Rogers Promo: 2-Year Smartphone Activations Get 2 Free Leafs Tickets


A new Rogers promo which takes place this weekend from Nov. 22-24 will give you two free Toronto Maple Leafs tickets if you activate any smartphone on a two-year term. The promo is only valid in Ontario and users must bring in the following invitation:

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The fine print reads there are only 15 pairs of tickets per store, which are in the ‘Gondola Section’ and includes food and non-alcoholic beverages, valued at $500 per pair. Users need to submit their ticket requests by December 15 online.

The offer is available to new and existing customers and a $15 Connection Fee applies on your first bill. There is a minimum of a $45 per month plan required.

Let us know if you’re going to jump on this!

[via RFD]


  • matt

    Lol I refuse to accept a free way to waste my time watching a losing cause

    A canucks fan 🙂

    PS: I fully understand how this might cause an unhealthy debate to occur LOL

  • As much as I love seeing the Canucks win, it’d be nice if they can score a friggin GOAL!

  • matt

    Oh amen to that….but as my duty as a canucks fan, its only protocol when I say….BLAME LUONGO OMG ITS ALL HIS FAULT TRADEZ HIM NAO

  • Honestly, as much as people are saying Bobby Luo doesn’t dive as much anymore, sometimes when he gets onto his ‘beached whale belly flop’ position and a goal is scored, it’s painful to watch.

  • FragilityG4

    Last time I checked the Leafs are higher in the standings than the Nucks 🙂

  • matt

    Last time I checked, a hockey stick isn’t a lightsaber…. Somebody tell Phil kessel that haha

  • matt

    That’s true….but hey, anything is better then “the dreaded Dan”(that’s the term i tend to use when referring to the likes of Dan cloutier LOL)

  • Shot from center ice and it goes in? Poor Clouty. Remember, Luongo is an ‘elite’ goalie with a gold medal.

  • ????Dennis

    Somebody tell Scott to grow some balls. Us leaf fans loved every minute of it. Btw, which Sedin sister sleeps on the top bunk 😛

  • matt

    No clue because I’m too busy watching kadri running over other teams goalies for no apparent reason

    Also if lupul wants to play dirty, he might want to hit the right target next time….

  • matt
  • matt

    True that but seeing as hockey is a team game, a col!ective effort to win and to lose….there should be a collective judgment made at the end and it’s tough to see guys being singled out 🙁 thankfully, there are lolots of good fans out there that know it