Rogers One Number Goes Live This Morning


This morning Rogers’ new beta service “One Number” has gone live. We first mentioned One Number on Monday when many of the features could not be accessed. Today it looks to be fully functional.

Testing the service, I was able to text and talk from my personal computer using my wireless number. I was even able to successfully switch a call that I accepted on my phone to my personal computer. Rogers also advertises that calls made to any Canadian number using your computer are FREE, no matter where in the world your located.

Rogers sent MobileSyrup the following note that further details the beta service:

Cost: RON is a FREE service for Rogers Wireless customers. No additional contracts, no monthly service fees.

How Long Distance Calling works: Calling Long Distance from your computer to any Canadian number is free. If you are using your wireless device, you will continue to incur roaming and long distance charges if calling a long distance number. Same for text messages, unless you have a text/data plan. So for example, if you are on vacation and use your personal computer to call back to Canada, the call is free. But, if you make a local call it will be charged as a long distance internet call.

How this service different from other VOIP services: There is just one number to remember – your existing wireless number. What this means is that you do not have to register for any additional numbers and as soon as someone calls, your wireless and computer will ring. This also allows you to receive a call on your wireless device and then switch the call or seamlessly continue the call on your computer.

911: As this is a VoIP service, it is essential that you add a 911 emergency address to your Rogers One Number service because unlike traditional phone lines, an emergency call over VoIP is routed to a 3rd party dispatch before being re-directed to emergency services. Just as you would call using a regular telephone or wireless device, you will use the web phone to place your 911 call and then be asked by the dispatcher to confirm your address before emergency personnel are dispatched. We always recommend that you have an alternative method of contacting 911 in the event of an emergency.

Rogers One Number is currently a pilot and there are no market launch details to share at this time.

Check out Rogers One Number and let us know what you think.


  • Anonymous

    The thing that bugs me,is you cant switch the call as advertised. Another big thing is i can send text at work without anyone seeing me on my phone.

  • Hi Stephen, it actually didn’t “go live” today, we opened it to the public on Wednesday. 

  • Nlui9

    It took away my native phone ability to call forward though. Which is really a pain for me.

  • Sean Is

    I’m able to switch cell phone calls to desktop but not able to switch from desktop to cell phone.  

    Also, does this service work on an iPad serving as the desktop?

  • xxJDxx

    Not sure I quite understand the ‘long distance’ aspect of this? Am I able to call anywhere in Canada from my computer, or am I restricted to the same dismal ‘local calling area’ as my cell phone?

    If it is a ‘long distance internet call’ are the charges added to my regular rogers phone bill or do I have to pre-pay or pre-buy the service beforehand?

  • Nick

    Did this work for anyone? I set it up and tried calling my computer from my house line, it answered but I couldn’t hear the mic on my computer from my phone or the mic on my phone from the computer – silence…  I also couldn’t hear the computer make a ringing sound, only my cell.. Not sure if it’s supposed to or not. And yes the sound on my mac is working, I can hear the ‘pop’ sound when I push volume up and down.  

  • how do I access or configure voicemail now with Rogers One Number?

    I have voicemail on my line… I never really used it because all calls were forwarded to an other line… So I was using voicemail on this other line…

    but now with Rogers One Voicemail, my other line does not take the call to voicemail… 
    I configured Ring my Numbers with my other line number… so now, I have my computer, my Rogers line and the other line ringing at the same time… but if I do not take the call, the call will continue to ring forever… 

  • Perhaps you can answer this, Chris: If I’m in the US on vacation, and my One Number rings on my computer and I answer it on the computer, can I have a conversation with someone back in Canada without paying any roaming or long-distance charges? That would be an amazing feature!

  • Anon

    It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, if you receive a call OR make a call to a Canadian number on your computer, it will be free.  BUT if you use your computer to make a local call when you are outside of Canada (not a Canadian number), then you will be charged long distance. 

  • Anon

    It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, if you receive a call OR
    make a call to a Canadian number on your computer, it will be free.  BUT
    if you use your computer to make a local call when you are outside of
    Canada (not a Canadian number), then you will be charged long distance.

  • Dial *11 from your cell phone!

  • Anywhere you have an internet connection, Cory, calling a Canadian number from your computer is free.

  • 4S Lover

    I wonder if this will be available for Fido, owned by Rogers. I’d love to have it with my Fido phone.

  • Eason_1108

    so, rogers will have our contact list on their server then?

  • Andrep

    Is there a way to deactivate the Rogers One Number? If I am not near a computer, I cannot forward my calls…argh! Also, there isn’t a mobile app available to access my Rogers One Number account. Come on Rogers!!!

  • This is what I got from Rogers:
    With regard to your request to cancel the Rogers One Number service, please contact the Customer Care team at 1-877-856-9554.

  • Fred

    I tried to register on Dec 16 and got past the “confirm address” section only to get a message “We apologize but a problem was encountered when we tried to register you
    with Rogers One Number Beta. Please contact 1-877-856-955”.  Called said number. Said they would look into it.  Have since received three phone calls from rogers say they have fixed the problem and to try again.  Each time I “tried again” (last time today Dec 20), I get the same message and the agent says she will report to the “back end”.  I know its in “beta”, but I would think they could look in the application logs and see what generated the error and resolve it.

  • Joe

    It says it’s a Beta, there are still bugs.  They say a mobile app is coming in January.  What i do now is simu-ring my various devices instead of forwarding.

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  • Hi, 

    Rogers One Number is out of beta. It’s been fully launched today!