote $199+Tax. I guess we’ll see over the coming days. I canceled my Fido reservation, will take my dollars elsewhere.

  • George Henry hill

    By the way, you have to pay full price for the 32G or 64g at Apple Store if you want to be with fido. (technician just told me that)

  • Arock

    “I think I’ll just go with an unlocked iPhone straight from Apple.” AND a new carrier?

  • TeeTw0

    Apparently you can’t use Fido Dollars to pay for the iPhone 5 without an agreement.

  • From a Moderator in the Fido Forum:

    CONFIRMED! Fido will be offering the 32 GB and the 64 GB iPhone 5, thanks for all your feedback!
    also from same Moderator:
    “Soon! The reservation system may be down briefly while it is updated to include the two other models!”

    “As an addition, if you have already reserved your 16 gb, you may have the possibility to change your selection without affecting your position in the queue. We will give you more updates as they come in.”

  • Fido recently got rid of per second billing. I’ve been a Fido customer for years as well, and was shocked the last time I called them to update my plan. Basically, they told me that if I adjusted my data plan my 6 gigs of data would be dropped to 3 gigs, and if i adjusted my calling plan, i would lose my per second billing, since neither are offered any more.

  • @Kamal

    Guys, Fido now has confirmed that they will carry the 32 and 64 GB models. It was confirmed on the Fido forum by Fido around 5:30 pm

  • TeeTw0

    The 32GB and 64GB Models are now live in Fido’s system!

  • New update: Fido says 32GB/64GB models now available in the reservation system as of 7PM EDT.

  • Andrew74

    Reserved #60 in line for a 64GB Black iPhone 5 – too bad it took them 12 hours to get their sh!t together…

  • Andrew74

    Reserved #60 in line for a 64GB Black iPhone 5 – too bad it took them 12 hours to get their sh!t together….

  • You can now also reserve 32gb and 64gb with Fido.

  • Ordered my black iPhone 5 32GB. 153rd in line!

  • The 32 and 64gb r avail now.
    64gb black & slate, pil 222 baby.

  • Victor

    curious question, reserving off of fido means you can get the phone in what manner? what if you arent eligible for an upgrade? do you pay the locked, contract free price?

  • vanphone

    As for (3.) I spoke with (Prinon) today Sept, 17th & he said I could use my points towards a locked full price phone without a contract. He also confirmed (2.)

  • Jon Duke

    Actually.. They didn’t JUST start shipping… Mine arrived at the store this morning…

  • swotam

    Nice to see they’re actually getting some to stores by the launch date this year. Last year’s reservations for the 4S were a disaster.