Fido Promo Offers 10% Off Select Plans in Quebec


If you’re a Fido customer in Quebec, the company has launched a promo where customers can save an additional 10% off their monthly plan, for those with 2GB, 4GB, 6GB and 8GB Fido Pulse Plans.

Fido quebec promo

The discount is available for new activations and should also be available for existing customers, so call in and make that change.

Also, if you are adding a second line to your account, this 10% discount can be stacked on the existing discount of 10% off additional lines.

Let us know if you’re going to jump on these discounts and if you’re going to call in to make a change.

Update: looks like the 10% off applies to all plans. Start calling in, folks.

[via RFD]


  • bbousquet

    The 40$/mo. smart plan had 2GB data just a few days ago (as part of the previous promo). This is effectively the same plan for 45$/mo…

  • Horacio

    I can’t understand why the big 3 can offer these plans at a lower price in Quebec and other provinces, While in Ontario and BC they charge almost double for the same service. If CRTC legislates on net neutrality, it would also be interesting to see them do the same with this price discrimination by provinces.

  • Tim

    Thanks to IIC, I just got my first bill for $15. 3gb Fido tablet plan + Fongo :). By being only slightly conscious of my data use (aka making sure I was on wifi at home and work) I used 2.3gb instead of the 5+ I was at before.

  • Mario Gaucher

    it’s not only on BYOD… it’s on all plan…
    my wife had a $75 plan (4GB) with a rebate on an iPhone… I’ve switched her to the same plan, but for 10% less (67.50).

  • Nice, thanks. Updated.

  • Noooiiiiccceeee!

  • mxmgodin

    How long until Virgin and Koodo follow suit with the same exact promo? 😛

  • bbousquet

    It’s because of Vidéotron, which operates in QC. Elsewhere they are free to do what they’ve always done (i.e. agree on prices).

  • 😀

  • swotam

    Yeah, they had a “double the data” deal going previously, so the Ontario $55/1GB plan gave you 2GB for the same price. If you wanted to get 2GB today you’d need to go to the $65 plan. Unless they’ll apply the discount to an existing plan without “changing” the plan this isn’t that great.

    Has anyone with an existing Fido plan outside of Quebec been able to get them to discount their existing plan by 10% without Fido having to process it as a plan change?

  • Wynncy Manalad

    I just called Fido and the agent didn’t give me the 10%. The guy said I need to change my plan. By saying that….that means not all plans are eligible. I am on 34$ BYOD 2GB.

  • cst

    Just got off chat. Tried to get 10% off my existing Quebec plan but no dice.

  • bbousquet

    Hold on to that Black Friday 2015 plan – haven’t seen anything better since then.

  • Beeg

    I had the same conversation (technically, my $34 BYOD plan is a second line on my account, so it’s already 10% off). I was told that the equivalent plan is something like $45, so a switch to that at 10% off wouldn’t be worth it.

  • Beeg

    I did, however, get my other line switched from 100 minutes + 6GB for $60 to the untd 6GB w/Spotify plan at $54. Very pleased with Fido, again.

  • Samson

    that is a super hot deal. I switched my area code from Ottawa to Gatineau and it was a good move. Now i can get $52.65 + tax (10% + 10% 2nd line discount) for 8GB 😀

  • W00t!

  • Happy camper

    Thanks iPhone in Canada!

  • Cheers