Koodo’s $48 Plan with 5GB Being Sold on ‘Wireless Black Market’ in Canada [u]


What’s the first rule of Fight Club? You do not talk about Fight Club. Well, that is until now (we’re not really fighting, so it’s going to be okay).

What I’m referring to is one of the biggest secrets in the Canadian wireless industry that people don’t talk about: subscribing to a cheaper monthly plan in Manitoba or Saskatchewan and then eventually changing their address back to their home province.

The so-called ‘wireless black market’ is what journalist Peter Nowak describes in his piece detailing how Koodo’s $48/month unlimited Canada-wide plan with 5GB data (available in Manitoba and Saskatchewan), is being setup by a savvy Kijiji seller, who pockets $100 per transaction after it’s all said and done. You’ll also find other sellers on Craigslist and more across the country.

This seller, known as ‘Tony’ (Danza? Fat?), sets up your account in Manitoba or Saskatchewan on the Koodo plan, then eventually ports over your existing number and out-of-province home address, because you know, you had to relocate from Manitoba back to Ontario for “work” or “school.” Life changes, you know.

One that is done, you get to keep your incredible $48/5GB plan in Ontario, while everyone else pays regular sky-high prices. ‘Tony’ says his services are so popular (obviously), his previous ad selling a similar service for a Virgin Mobile plan generated over 2 million views on Kijiji (‘Tony’ probably wears an Apple Watch Edition).

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What ‘Tony’ is offering is not exactly new, especially if you frequent sites such as Howard Forums or RedFlagDeals. But he makes it easy, at a cost of $100 per transaction, because normally you have to think outside the box to acquire a plan, which takes time and effort.

One thread on RedFlagDeals started two years ago cited Koodo’s $55/month plan with 5GB, available only in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, to compete with regional carriers MTS and SaskTel.

Deal-hungry RFD’ers were “creative” in acquiring this plan outside of these provinces, turning that thread blistering hot, generating over 300,000 views and over 2,700 replies discussing how to do so, resulting in mods stepping in and stopping the conversation.

TELUS, which owns Koodo, is probably well aware of what’s going on but the practice can be difficult to stop as there are people who legitimately move from province-to-province. ‘Tony’ says Rogers and Fido “will do audits and take away the plan” which is why he does not work with them.

Now you know about how people are getting some of the best plans in Canada, without being in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Enjoy it while you weep at your regular non-MB/SK monthly bill. Has anyone out there recently moved back ‘home’ from SK or MB?

Update: We spoke with ‘Tony’ via email and he confirmed his service is completely different than what people are doing on RedFlagDeals and Howard Forums. He never changes your address, but rather your actual address is registered into Koodo systems from the start. Tony also says he does not ship SIM cards and his method won’t result in your plan being revoked. His recent Kijiji ad was taken down because of higher than expected demand, but he is back with another ad on Kijiji. 


  • Jesse

    I was previously on this plan, but the $55 version minus 10%. But did it free of charge for myself 🙂

  • Eric

    until they catch on… hahaha

  • Jimbo

    Yep. I’ve been on this plan for over a year now. The data at that price is handy. I frequently recommend it to all abused users.

  • Lakh Jhajj

    Let’s relocate to Manitoba Gary, or help WIND become LTE compatible, may be then may be Big 3 will reduce Data prices in Ontario and other provinces where Wind can be reliable and compete on data speed the way SaskTel or Videotron is currently competing.

  • CanucksGoals

    It is not just Koodo. Every Canadian carriers have their “black market” plans available. I guess that’s one good thing about living at those areas.

  • PlayerX

    How can I get such plan by myself instead of paying a greedy middle-man or middle-woman

  • G-Money41

    I legitimately moved from Manitoba to Alberta and managed to keep this ridiculous plan (from Rogers). My concern is that the contract ends May 2016 and Rogers is likely going to tell me they’re going to terminate the plan and move me to one of their terrible “Share Everything” plans.

    Hopefully WIND will have LTE by then.

  • Tim M

    lol … audits. my brothers girlfriend has had a Fido 5GB-SK plan for well over a year in Ontario. A employee at the kiosk in the Eaton Center set it up for her, I think his name is Peter.

  • Tony

    Hi there. I am Tony, the person referenced in this article and the other one. Thank you Mr.Gary Ng for being more forgiving than Mr. Peter Novahack (the “journalist” who wrote the other “article”).

    Yes my plan is the same as the MB/SK plan but the address is never changed to Manitoba or SK nor is the number. My method is completely different than the RFD/HOF methods. Lastly, I DO NOT ship SIM cards, and lastly I’m not really a cagey individual as Mr.Novahack says.

    I posted a comment on his article giving these clarifications, but he sent me an email saying he wont approve the comment until I answer a “few” of his questions. He proceeded to ask me about 10 questions, that I THINK a “journalist” should ask before publishing a story.

    Anyway, I wanted to offer anybody who is interested in the plans and/or has any questions. Feel free to contact me.

  • Noel

    I have had the no contract Virgin 6 GB unlimited voice and worldwide text picture video messaging $45 plan for over two years now

  • Yvesh

    would you want to share how you do it so others also can help?

  • Tony

    I’m also the main one who made that plan very popular. Hence how I garnered by 2 million views on Kijiji (which is a kijiji record btw).

    Its just hilarious how people think this is a cash grabbing scheme. You have to pay 30$ for an oil change at MIdas. SNAP! that must make them greedy middle men since you can learn to do it yourself…

    Anyway, like I said my method for the SK plan (and the tbay) plan were very different than what was posted online!

    Also looks like Mr.Novahack reads iPhoneinCanada alot, he updated his blog post based on my comment below 🙂

  • Prairies?! Except Alberta…

  • Seb ‘xplo’ Lemery

    I pay 50$ a month for Videotron on my Android. unlimited everything. 6GB plan. Its been 3 years now.

  • Seb ‘xplo’ Lemery

    greedy? They provide you savings, way more worth the 100$ they ask. See, you can’t do it yourself. This is why he does it, and you don’t.

  • speedracer99

    The only way you can pull this off is if you are working at a mobile store, and using some kind of override. I can’t see how you are pulling this off otherwise.

  • Billdozer

    Hey can you help get me a good plan? How do I contact you?

  • Tied to Telus

    Feel free to contact you? How?

  • Emil

    I got one of these plans through these loopholes about a month ago. Koodo called just last week and they took it away from me. I was pissed as hell, I even threatened to leave. I have to say the rep was pretty calm as I was on the verge of yelling at him. He just kept on saying that they are still the best deal in town but if I didn’t find that with Koodo they wouldn’t hold me back. Long story short learnt my buyer beware lesson. 🙁

  • Emil

    Ok, so I still want those plans but what guarantee do you have koodo won’t take it away from again?

  • Emil

    He can’t be an employee. Wouldn’t they fire him for this?

  • speedracer99

    How else can it be done? It’s the only viable explanation.

  • Tony

    The same way the highest kijiji ad before mine was at around 10k views. Suddenly I come around and its 2 million?

    Not everything is cut and dry like it may seem :).

    Also to the above people asking how to contact me, you easily have clicked the link and checked my Kijiji ad. It had my contact info on it. I had to take it down as demand was crazy and I couldn’t keep up the level of customer service I pride myself on. It will be back up, but only after all outstanding accounts are taken care of.

  • ????Dennis

    He’s not being greedy man. In one of his comments above, he actually used a very good analogy. Why pay $30 for an oil change? Go do it yourself. I for one couldn’t be bothered and would gladly pay the $100 for s better plan. I’m paying $65 for unlimited with 5gb data from fido, but no iPhone subsidy.

    If you read this Tony, send me a message on Disqus. I will bring another 2 customers as well.

  • Max

    hey email
    T mobile is launching something sweet deal for U.S customer we can get on to it as Canadian there is loophole JUST LIKE KOODO’S for it we can use U.S NUMBER in Canada MORE DETAILS T MOBILE SITE

  • Max

    WE now get U.S NUMBER border crossing is over

  • Emil

    US$50 for 1GB of data, unlimited talk and text. More expensive than what we can get here.

  • Tony

    Not only that. I have a very DIFFERENT method than everybody else. Thats why not a single customer, LITERALLY. Has lost a plan under me. Both for virgin or koodo. My method is literally fool proof and the plan cannot be changed even if a manager at Koodo/Virgin wanted to change it.

  • Seb ‘xplo’ Lemery

    Does not matter

  • Billdozer

    I got my plan set up earlier today. I was very skeptical at first but all is well thus far. If anything changes I will let you guys know! Super pumped to kick Rogers to the curb and save half the money on my previous bill. Thanks Tony you’re a rock star!

  • Jason Bjerke

    Tony, is there a link to your ad, so I can contact you, or what to search for you kijii add?

  • disqus_eTOpMKrtHk

    Hi there,

    I had to take down my ad because of the demand. Its back up now.

  • disqus_eTOpMKrtHk

    FInd my ad and text me. Thanks 🙂

  • Nigleet

    Well your mistake was clear from what you’re saying here. The thing with that is that you actually spoke to you. They can’t make make changes to your account without getting in contact with you and you agreeing. That would be unauthorized.

    Basically if you ignore their calls, they won’t bother you. How do I know? I dealt with this for a friend.

  • Nigleet

    Its unlimited data. 1GB of LTE.

  • Wesly

    how do I contact you Mr Tony, also does the plan work for NS or QC?

  • Bailey

    Was it through Tony, or someone else?

  • Any discount when buying 2 plans?

  • joe

    Emil you know you are lying.

  • joe

    Tony, do not lie to people please. The RFD, HOWARD FORUMS method does not require changing your address to a Manitoba one. And anyone who wants to get the plan. Don’t pay for it! Just check out my thread on board forums, and private message me for free instructions.

  • Potato

    Can you port your number to an Ontario number or will that affect the SIM card and plan?

  • Murktastic

    I set up my whole family, myself, and my friends on the plan just by doing it online. Everyone has been on the plan for well over a year and have never had any issues with Koodo. No need to get any third party to do it for you.

  • aces99

    Tony can you contact me or give me a way to contact you. I have been trying to get ahold of you and can’t seem to find how. My contract is up next would like to switch to Koodo. One question am I have is once you get this plan can I also share the 5GB of data with my tablet like you can with Telus?

  • aces99

    Tony can you get ahold of me or tell me how to get hold of you. I have been trying to get ahold of you but can’t seem to find out how. My contract is up and I would like to switch to this plan. If you get this plan can you share the 5GB of data with a tablet as well like can with other providers.

  • Kevin Islam

    It’s been a month since this has gone up. But I’m interested in this plan. I tried to look for your adds on kijiji, but I guess they are still down. Anyway, if you could get in contact with me it would be much appreciated- or share someway for me to contact you. Thank you

  • SamOrSung

    Is Tony still in biz?

    Does anyone know where I can find his ad?

  • Ali

    That I’d lies manager has access to most stuff prove it if your seeking woth such confidence

  • Banana

    Can you tell me how to get in touch with Tony??

  • Paul Hepburn

    Tony please contact me regarding your plan as I live in Ontario and are getting ripped off on our cell plan and data plan

  • S Khan

    How can I get this manitoba or sas plan? whats the procedure?

  • Topshelf

    Tony contact me so I can get this plan……

  • TrueNorth_Steve

    tony reach out to me please.

  • Ashutosh Danak

    This guy Tony….operates under the name Joe now. Has “Plans by Joe” ads on Kijiji.


    PLEASE DO NOT BUY THESE PLANS. they work for a week and after they are reverted back to a $35 month basic plan with 100mb data.

    YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR MONEY. HIS NUMBER 647 488 0225 has been reported to Police.

  • john

    Tony, who cares what people have to say, the cell phone carriers are the crooks here. We (Canada) pay the highest in cell phone cost. Bravo Zulu for doing an outstanding job/service. btw how do I get you to do me this service. do you have a contact address for me to reach you at.

  • peter franks

    don,t bother getting Manitoba,we are going to get ripped off by bell thanks to our new conservative leader,already seniors have lost the education rebate ,Palliser took it away so he can hire more conservative hackies,so now as a senior making less than 40 thou a yr I have had my expenses go up 2000.00 per month,guess if I give up eating I will be okay.the cons are for the rich only

  • Trideep Chakraborty

    hi plz send me ur contact.

  • Patrick Costello

    Hi, I discovered that you can easily change your address on Koodo (I am a NB resident) and was curious if this would be a simple solution to this problem as my address would be a MB one and allow me to switch rate plans that way.

  • tony

    hi question if i switch to this plan as this was the same plan koodo offered last boxing day but then said it was a mistake, would i lose the number i have or would i keep it as im found of my number.

  • Motoroid

    *** To get the $48 5GB Plan contact via Text (647) 793-0670
    Exact same plan mentioned in the article.

  • Riley Freeman

    If you had access to the thunder bay plans, id be interested. if those plans still exist

  • faz

    Is this discussion still open?

  • Riddlemethis


  • Riddlemethis

    not true. search online on how to get the plan

  • Porcupine_99

    I know this is an older article & thread, send me an e-mail as I’m interested in this.

  • Bob Fishwick

    Please contact me, I need to get a better plan than I have now, Ontario sucks for data plan costs.

  • Doug Martin

    Hi. I’m interested

  • Richard

    Well contact me

  • Richard

    Could you send me the instructions

  • Josef Izchaki

    Here are the current instructions:Today actually all you need to do is sign up for a local plan,
    go home sign on to Koodo self serve and change your number to an mb number.
    After your first billing cycle 2-7 days, wait 1 more day and then go
    online again, change plan to $48 –
    mb 5GB, port your number, you are done.

  • Richard

    Now i already have a account with koodo is there a way that i can do it off my existing account

  • Josef Izchaki

    Start off by porting out to Telus. And start the instructions.

  • sam patel

    I would like to have this plan. contact me at

  • Dee J Fox

    I have just broke my, paid in full, Telus phone and because I need a new phone I thought I would look at at lower rate with any provider. Please contact me with info on the SK deal please.

  • Robert

    How do I private message you ?

  • Robert Nelson

    Hi Joe, I can’t seem to locate your thread on board forums? How can I msg you – I’d like to go through the process of getting setup with a “prairie” plan while living in Nova Scotia.