Fido Launches $60/month 6GB Voice and Data Plan


Looks like the 6GB voice and data plans continue to roll out, this time it’s from Fido, which looks to be similar to the plans offered previously by Rogers, Telus, Koodo and Bell/Virgin.

According to MobileSyrup, Fido’s own $60/month plan, available in contract and non-contract form will include the following:

– 300 Daytime (local)
– Evenings/Weekends starting at 5pm
– Unlimited incoming calls
– Unlimited international SMS (no MMS)
– 6GB data included
– not available in store
– for existing customers only via Retentions

Voicemail and caller ID is not included and will cost $11 extra on Fido. Right now it looks like this Fido plan doesn’t fare as well as the recent 6GB plan offered by Koodo, which seems to offer the most value.

Let us know if you decide to jump in this!


  • Hugo

    much better than the one from Koodo, at least you can get it with the iPhone.

  • I have basic base plan and flex data add one. 25$ for 1GB, 50 local min, 50 text. That is it. I use text free(free text across the world) app and magic jack(free voice calls in NA) app on my iPhone. Therefore, it is pointless to pay 30$ for a base plan you only need a strong data add one. 🙂
    BTW I am from Europe, and NA sucks when it comes to the cell plans. I am not use to paying 100 to have everything included. The fact that I have to pay for the call display is killing me! I Europe it is included, it is a norm.

  • mortys11

    what a coincidence….funny how all these plans are so similar

    what a scam

  • reformcanada

    I would strongly advice against anyone going with Fido. I was with them for 2 years with my iPhone and I am so glad I am done with them. Worst service! Even worse than Bell, Rogers and Telus. That should say a lot!

  • T33BS

    Not true; just added my iPhone 4S on Koodo. But it’s unlocked from Apple.

  • Anono.mou5

    I come to this blog after I finish watching porn so that it’s not accidentally left on my screen so people won’t think I’m a perv.

  • I’ve been with Fido for almost 10 years. I’ve had great service save for one or two instances. Much better than service I’ve received from Bell, Rogers and Telus.

  • Djelimon17

    I’ve got 2 iPhones with FIdo, one on the old plan and one on flex data. Might go for it.

  • Peter

    Fido Service???? Had them for 3 years. Awful service in my area. Had to use my wife’s phone on Bell to call my customers in certain areas. FIDO SUCKS

  • I was talking more about customer service quality, not coverage or call quality. Although Fido’s coverage has worked pretty well for me as well, but obviously that varies between areas. If there’s bad coverage in your area, then yeah, that’s a no-brainer.

  • DjDATZ

    Have essentially the same plan myself, been on it since Oct/Nov of last year. Off-contract too because I have an unlocked 4S, so no need to lock myself down on a contract.

  • Ok.
    Just called retentions and said I was leaving Fido.
    They offered me the current $60 plan plus caller id for only $4 for next 2 years of contract.

    I was on a $35 unlimited plan with $25 500mb data and caller id included.

    So only paying $4 more per month for more minutes and 6gb data and id now. Good deal?

  • I had Fido’s $30 plan which only had 200 minutes, and their $15 100mb data plan, which was a rip off. That was a total of $45 but with overage charges for data about $70.

    I just called fido and was able to upgrade to this plan- now with 300 minutes, and 6GB as opposed to the about 400mb I was using before. Great deal IMO. The fido rep on the phone though tried to switch me to being on-contract but I told him I was pretty sure I could do it off contract. He *checked into it* and then confirmed I could do it off contract.

    NOTE: One thing not mentioned in this article is that by switching to this plan, you are billed per minute instead of per second.

  • I’d say good deal. I was in the same boat- but with the $15 100mb data. I usually went over by about 200-300mb so I was always hovering around the $60 mark anyway.

  • yogi

    Doh! My 3 y/o contract ends in November. Not sure if I can this deal off-contract.