Rogers iPhone 3GS Still Out of Stock in Canada


If you’ve been thinking of getting your hands on the latest iPhone 3GS, and you plan on getting it from Rogers/Fido, think again (or get in line!). Currently, iPhone 3GS stock levels in Canada (and around the world) have been in short supply.

When the iPhone 3GS first went on sale it was expected they would sell out initially. But some forum members have been waiting since July 3rd for their iPhone 3GS to show up! That’s over two months waiting for the iPhone 3GS to arrive–I’d go stir crazy waiting if that was me (luckily I got mine on opening day thanks to a special ninja).

As of Yesterday–the iPhone 3GS is Still Out of Stock in Vancouver

One of my best friends joined the iPhone 3GS club yesterday–sort of. We called up Rogers on the phone to setup his account with the 6GB/$30 data plan (it “expires” on Sept. 15th–but might get extended yet again) and renewed it to 3 years to maximize his iPhone 3GS subsidy. The only problem? Rogers does not have any iPhone 3GS units in stock and neither does Vancouver!

We called the Apple Store, and a few Rogers dealers and flagship locations. Every time we got the same result: sorry, no iPhone 3GS in stock (plus a short giggle afterwards). Because of the short iPhone 3GS supply, many people looking to buy one on Craigslist are going to pay the ultimate price. I’ve seen prices range from $680-850 for various iPhone 3GS models. I’d definitely hold off getting one off Craigslist until stocks levels return to normal.

Tips on How to Get your Grubby Paws on an iPhone 3GS in Canada

So just how the heck do you get an iPhone 3GS if they are out of stock? Well, try a combination of the various tips (your mileage may vary):

1. Find a list of every single Rogers/Fido dealer in your area. Call them daily to see if they received a shipment of iPhone 3GS units. Give them your number as ask if they can hold one for you. Or, if you’re desperate, go in person and bribe an employee with the good ol’ “Vegas” slider trick to get him/her to hold one for you.

2. Repeat the above but at your local Apple Store.

3. Visit the Rogers iPhone 3GS website to check for updates. It unfortunately shows this:


4. Buy an iPhone 3G and tell your friends it’s an iPhone 3GS (they won’t know the difference if you hide the video function, camera autofocus, compass, and the chrome Apple logo/lettering on the back of the case).

5. Pray to the Apple gods to deliver a shipment to your area. Meanwhile, whine and complain on iPhone blogs and forums to relieve your pent up frustration.

So there you have it. We don’t know when the iPhone 3GS will be back in stock, but one thing is for sure: waiting for your iPhone 3GS can be a painful experience but it’s a great way to test your patience. Either way, expect stock levels to be back to normal for the Christmas rush. Until then, be a good person, think positively and hopefully your iPhone 3GS will show up soon. πŸ˜‰

Are you still waiting for your iPhone 3GS? When did you place your order?


  • GC

    Is demand that outrageously high or are supplies just abysmally low? I'm biased towards the latter, as I arrived at a local Apple Store (Toronto, plenty of density) 1 week post-launch and they had “dozens” of units according to the workers, and a re-visit about a week later was the same story.

  • AS

    Step 1: Walk into your local FutureShop (what I did).
    Step 2: Buy an iPhone 3GS (or in my case, 2 of them)


    Step 1: Make an appointment with an Apple store (what a friend did).
    Step 2: Buy an iPhone 3GS (he also bought 2).

  • milowe

    I had no problem getting one at Costco in Victoria the other day.

  • Dusty

    Thats crappy!

    Stores in my location have iPhone 3GS in stock….

  • xgyle

    I just got mine two weeks ago. It took a lot of calling, but I found a small Rogers dealer that had one in stock.

  • I think it's a combination of both. Even stores here 1 week post-launch got more stock. Now is a different story though.

    Can you call the Apple Stores in Toronto today and check to see if they have the iPhone 3GS in stock will ya? πŸ˜‰

  • Did you guys buy them outright, or as part of an existing contract? How long ago?

  • I think I got my 3GS about a month ago at BestBuy in Whitby. They had tons from what I heard. Long story short? Check your local BestBuy Mobile instead of Rogers Plus stores.

  • F Dankoff

    I had an early order in, June or July. They attempted to deliver, UPS, and despite the right address, bounced the order back to Rogers. Now, they want me to just order again and wait … Noone called me to tell me the order had been canceled. Ups did not explain what was wrong with the address.

    Love the iPhone, but my hate of rogers service at this point is enough to make me go back to bell.

  • belami

    I've been waiting for my iPhone 3GS since July 20!! This is unbelievable!! I want to cry but I'm too much of a MAN to shed any tears πŸ˜›

  • That must be frustrating to not cry in public. But come on, I bet you cry yourself to sleep at night right?? πŸ˜‰

  • When I see someone using a Blackberry or HTC device or Samsung or anything non-iPhone, I cry. I cry right in the middle of the street for those people.

    The pain…such terrible pain.

  • Anthony

    Went to a dealer by my work in Kerrisdale and it the same day just over a month ago.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    How accurate is the statement about 6GB/$30.00 data plan and that it expires on 9/15/09? Fido used to offer this plan as well does anyone know if it's still available? Is it one of those secret plans only available to those who inquire? I ask bcoz I bought a 32GB 3GS today at the Wireless Wave kiosk @ Costco Downtown. An acquaintance who works there cashed in on a favour she was owed from another WW location. If in fact you can still get that data plan for that price I may just cancel my Fido agreement and go with Rogers instead. Can the poster (iphone fan) verify his info? Thanks.

  • The info has been publicy available for a few months. We have numerous
    posts about the plan.

    It's also on the Rogers website.

  • pjack

    Ordered on release day, got an order confirmation from Rogers. The email stated that it would be in my hands in 3-5 business days, but 6 business days later and still no phone, I decided to call Rogers regarding the delay. I was informed that my order was canceled for no reason because the money came off of my credit card.

    They apologized and kept me on hold for over an hour to look into the issue. When I got off of hold I was told that there are no more iphones in stock but that I could place another order over the phone and that I would receive the device in a week or two.

    This is me two months later with no phone and no light of one coming any time soon. Just ticks me off that they had the gumption to cancel my order, give me my money back and put me to the back of the waiting list.

  • barker88

    how long ago was this exactly?
    I'm in victoria, have been calling rogers stores daily, and have had one on back-order since aug 22nd and STILL no Iphone.

  • Randi

    Ordered HUP on July 15th, no phone as of yesterday and none in sight. Spent most of August calling all local area Future Shop, Best Buy and Costcos. No phones.
    Happened on one in small Rogers store last night. Got it in my grubby little hands. They cancelled my order with Rogers and then proceeded to tell me that I couldn't have it at the agreed upon $299 but at $549 instead. Gasp! I took the thing home and called Rogers today. I explained the saga which has been my experience with Rogers. (I also waited 1-1/2 months for a phone for my daughter ordered on launch day) It took the CSR supervisor 20 minutes to review all the notes in my file.
    Long story short-he agreed with the $299 price and credited my account. He also added 100 minutes per month for 3 years for my troubles.

  • This is a typical Rogers nightmare–sounds like you had some fun! πŸ˜‰

    My buddy called all Rogers Stores in Vancouver/Victoria, no luck for a 3GS so far.

  • milowe

    I signed up with Fido, at the Costco in Langford on Aug. 31. Didn't seem to be any short supply.

  • barker88

    Oh, fido. Maybe that's the reason then. I need a rogers one.

    Out of curiosity, what kind of plan does fido offer for the iphone? I just settled a new plan with rogers and wonder how it compares.
    This is what I got:

    250 anytime mins
    Unlimited early evenings & weekends (6pm – 7am)
    100 long distance mins
    Unlimited nation-wide incoming calls
    Call display
    Unlimited text messaging
    6gb data plan

    $50 before tax & System Access Fee

    Total: $64.92 a month

  • vancouverrob

    No kidding. I've been bugging my local Fido store every day for almost 3 weeks. They'll call me when they come in, but nothing..!

  • bekbob

    Got a 16 gb 3GS iPhone today. Went to one Rogers store, out of stock. Went to another a few blocks away and they had one.

  • Chris

    Called a Rogers Plus today; was told only the top 50 locations in Canada are getting shipments. In Vancouver, those include the Broadway, Jervis, and Pacific Centre locations. Sure enough, all 3 got stock today (16GB only), I'm on my way to get 2 now…

  • darthgus

    i walked into best buy (in kitchener, ontario) they had quite a few 3gs, the sales guy told me that people are not asking for them anymore because they believe they are out of stock. I bought one and got the $30 6g plan…very nice deal.

  • hezza

    3gs in stock in Kitchener best buy? I was in there yesterday and called the day before and they had none. I am looking for the black 16 gb 3gs on Fido.
    Did you activate with Rogers?

  • darthgus

    Yes I got the black 16g 3gs on rogers, first i went to Costco and they had 3 left but only on Fido. You might want to try there. I have found that calling does not work.

    good luck


    A week ago I had my iPhone stolen and Rogers won't let me order a 3GS, though they have put remarks on my account to sell me a 32GB 3GS for 299 despite not being currently eligible for the HUP. I have been told to continue checking the website for when they come back in stock and then phone in to order… kind of a pain in the butt.

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  • gecko1820

    Ordered one in Belgium about 2 months ago. Had to pay 1/3 of the price and am still waiting. Starting to get the feeling I've been robbed. The people who sold it to me (“Mobistar”) told me it should take less than a month. Now, if the Palm Pré was being sold in my country I'd sure get that rather than to keep waiting. It's a real pain as I see no reasons for the wait and feel it's just a marketing strategy. As days pass, I'm thinking I'm probably going to cancel the order and wait for the next iteration of the phone which could well arrive before I get my 3GS… I really don't know who is responsible for this, Apple or Mobistar but I'm fed up with the situation. Well at least there's no way to make an impulsive buy with this phone in Belgium.

  • sergio50

    I placed my order on July 07 /2009 and still waiting for ~!@#$%^&*()_.
    I gave up calling rogers because i get the same answer over and over.
    On line now, does not show the 3GS to be out of stock anylonger…… i have a feeling that
    soon i will get my phone before the 4g iphone comes out πŸ˜›

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  • 4 months and counting…

    Waiting now close to 4 months.

  • 4 months and counting…

    Waiting now close to 4 months.

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