Reminder: Fido Dollars Redemption Deadline is July 6 for Most Users


Back in February, Fido informed customers their FidoREWARDS program was coming to an end in early April, with a redemption deadline set for July 6, 2016 for most users.

In two days, the redemption deadline is coming for most customers, but some will have until July 6, 2018 to redeem, depending on your scenario.

Check out the four scenarios spelled out by Fido:

1. FidoREWARDS members, if subscribed to a monthly plan as of April 6, 2016, will no longer earn dollar rewards—and be able to redeem dollars until July 6, 2016.

2. For those on Fido plans that do not earn FidoDOLLARS, but have a balance, they will have until July 6, 2016 to redeem these dollars.

3. If on April 6, 2016, you’re on a term agreement that earns FidoDOLLARS, “you’ll no longer earn FidoDOLLARS as of the end of your current term,” and will be able to redeem these rewards until July 6, 2018.

4. Customers with multiple lines: Fido says “If on April 6, 2016, you have multiple lines that earn FidoDOLLARS and at least one of them is subscribed to a plan on a term agreement, each line will stop earning as set out above, however you’ll be able to redeem your accumulated FidoDOLLARS balance under the program until July 6, 2018.”

The FidoDOLLARS program was actually pretty decent for accumulating some savings towards device upgrades with the company, but the program is long gone now.

Let us know what you’re going to redeem your Fido dollars balance for in the comments below.


  • Corey Hoffarth

    I always used Fido dollars to upgrade my handset, it’s the main reason I stayed with Fido Guess I’ll shop,around now

  • Jason

    Just got off the phone with Fido about this. The message I was delivered by CSR was “Fido is trying to offer more stuff you can use now with your phone. They found that majority of our subscribers have over $800 in Fido dollars that are unused or some don’t realize they have the dollars available for use.” Meanwhile there was nothing worth using my dollars for. I use Roam Mobility in the USA, Fido Roam doesn’t work with my grandfathered plan.I have unlimited this and that, CD, VM etc. I purely used them for upgrades.

  • Larry

    I used my dollars to get an iPhone SE. Put it on Craigslist when I received notice it was on its way. It was sold the day it arrived. Thanks Fido.

  • wahgee88

    Have 3 lines. Had collected $106. Put it against the $130 for the iPhone SE. Got the $25 HUP waived. An additional $10 off. I only had $69 to payoff remaining balance of my previous hardware upgrade. Overall, sad to see fido dollars program gone!

  • Mozbius

    Bought a LG G Pad III almost entirely with FidoDollars not that I had any use for it (my iPhone does everything I need) but I won’t complain it will be useful as an electronic book reader at home. Having both iOS and Android is nice.

  • K.

    Just used 100+ FIDO$ t get a 6S 64. Ended up around 250 all-in. Sad to see these go…