Videotron Promo Now Includes Club illico With New Mobile Plans


Quebec-based wireless carrier Videotron has announced Club illico, their streaming media service, is now included with new mobile plan subscriptions, as part of a promotion.

Videotron says recent surveys have suggested 85% of Canadian Francophones with smartphones aged 18 to 34 have reported to watching streaming video on mobile devices in the past month, instead of traditional television.

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The wireless carrier, a subsidiary of Quebecor, says this new promotion will allow it “to stand out from the competition.”

“Today our mobile devices are much more than mere communication tools,” notes Bertrand Hébert, Vice President, Marketing at Videotron, in a press release. “We use our phones to stay in touch, to keep up with the news, to listen to music, to shop and to be entertained. Videotron understands that mobile devices are a fantastic platform for accessing all kinds of content. This new initiative will make our customers’ lives easier and meet a real need.”

Videotron says new and existing subscribers will be able to access Club illico mobile, “when they subscribe to a new plan.” Next, they need to also sign up for Customer Centre with their 12-digit account number from their invoice in hand, download the illico iOS (or Android) app, then login using their Customer Centre username and password.

Looking at Videotron’s wireless plans that include Club illico, they start from $35.95 per month with 500MB data in their Basic plans. Canada and US bordless plans do not include Club illico.

The promo goes until January 10, 2018. Let us know if you’re going to jump on this.


  • Mario Gaucher

    I have a 5GB Canada/US plan with a bonus of 4GB (to compensate the removal of unlimited music). So 9GB for $85 (minus $15 multi line rebate)… which includes also US usage. I won’t leave this plan unless there’s a very good deal. I can still pay separately for Club Illico… still less expensive compared to the new plans.

  • Jean-Phillippe Choquette

    I still have their unlimited data plan for 80$ per month… wish they reintroduce it for my girlfriend !

  • Dehop

    The new plans means it’s $5/mo more for the premium plan that I signed up for on Saturday (6GB for $50 if you BYOD).

    Glad I got on board just in time… not as good as the older plans mentioned by the previous posters, but with the multi-user discount we’re getting, $35 for 6GB (each, not shared) is a steal compared to any plan by RoBelUs or their FiVirDo subsidiaries.

  • i have the same… actually i wish they release a new kind of unlimited data plan with LTE ( For the next feature in comming like the VoLTE)

  • Kate

    What they failed to disclose is that it applies for residential accounts only.