TELUS Launches LTE Roaming for US and International Travelers


TELUS has announced this morning via email it has enabled LTE roaming for customers traveling to the USA and at select international destinations:

LTE Roaming is also launching in 35 popular international destinations including: France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain and Switzerland to name a few.

To see if your destination will support LTE roaming, the company says to visit as LTE will displayed on the coverage map if applicable. We’ll update this post with a full list of all 35 destinations as we receive them.

Earlier this month TELUS launched US Easy Roam, which allows customers to roam in the USA on their existing rate plan for $7 per day, capped at $100 per bill cycle.


  • Flash

    That explains my sudden LTE. I’ve been I Germany for 3 months using 3G and E like a pleb

  • Flaxx

    Oh lovely. And because it’s Canada, instead of Telus adopting Rogers’ $5/day ($50 monthly max) price, Rogers will “be competitive” and adopt Telus’ relative price gouging.