Roger LTE Network Goes Live in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal


Rogers officially announced their plans to employ their LTE network back in February. In July, Ottawa was the first city for their LTE technical trial, and as of today, LTE is now live in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, as promised.

Bell beat Rogers to the punch to launch their LTE network in Toronto and southern Ontario, but Rogers is the first to hit Vancouver and Montreal. The company says 5.5 million Canadians will have access to LTE, tops in the country. Check out these brief maps of LTE coverage and where it’s coming soon:

What can you expect from Rogers and LTE?

From the Rogers Redboard:

To celebrate the expansion of Canada’s first LTE network, we’ve also introduced a special, limited time offer that provides LTE customers a chance to purchase one of Rogers largest ever data buckets – 10GB for $52.93 per month on a 3 year plan.

This massive data plan is available–on contract. As I see it, LTE sounds great but the lack of devices makes it less than desirable at this moment in time–unless Apple surprises us next Tuesday (wishful thinking)? Not only that, I’d still like to see further 3G network speed improvements before jumping onto the LTE bandwagon.

Who’s going to jump on Rogers LTE in your area?


  • Venelin Nikolov

    Wondering who’s gonna use it??? Super expensive service..

  • I wonder which devices support LTE – NOW ??

  • Hi Aleksandar.

    At the moment, we have the Rocket Stick Sierra Wireless. that we launched when we launched the LTE network in Ottawa back in July.
    ON October 18th, the HTC JetStream LTE tablet will be launched – not so far away.

    Our other devices should come in the coming weeks.

    Not too long to wait for 🙂

  • Jason Nip

    I hope people hold out as this service is very expensive. I’d need prices to drop before I sign on.

  • Torontock

    Why would anyone in their right mind use lte at these stupidly expensive prices. I’m keeping my money in my pocket

  • Johnny

    As i currently get no more than 1Mb/sec with my current plan that supposedly offers “up to 14Mb/s” I am definately not giving them more for “up to 100Mb/sec”.  Especially when i call and ask them why my connection is so slow and they tell me they don’t guarentee any speeds, only that the network “could” go up to 14Mb/sec.  Was even told once to turn off 3G and use edge if I wasn’t getting the speeds I should be getting.  Grrr…

  • Namueab

    Couldn’t have said that better myself.  Maybe work on what you have and give us the speeds already “promised”.

  • ?Dennis

    Sounds like you’re referring to the iPhone 5, Elise 😉

  • ?Dennis

    I’m not sure how you guys see this as expensive, considering the normal price just to get 500mb of 3G data is $25. The yearly promotion that Rogers usually gives with the new released iPhone is $30 for 6 gigs of 3G data. Considering this service is is supposed to be faster and you’re getting 10 gigs for $50, I’d say that’s not too shabby.

    Let’s not forget that we don’t have to pay to tether. So basically you could cancel your home Internet and tether from your iPhone to your laptop and good enough speeds for home use. Just as long as you’re not a heavy downloader, this could save you money.

    I could be wrong in my thinking but sounds like it’s fair if you put the tethering function into the equation.

  • BurleyShells

    From how I read this it seems that the 10gb plan is just another offer, you don’t need to get it to use lte so you can just use whatever data plan you have now.

    Assuming this is available to fido customers too since they’re on the same network?