Fido Launches $105 Per Month Max Plan with 3GB Data


Fido has launched a $105 per month Max Plan offering 3 GB of data ($10/500 MB overages), a third option for the Tab24 tier that offers up to $450 subsidy on premium smartphones on contract, such as the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. This plan does not apply to SK/MB/QC.

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So if you’re signing a new two-year contract and want the max subsidy on a new iPhone 6, and crave at least 3GB data, this $105/month option is available

Fido has priced this appropriately because using an unlocked iPhone 6 with a $70/mo Standard Plan (2GB) and getting the 10% off BYOD discount takes it down to $63. Throw in an extra 1GB of overages ($20) and you’re at $83/month. After the dust settles on the math, unlocked iPhone 6 users are only saving $94 after two years versus going on contract.

Just a couple days ago Fido added a new 5GB plan for its Standard and Smart Plans, starting at $94 and $99 per month respectively. The carrier also recently launched an unadvertised promo targeting select customers, offering free early hardware upgrades.


  • Jake

    Well that’s terrible.

  • Should be illegal to come up with some stupid plan like that.

  • clever27

    Pathetic plans. What is this 2009? I was just reading about T-Mobile doing roll over data for many if their plans and to start they are giving away 10gig to each person. I would love it Gary if you could do a USA to Canada price comparison now that we have 2 year contracts. The biggest difference I think you will see is USA has huge data allotments at cheaper costs than us and it only costs $15 for each additiobsl line for share everything plans.

  • sad man

    yeah …. speechless really.
    unbelievable how they ‘launch’ that rubbish

  • MGSayah

    Considering T-Mobile has free roaming in over 120 countries, does anyone know what the data runs on while roaming in Canada (3G, LTE, or Edge?). T-Mobile says it’s 2G, but I read about some T-Mobile subscribers that would get connected to LTE while traveling abroad…

  • Biggy604

    Ummm Canada wide unlimited calling although tempting, my 200 anytime min, unlimited ev&wkends, unlimited txt all over, + 6GB of data is still a lot cheaper then this Garbage plan. I just hope they dont change their upgrade policy when I do upgrade to an iPhone 6 Plus aroubd the summertime.

  • disqus_MgNZdGvnX4

    You will have to buy your phone to keep that plan. I have the same one and they told me that it no longer exists and will have to change to one of their existing (and crappy) plans if I upgrade through them.

  • adamamrk

    It’s outrageous what the carriers expect us to pay.

  • Biggy604

    Not if your with Fido, I get to keep my plan still unless they finally changed their policy to reflect with their Parent Company’s (Rogers) Policy, to force users into their “Max Plans” just to update an iPhone. Right now you just need an over 60-70 dollar plan or be in an exsisting Max plan with Fido to upgrade or early upgrade.

  • disqus_MgNZdGvnX4

    I’d check and see if that still exists. If it does, I would take advantage of it now because it’s only a matter of time before Rogers makes them align with their policies. Good luck.