Video: Mobilicity Rallies Outside Rogers Headquarters


Picture sent in by Anonymous. Thanks!

Here’s a video from earlier today of Mobilicity staging a rally outside Rogers’ headquarters. Dressed in ‘militia-style’ gear, the 4 minute video shows the Mobilicity team drumming for unlimited wireless from Rogers. Mobilicity has recently introduced unlimited data for only $10.

Here’s the same video, but filmed from ‘another angle’, sent in by anonymous:

Courts Asks Rogers to Be Imposed with $10m Fine over ‘False’ Ads

In other news today, the Competition Bureau has seeked a court order to impose a $10m fine on Rogers based on false advertisements. The ads claimed that Rogers’ new Chatr brand had a lower rate of dropped calls versus new entrants Wind and Mobilicity.

From Reuters:

“New entrants attempting to gain a foothold in the market should not be discredited by misleading claims made by their competitors,” the bureau’s commissioner, Melanie Aitken, said in a statement.

Both Wind and Mobilicity had filed complaints about the Rogers advertisments, which claimed a lower rate of dropped calls on Chatr compared with the new entrants.

The bureau said its two-month investigation involved an extensive review of technical data obtained from numerous sources and showed “no discernible difference in dropped call rates between Rogers/Chatr and new entrants”.

Rogers was not immediately available for comment.

The Competition Bureau is seeking a court order for Rogers to scrap the ads and pay a C$10 million ($9.8 million) fine.

What do you think of this Mobilicity marketing idea and the potential $10m Rogers fine? Kudos on these new entrants for putting some pressure on the ‘Big 3’ carriers in this country.

Update 1: Here’s an official statement sent to us from Rogers:

Toronto, ON (November 19, 2010) – Rogers Communications commented today on the actions of the Competition Bureau regarding chatr wireless. “We’re surprised by the actions of the Competition Bureau,” said Ken Engelhart, Senior Vice President of Regulatory, Rogers Communications. “We have extensive, independent third party testing to validate our claims and we stand by our advertising. We will vigorously defend this action in court.”

“We’ve completed extensive testing in coverage areas across the country and there’s no question that the testing validates the advertising in market,” said Todd Stone, President & CEO, Score Technologies.

Score Technologies is an independent third party organization that specializes in network testing for leading wireless carriers across North America.

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  • Gene

    My calls drop frequently. I’m in Mississauga at the moment and have problems finding coverage!! Mississauga!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Rogers isn’t the best carrier but I’ll still rather pick them over mobilicity and thanks to them my plan is almost unlimited with no need to worry bout roaming in Canada but there just like robbers as well 3 bucks to pay your bill come on. And this stunt on mobilicity part is just pathetic

  • RogersBlows

    Face it, Rogers blows, chatr was to try and shut down new carriers but did not succeed. I really hope Rogers ends up paying that fine. 9.8 million isn’t enough. Oh and if you people don’t want to pay so much for service, work for the damn company.

  • Anonymous

    They do blow but until wind and mobilicity gets their act tighter where forced with robbelus

  • Anonymous

    Hmmmm….I wonder how long it will be before Rogers et all swallow up their competitors in a buyout/takeover bid? Thus giving Canadians no options (sigh…..again). If it’s not beneath them to start up “competing” companies…it certainly isn’t beneath them to try a buyout/takeover bid.

  • Kaitlyn

    Rogers obviously didn’t conduct those tests in Nova Scotia. I had horrid coverage and dozens of dropped calls a month with Rogers. This is 2010, I should not have been running on GPRS. Since I switched to Virgin my coverage has been amazing and no dropped calls.

  • Denis

    Lolo do you work for them I did and I know your full of shit. Bell Rogers and telus all loose service and the real difference is they don’t care about you just shareholders greedy

  • Anonymous

    I know they only care about their shareholders, but can you justify being with a not even year old wireless company?. Droped calls and poor data and voice quality is what you get with wind/mobilicity. After they get more reliable then I would Join them.