AT&T Service Is Crazy Bad; 30% dropped calls in NYC


I wasn’t going to bother saying anything but everytime I look at this article from Gizmodo, I am simply astonished.

30% Dropped Calls is Normal?

On Tuesday, Gizmodo described how one of their readers was having dropped call problems with his iPhone 3G (this rings echoes of our network speed post). After contacting AT&T and AT&T saying that everything was fine, the reader went down to his local New York City Apple Store thinking it was a hardware problem. After the Apple Genius did some tests to the device, it was noted that the phone dropped an astonishing 22% of phone calls! Even more crazy, that 22% is apparently “normal” according to the Apple Genius.

Also, the reader noted that the rate of dropped calls was actually higher, around the 30% range, because he has the tendency to manually end the call when a call begins to drop. I find a 30% drop call rate completely unacceptable.

To add insult to injury, AT&T has recently began to offer its 3G MicroCell box to boost cellular service in your home or elsewhere. Just consider that for a second; AT&T provides the cellular service and you pay for said service. Then AT&T service coverage is horrible so instead of AT&T fixing their flaws, the company says the customer can pay MORE per month and fix it themselves. What?!

This is an AT&T failure, not a customer failure and should be completely covered and fixed at the expense of AT&T.

I actually had the privilege of speaking with an AT&T customer about cellular coverage on a recent trip to Seattle, and the man was almost in tears. He was paying $130+ per month.

Rogers vs. AT&T

I contrasted this with my service from Rogers and I can honestly say that in the three years I have been using iPhones (including the first gen), I have only received approximately five dropped calls (not counting obvious areas where there is no cellular service). FIVE calls! AT&T customers are receiving up to a 30% drop call rate (in NYC)! That is insane, disgusting, unbelievable, [insert word here].

So, community, are you receiving a 30% drop call rate with Rogers/Fido? Higher? Lower? Be honest and do not start flame wars. Okay, thanks! (To put it into perspective, if you make 35 calls per day, that means 10 – 11 of your calls are dropped per day.)


  • simonseztech

    30% of his call drop… OMG… I'm not even sure I got 5 drop call in 5 years….

  • mpkvan

    I have a problem of coverage at work I get very little or no signal (1 to 2 bars) I am downtown near the new convention centre. Seeing as the convention centre will be the media centre for the Olympics in Feb I'm guessing there will be a lot of piss off media with no coverage. I called Fido a number of times they ofter no solution saying the don't guarantee coverage.

  • Hmm.
    Rogers seems to have good coverage there.
    I spent the day around the whole area today and has no issues with
    Rogers service. Normally i would say fido should be the same as
    Rogers, but maybe not?

  • mpkvan

    That's interesting it's possible Fido is different I work on the 3rd floor but I also have the problem on the first floor inside. Could be the building? I now call forward my phone when I am at my desk.

  • That's pretty piss-poor. Cell phone companies treat us like slaves with their contracts et al. Anyway, do the dropped calls have anything to do with 3G?

  • montymon

    I've only had dropped calls one day. I had a series of dropped calls all to the same number within about a two-hour period. Other than that, never.

  • rorypiper

    Maybe the Apple “genius” is going with the “If you don't know the answer, just make it up.” rule, that was overheard in Richmond last week.

    I can remember only having 1 dropped call in all my years with Rogers, on any phone.

  • LOL! That was overheard in Vancouver at the Apple Store in Oakridge Centre.
    For me, I get dropped calls when I need to make them the most. But then
    again, some people might think “Call Busy” means dropped calls.

  • xaroc

    i had simular problems with Telus. only old BB Curve i had to call the *611 number several times to request assistance because i tell the usless operators im dropping calls like crazy , Every couple minutes. and i get this “Ok sir, let me put you in hold while i transfer you” DUH !! i just said im dropping calls every couple minutes , sure enough while on hold i drop , Have to start over *611 again.

    Because of this i threaten to take legal action against Telus for not supplying promised services, they allowed me off my contract Free of charge with a LOT of fight. lol

    I would Bang heads if i was stuck on this AT&T service as well . i agree when you said 30% is unacceptable
    i think 10% is crossing the line lol , but then again i've always had high standards

  • Mike

    I'm in Houston, Texas right now (Sept 27-October 1) and I've had nothing but crappy coverage on my iPhone 3GS from AT&T. I'm so glad they aren't up in Canada anymore. I've had 1-2 bars the entire time I've been here! My iPhone even switched to T-Mobile for a bit last night and I had 3 bars!

    I'm so glad I live in Calgary, Alberta where I have 5 bars of 3G wherever I go! The only time I get Edge is when I'm on the highway to Banff or Edmonton.

  • xxwill1983

    I went to usa in the last 2 weeks in boston area and i can advice you that its not just in New York ! At&t is crap ! We have the best carrier in north american with rogers believe me. Ive got dropped calls during a Boston Red Sox games in Fenway Park and the internet was not working…. They have too many people on this network !

  • Dusty

    Lower but that sux to be with At&t

  • jeff_u

    Can't recall any dropped calls in recent memory, even when at the cottage.

  • RUnit450

    Only time I've had dropped calls was when I first got my 3G last year, and it was 4 instances maybe; got fixed after after update 2.1 for me.

    The worse covereage I've gotten on my 3GS so far is it getting EDGEy in this one theatre I go to.

  • biggy1000

    I have to say when I was down in LA I was amazed at how terrible the cell service was everywhere I went. Even checking my email half the time too so long I just gave up after a few days.

    I could not imagine paying 80 bucks a month for that service.

  • someone

    The only times I get dropped calls are in subways, and basements. Rogers is an evil company, but at least its not AT&T!

  • someone

    The only times I get dropped calls are in subways, and basements. Rogers is an evil company, but at least its not AT&T!

  • bkprod

    Wow…30% is ridiculous. I have my issues with Rogers but thankfully it's nothing like AT&T. Rogers is the only network I've ever had dropped calls on. I've been with all 3 major carriers, twice with Rogers, the first 10 years ago and now with an iPhone. There's a dead spot in my apartment that whenever I get near, calls are lost. It's annoying but nothing to get overly pissed about.

  • BJ

    I had 5 dropped calls today alone…

  • BJ

    I had 5 dropped calls today alone…