Fido Launches $40 Plan with 5PM Evenings, Unlimited Text, Long Distance, 200MB Data


Fido has launched a new $40/month Standard Plan with the following:

  • Canada-wide long distance
  • Unlimited Canada/USA/International SMS/MMS
  • Unlimited 5PM evenings and weekends
  • 200 anytime minutes
  • 200MB of data ($5/250MB overages)
  • Call display, voicemail

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Fido introduced a similar plan back in February of this year as a “promo” but it only had 200 daytime minutes. If you’re a super light data user, this might be up your alley. Let us know if you’re going to jump on this.


  • peter barrera

    Should I be the first to call the cops to report a consumer robbery?

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Wow, what’s 200MB’s gonna get you? One download a month or something like that?

  • Jason

    Is there a report on the average usage for canadian client?s everyone i speak to uses at least 2GB. i used from 4-6 a month. Anyways my points this, with the push of all these smartphones to the consumers. why continue to advertise the Data features of the phone if your giving us plans that will force us to go over the limits of the plan?

  • One tweet.

  • Olley

    T-Mobile offers 200MB free for the new iPad… just sayin’

  • guest

    That’s the whole point.


    We need real and more competition, it’s sad when Roam mobile gets us better deals to ROAM than anything we have here in Canada.

  • sfsfs

    I only use about ~700 MB a month on average. So for me, a plan like this isn’t actually that bad. I mean even if I go over 500MB that’s only +$10 which makes this $50/mnth.

    I completely agree with your point though. They should just price the plans so they have a reasonable amount of data built in. I highly no one will use only <200MB of data, unless they only use it for emergency type situations. I did that about 4 years ago, but now there is just so much you can do on the go, that data is really a great thing to have in everyday life.

  • SkAshe

    Make sure you don’t use all your included minutes in your plan though.

  • It’s Me

    That plan sucks @ss. Primus, on the Rogers network, offers $40 for 500MB, 200 daytime, unlimited Canadian long distance, evenings at 6PM, full VM (instead of the 3 message mini that Fido offers) CID with name display and unlimited MMS/SMS (international). So, much better (much more data, better VM and $10/GM overages) for the same price.

    And the have a promo on right now to double the data and the minutes, so it is actually 400 daytime and a full GB of data for $40. Oh, the promo also includes making the plan 1/2 for the first 6 months, so only $20, saving a total of $120.

    The only downside is that you have to sign a 2 year contract, but way better than the Fido plan. The Primus site says it is HSPA but their reps say that is simply outdated info on the site and that the data is LTE in any area that Rogers has LTE.

    Why would anyone sign for such a crap plan with Fido?