Rogers/Fido Representatives Begin iPhone 4 Training


As we close on the end of July, we have seen some increased activity by the way of the Canadian wireless carriers. Within a few days of the iPhone 4 reveal, each wireless carrier indicated that they would be carrying the iPhone 4 in Canada.

Soon after, product/notification pages started to appear where users could submit their email and receive periodic updates on the status of the iPhone 4 and the carrier that the user signed up on.

Today, we received notice that Rogers and Fido employees have started their product training on iPhone 4. The training consists of two modules: Selling iPhone 4 and positioning iOS 4. The modules talk about the device, features, benefits and basically summarize what is already on the Apple website.

The training, called FastTrack, is fairly top-level stuff but all Rogers/Fido store employees must complete the training as soon as possible before the end of July.

Let’s hope this is a good sign that the iPhone 4 will in fact be released sometime in July 2010!




  • Jordan

    Let's hope each company gets a decent stock of these phones this time.

  • Jay

    I can guarentee we are still going to get different stories from each Customer Service Rep. The first person the customer speaks to cannot be trusted. If it sounds to good to be true or it seems like you are getting the shaft you should confirm with another CSR or with a someone higher than a CSR.

  • asdmd

    Do you think rogers will be doing pre-order, or will apple?

  • Ex


  • Rathbone

    Does this training include the pricing and plans? If so, i suppose we could hear as soon as someone completes the training and will spill the news on the internet.

  • Ex


    Pricing will come from Apple. The plans are the current smartphone plans.

  • DjDATZ

    Regardless of what day they launch, the 23rd, 28th or 30th, I'm leaving for a vacation on the 23rd before stores open so I won't even be able to get it till at least a week after launch.

  • Marco_p_26

    but when the iphone comes out lets say im with rogers i can go pick 1 up at the apple store wit a 3yr contract from rogers instead of going to a rogers store?

  • Ex


  • aude956580

    I'm with koodo mobile and i'm about to change for Bell or Rogers for the iphone . Which place is best for me to pick it up, rogers/bell store or Apple ?

  • Mikedonavan28

    i would go with rogers. was on bell for many years before switching and now personally prefer them now to bell. they still haven't even fully converted to SIM cards. i remember in the past you had to pay for them to switch your phones…ridiculous monopolization

  • Surfsk8slide

    Ex, question for ya, now Consumer Report is “not recommending” the iphone 4. is it going to be an issue if you just don't hold it so tight and are in a great reception area, i.e. Ottawa?

  • Ex


  • Tom

    Hope this pans out!

  • Ex

    We actually got a chance to play with the iPhone 4 recently in Canada. While we will have more on that soon, we can confidently say that reception thing is a non-issue in Canada. At least in our uses.

  • Whats with the reference numbers? They looks like dates.

  • Ex

    Just internal numbers

  • Surfsk8slide

    thanks Ex, hopefully we can all test it soon!

  • Carlos

    As Ex said, yes. My brother works in the Apple Store-Pac Centre and the right-most tables (as you're looking in) is where they normally do the iPhone activations for the networks.

    The ones who help you have done training with Bell, Rogers/Fido and Telus for their plans and such, but brochures are available too. My parents got their 3GS' from them and they did everything – teach you how to use the phone, set up your mailboxes…etc. It was great!

  • Zilly

    Hi peeps. I have a 50% discount code for Zagg i wont use. Im sure someone here will 🙂

    the code is

  • Hey Ex… do you know if the eligibility for promotional pricing for new smartphones is going to change, or will they be what Roger's policy currently state ie two years after you first started your contract?

  • Ex

    So far, nothing has changed. Stay tuned though.

  • Winston Sih

    I wonder if Apple will have pre-orders alongside Rogers, Bell and TELUS. I'm going on vacation on the 27th, one day before the 28th and I don't want to be left chasing one down when I return and getting on a iPhone Priority List. I want to pre-order it for it to deliver on/around the 28th so when I return, it'll at home sitting on my kitchen table. (OVER)wishful thinking I guess…

  • Guest

    CONSUMER REPORT RECOMMENDS NOT PURCHASING THE IPHONE4 UNTILL APPLE FIXES THE OUTTER ANTENNA PROBLEM SEE THEIR VIDEO REGARDING THIS MATTER HERE: – they have technical data produced in a lab which test the hardware. The evidence clearly shows there is a hardware defect. They recommend simple duct tape or electrical tape to repair this real issue (not a pretend make believe non-issue)

  • MikeWantsAnIphone

    That very nice of you…

  • Budaboy
  • Adam

    How is it we still have no release date and its this far into July? Just stupid, I want to know what morning to take off work so I can get it right away. I'm impatient haha.

  • ninjaz

    I would get to Apple, get the phone unlocked, hit up Koodo and switch from CDMA to a 3GSM and grab a SIM. Then you can stay with Koodo and use an iPhone 4.

  • Jabh123

    question about the iphone 4,
    say i were to get the iphone 4 from rogers, would i have to activate the iphone 4 in the rogers store, or could i just buy it and activate it at home?

  • Ex

    You can activate it at home, but it will be locked to Rogers either way.

  • Jabh123

    i don't care that it'll be locked, i just want to make sure i can activate it at home, also is there a certain time from buying it to activating it? i ask only cause i plan on putting a zagg shield on it, and the site as well as other reviewers recommend waiting atleast 15 to 24 hours before using the phone so that the shield cures properly and fully onto the phone

  • Shuffle

    So I can buy this from the Apple store on a Rogers contract for the same price as the Rogers store but it will be unlocked? Or will buying it from the Apple store mean I pay full price and can't take advantage of the discounts offered as part of the contracts?

  • excaliburca

    Have they given you guys the release date yet (I know you couldn't say anyway if you have been told) or do you find out like the rest of us?

  • chris

    I have just finished my 3 year contract with Bell and I want to buy a new iPhone 4. My plan was to call Bell and see if the Retention department would give me any deals, otherwise I would go to Rogers. Does anybody have any suggestions on how I should approach this whole thing? Should I call now or just before I buy the phone?

  • mackman6151

    you made my day! 🙂 (btw was this testing in Toronto?)

  • Laura

    I was speaking to a Rogers rep the other day and she was saying that the 2yr upgrade to a new phone still applies with the iphone4, but after you get that, you're done…no more 2yrs for a new upgrade, they wipe you clean. So make sure this is what you want and/or be prepared to pay full price for something 2 years from now if you want something new

  • Nick

    You may want to rethink Rogers… I'm with them on my 3G, and there's a lot of areas with no service or poor service, including my place in oak bay which is a heavily populated part of Victoria, BC. Sure I'm in a ground level suite, but even so… I also took my phone to Tofino, Saltspring Island, Gabriola Island, and there was barely any signal at any of those places while people with Telus phones had good signal. I'll probably be switching to Telus and asking them to give me a good deal on service for making the switch. I also plan to buy the phone outright so it's factory unlocked (that is the way it's going to work right?) so that I can switch providers if a better deal ever comes up, and so I can take it to the states and buy a pay as you go sim when I travel.

  • Nick

    Does anyone know if using the zagg shield will make the screen look blurry? I've got a stick on screen protector on my 3G and the screen definitely looks a little blurry because of it. With the new iPhone, I think the deal is that they've attached the glass directly to the screen so that there's no glare and you can see the full resolution of the display. Wouldn't sticking a zagg shield over that reduce the appearance of the retina display?

  • chris

    Im in London and not too sure what the best carrier is here… I guess a good idea is to call Telus/Rogers/Bell and see what's the best offer they will give me. All I want is the minimum plan and hoping to get it for under $55/month

  • Nick

    Good luck. My Rogers bill is just over $120/mo but I've got unlimited incoming, free evenings & weekends, my evenings start at 6 instead of 9, visual voicemail, my5, and 6 gigs of data

  • Consumereportsdontlie

    Wait? So are you saying that you had expert equipment just like the consumer reports? Please.. The problem of apple misleading people about signal strength is still there. The hardware was tested at independent research labs and has been deemed flawed. A non issued issue is still and issue that just you haven't noticed. The actually issue is still there. When your fingers touch the antenna band, you will still lose 2-3 bars of reception. It all depends on how many bar you have to lose to begin with.

  • If you buy it from the Apple store at full price, the phone won't be locked to a carrier.
    You won't get contract perks from Rogers.

    What you do get is more control over your ability to upgrade rather than every two years for some.

    For me, it's the best way to go. My eventual goal is to get off a contract altogether. I'd rather come and go as I please rather than be trapped in a contract.

  • Guest

    Not to mention apple admits there is an issue with the reception. They are just blaming it on software untill everyone buys the product.. Theyre stalling till they make sales!

  • Ex

    Rogers Store: Full price or on contract, device is LOCKED.

    Apple Store: Full price, device is UNLOCKED. On contract, device is LOCKED.

  • chris

    Wowza. I'm upgrading from a 3 yr old phone and used to paying $30/month. So i don't want a huge increase in that.

  • Ex

    We have a been given the week of the 26th, which is what we have been reporting.

    We don't keep anything to ourselves. When we find out, we post it!

  • Ex


  • Ex

    The policy is every 2 years if you currently have a smartphone. If you get iPhone 4 on let's say September 1 2010, you'll be eligible to upgrade again on Sept. 1 2012.

  • Ex

    Tested in the USA on American networks. We grabbed ours, tried on CDN networks and experienced no drop in calls or bars or call quality.

  • Iclarified

    Breaking news! Consumer Reports recommends not to buy the iPhone 4! After lab testing has been completed, they have determined the iphone4 to have a hardware issue that will not be fixed by a software update. They highly acknowledge the screen and camera abilities but recommend consumers stay away untill apple themselves aknowledge the problem and provide a proper solution. I love the iPhone I am a true fan, But this is disappointing news.

  • Couldn't have said it better myself.

  • excaliburca

    And we not in the know appreciate that.

    Well, I guess that pretty much screws me getting one before I leave for vacation. Oh well… too bad I doubt Apple or Rogers would ship a pre-ordered phone to the US. 🙂

  • Hawkeye360


    I was reading a comment on here, and you said that it's possible to activate an iPhone 4 at home. How do you do that?

  • Alcanada

    Yes Rogers fleeced me last summer when they were the only carrier($75/month for data and voice, no contract). Telus had the best deal when I searched this summer as their messaging to us and Canada was included in the $50.
    Bell and Telus have the best coverage in Northern Ontario and in cottage country outside Ottawa. Rogers still doesn't have 3G in sault ste-marie as far as I know- it should be a given that cities are covered.

  • Ex

    “activation” is simply plugging the iphone into iTunes with an active sim card

  • kevSMITH

    i read in that same post that asked if it matters how long you take to activate after you get the phone, like say if i got the phone on aug 1, could i just not use it/activate it until maybe like aug 15, got a vacation planned, figured i'd just activate it when i get home

  • Ex

    You can, but your plan is still active. So you would be paying for the plan
    and the phone wouldn't be usable.

  • this dude

    from what i've read on reviews and seeing in videos, it still looks crystal clear with the invisible shield on it, no loss of visible quality

  • this dude

    what you mean the phone wouldn;t be usable? do you mean while its not activated?

  • Ex

    If you go an Apple Store/Rogers Store/Carrier store, get the iPhone and
    decide to activate it at home, you have an active plan and an usable iPhone
    until you activate it.

    So, at the store the plan is active. You take the phone home, unactivated,
    for 15 days. During this time, the plan is still active and you're still
    paying per month but your phone isnt working. Once you plug into iTunes
    (activating the iPhone), now you will be using the plan you are paying for.

  • Alcanada

    There are 3 problems in the US:
    1. AT&T is on it's knees-Apple lovers there won't buy iPhones because the network is sooo slow. They need more carriers. Not a problem in Canada.
    2. The bars are innacurate. Yes, I observe this on my 3GS all the time. I just figured it was difficult to accurately measure reception.
    3. I tried an iPhone 4 at an AT&T store and at an Apple store. At AT&T I could take the bars down to one bar with the death grip. At the Apple store I could only make it drop one bar, and sometimes none at all. This led me to conclude that Apple overlooked some sort of design flaw, but I don't think it's as big a deal as everyone is making it out to be. I do believe that the bumper cover will fix the problem for most people, though it's a pretty skimpy piece of plastic
    for $30 and I didn't get to test this theory! That said, I plan on buying a factory unlocked one asap and throwing on the bumper. I'm tired of having to resync everything on my jailbroken unlocked 3GS everytime software o/s updates come and I need an unlocked phone for travel. I have to leave Canada on July 30th so I sure hope it's available before then!

  • Noahattic

    how can u confidently say there will be a non-issue in Canada? apple insisted there's no flaw about the design, which means they will just let it go….. and we do know there's a design flaw about the antennas system…

    only in the case that they coat the stain-less steel secretly……i highly doubt it apple will be that sweet.

  • Noahattic

    this is not only a USA problem. all those five countries which's shipping iphone 4 have met the same problem as well. we all know the japanese & chinese network is super good, top level, better than us, in terms of quality and coverage. they meet the problem.

    i'd say it's a design flaw, if you use it in the area having a super good signal strength, it won't be a really big deal. what if you are in the area not that good, you will drop phonecalls 100% sure. take my word.

  • MR

    I guess that depends on what you mean by “that reception thing.” It seems clear that the problem with the new external antenna is a physical design flaw.

  • Wuju

    I'm with Fido and has the regular sim card. Plan to get the non-contract unlock iPhone 4 from Apple. Since the new iPhone 4 uses micro sim, how does one transfer and activate the old sim to the new micro sim. Does the iPhone have a micro sim and how can it be activated somehow? Not sure how all this would pan out – if it uses the regular sim, it's just a matter of using the exisiting sim…

  • Bui

    oh sweet you live in vancouver too? i live by the knight street bridge, what rogers do you think would be the best to get the iphone at? or should i go to an apple one?

  • draz

    You need to activate that new micro sim card, which you can do when you purchase the unlocked phone from Apple or at a Fido store at a later time. Once the micro-sim is activated then plug it into iTunes and your phone is now activated.

  • beavisaur

    is it going to be possible to use the iPhone 4 on koodo?

  • Ex

    Apple store

  • RN

    I pay 75$ for the same thing…and 950 outgoing daytime minutes.

  • jerryjai

    Hopefully.. we'll be able to receive the confirmed date within this week =).. On the other hand, does anyone know the payment methods for Apple retail stores?

  • Guest

    Consumerreports (dot) org clearly stated there there is a hardware flaw and does not recommend purchasing the new iPhone. They say it's an easy fix, though, if you place duct tape over the affected area. This is after tested hardware with a machine that measures RF levels.

  • Daniel-b

    Apple has been removing all mention of the Consumers Report on their own website (according to engadget). But they clearly test the hardware and demonstrate the flaw.

  • Guest

    Bring duct tape to put over the antenna so the reception doesn't drop

  • bellemployee

    Bell has actually had the same concept for about a week. it doesn't give any date information, basically just its features and how to sell it to someone who says they don't want one 🙂

  • PrivateEye

    Now Rogers is down for maintenence. Could the release be coming earlier than expected?

  • Zilly

    LMAO@ Ex. Some apple employee trollin the Canada sites to try and assure good sales in Canada. Non-issue. hahahaa

  • Ex

    We are hosts of this blog, not employees.

  • Kieu

    No it's not… it's up.

  • OhSyx

    Hey I just wanted to say this blog has been really useful in keeping up with Canadian updates. Thanks for doing what you do!

  • Onne2slick

    You said they must have learned by the end of July ? Doesn't that hint that it won't be released in July then? I mean.. read what you wrote

  • Tom T

    Chris, despite what all the rest say, these exorbitant bills these guys list at above 100 dollars is only because they have many other features too, you get what you pay for. Rogers has a 50 dollar plan that includes 500 mb of data, 150 day time minutes, 6pm early evenings, and unlimited text messages if you so choose. and that all comes in for a before tax total of 52.58 (including the 2.58 GRR Fee)

  • Muff_2000

    Well after having an Iphone 3G for 2 years from rogers I don't think I will get an Iphone 4 soon, I remember how fast the 3G use to be at first when I got my 3G Iphone now it take like 3 or 4 min to upload a comment on facebook or lets say if you have to email attachment it takes longer. With the new Iphone 4G coming up rogers 3G network will be more congested, obviously they aren't working on it to solve this problem. At this moment its not worth the money you pay a month for a 3G service .

  • Zilly

    ooo… whoopsie. lol mybad 🙂

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