Contest: JVC UX-VJ3 iPhone/iPad Speaker Dock Giveaway!

Update 1: Congrats to our winner JoeOaky! Thanks to everyone for entering this contest. Stay tuned for more contests in the future!

Did you get a chance to check out our review of the JVC UX-VJ3 iPhone/iPad speaker dock? Lucky for you, we’ve teamed up with JVC Canada to offer a unit up for grabs for all you wonderful iPhoneinCanada.ca readers. Excited? Here’s how to enter…

1. ‘Like’ the following Facebook pages: JVC Canada and iPhoneinCanada.ca

2. Follow the following twitter accounts: @JVCCanada and @iPhoneinCanada

3. Confirm your entry in the comments–that’s it!

Contest ends November 3rd, at 11:59PM PDT. Only one entry per household. Good luck!

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  • Vyendt

    I’m entered..

  • Tony B.

    iPhone in Canada, you rock guys! Your giveaway posts are really outstanding!! You’re the best iOS/iPhone/iPad online blog every POINT.

    I have entered this new contest, I already like your Facebook page and follow you on Twitter :):D but did like and follow JVC Canada to stay in touch with their news and updates. My twitter: @fotografyca:twitter

    Congratulations to the lucky winner !!

  • http://twitter.com/jpb1977 John-Paul Bonadonna

    I’m in!!!  A pleasure to both like and follow JVC Canada and of course, iPhoneinCanada!

    Device looks awesome, I can see buying that if I don’t win… but I will. :)

  • http://twitter.com/charlesjbarry Charles J. Barry

    This would look really good on my nightstand. I’ve been looking for something that will charge both my iPhone and my iPad and look good. I’m in.

  • http://twitter.com/ondre ondre

    Consider me entered!

  • Jay

    I’m in!

  • Zeus_369

    IIC, you guys always find great stuff to give away for contests. Thanks for the great information and reviews. I check your site daily….my #1 source of great tech information.

    Thank you again.

  • Marcolivier Lapierre

    I’m in. This would be really useful. :)

  • Marcel B

    Nice prize. Love your contests.

  • Andrew Grant

    Liked, liked, followed and followed.

  • Sheldon Torres


  • Ryan Estabrooks


  • Jefferson Nhan

    I entered!

  • roderich


  • Connymcriner

    Done and posted!

  • eh-jhey


  • Matt Cordy


  • Luke

    Enter me please :)

  • Ryan Ramkissoon


  • Jrhayes5


  • http://www.tyleringram.com TylerIngram

    I’ve entered!

  • Frankie

    Entered! This prize looks amazing!

  • Mark


  • http://twitter.com/fizzbin88 Kevin Ross

    All done.  Thanks for offering this prize !

  • Anonymous

    I’m am entered. Sure would be nice to win something. Unlike the case I won here and never received. I’m sure JVC is a much more reliable and professional outfit then cellularfirm .ca. I would very much like to win this one.

  • Dwayne

    Entered the contest as “FYI Toronto Canada (FB) and FYI Showcase (twitter)
    Thx keep up the great work!

  • Ankit


  • ReyT

    entered! thanks!

  • http://twitter.com/_anferny Anthony Vu


  • Sflan73

    All entered. Great contest!

  • Sflan73

    All entered. Great contest!

  • Isimportant

    im in for the win roger dodger

  • Shawnbeals


  • http://twitter.com/sands989 sands989


  • MiLan P.

    Contest entered

  • Chris Bayliss

    Done & done!

  • Anonymous


  • dirt_squirrel

    liking and following…almost sounds like i have to stalk you folks to win some cool stuff.

  • Zinckey

    I’m in, thanks!

  • http://twitter.com/imegraw Ian Megraw


  • Anonymous

    Entered :)

  • Fana28

    Love to win ONE! Just ONE plzzzz!

  • K2


  • Wah Gee


  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the giveaway! My iPad really needs a speaker, and my iPhone needs a dock; this would be perfect!


  • http://twitter.com/leafer01 Mr. X

    Entered!  Hope I win!

  • Ray


  • Ekayulianti


  • http://www.fortysomethingbride.com/ Colleen Cole

    I’ve liked, I’ve followed, WOW! I want/need this! What a terrific solution!

  • Prybar

    Done and done. What an amazing review and dock!

  • Pedro


  • http://twitter.com/ReesePryde Reese

    confirmed entry!!!

  • Brock

    Entered, thanks!  Would love to win one of these beauties!

  • Auclair

    I need that so much.. i was looking for this since i got my ipad.. my night table is a mess at night when i charge my devices.. and i will trow away my alarm clock.. soo need that… 

  • c5davey


  • Anonymous

    confirmed entry! (not that I wasn’t already liking the iphoneincanada facebook page :P)

  • Roger

    I’m definitely in for this one! Wow!

  • Andy n

    Did it!

  • JoeOaky

    JoeOaky says this is Okay!

  • Stevep420

    liked and added. enter me to win! :)

  • Hatem fares

    I’m in

  • Anonymous


  • Adam


  • Mase Dog

    Entered! Gimme Gimme Gimme!

  • Zilly

    like like like! =D

  • mike

    Great contest! Following on Twitter & liked on Facebook

  • Kellie Inkster

    Liked, liked, followed, and (already followed)

  • Craig Kelly


  • Anonymous

    Finger’s crossed!

  • Gsehgal

    Boom! ENTERED! Great site for citizens of Canada!

  • http://twitter.com/paulgalante Paul Galante

    I’m in

  • Jbohn

    Both liked and followed!

  • Steve H.

    liked and follwed

  • Wynncymanalad

    Officially entered.  Goodluck to everyone!!!

  • Zzz01t4n


  • J Warwani

    Woah cool!

  • J Warwani

    Woah cool!

  • Gwel

    Im in

  • http://www.chrisburke.ca Chris Burke

    Entered.. Fingers crossed on this one

  • Noah Fang


  • Noah Fang

    gee,…. typo….. I mean I am in for this baby!

  • TheGreenMachine


  • Anonymous

    Done and done!

  • Shaman96

    Sounds like a perfect combo for my devices! Can’t wait to get my hands one one of these!

  • http://twitter.com/jmfabro Jujo M Fabro

    entered.. nice gadget

  • http://twitter.com/jmfabro Jujo M Fabro

    nice gadget.. entered

  • http://twitter.com/0marZebian Omar Zebian


  • http://twitter.com/0marZebian Omar Zebian


  • VH81


  • Jroberts Drummer

    Done and done. Would love to win this …it looks awesome! Fingers crossed!

  • Pat B

    I followed both on twitter and liked both on facebook……..now all I have to do is cross my fingers and wait!  thanks for the chance.

  • Miss T

    Liked as http://www.facebook.com/DealPrincess and Following via Twitter as @truthful:twitter

  • Simon

    Entered!!!  Thanks for the contest!

  • Iris

    Liked and tweeted Great contest

  • Cindy

    Great giveaway,, am following n like all the above. Thx

  • http://twitter.com/ThuyTNguyen Thuy Nguyen

    Done! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • http://twitter.com/ThuyTNguyen Thuy Nguyen

    Done! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Anonymous


  • Sunshynejo

    I have “LIKED” and “FOLLOWED” both, as per rules….
    am now crossing my fingers, and my toes, and my eyes….. LOL

  • Bobd1952

    Done/Done AND Done/Done

    NOW, all I have to do is …. hope and pray….

  • http://twitter.com/whiwols89627 Richard Lin


  • Stacey dempsey

    i like both pages on facebook stacey dempsey and both pages on twitter @roswello:twitter 

  • Roy Parkinson

    Confirming my LIKES and Entry AWESOME Contest

  • Neil

    great contest, confirming my likes

  • The_jenneral

    Liked and followed so I am entered now. Love to win this.

  • Jpacitto

    Liked, liked, followed, followed…I’m in!

  • Jared

    Entered, following all 4. 

  • Tracy Larson

    Looks great – hoping to win it!

  • Trevor

    ok I entered. Thanks for another great contest prize.

  • Craig


  • http://twitter.com/kstenner Kim Stenner

    Great contest and great info. Thanks

  • http://twitter.com/kstenner Kim Stenner

    Great contest and great info. Thanks

  • D70

    Liked and followed so I am entered now and awaiting the package. Thanks for the chance.    

  • Thomas


  • http://twitter.com/freeshopper Free Shopper

    Liked all and entered

  • V_theberge

    Liked all and entered

  • Southpeacecountry

    Love to be part of the giveaway contest, great products.

  • Imagequestpro


  • Anonymous

    Liked and following! Great contest!!

  • Fundymarine

    liked and entered. thanks

  • josep ramo

    great prize

  • Theda

    I liked you already now I am also following you :) Entered

  • Susita001

    Liked, following and entered!

  • Greg

    I’m in .. crossing my fingers

  • James

    Liked, Tweeted and Entered.

  • http://twitter.com/skydivertak Keith Takayesu

    Fantabulous! I’m in, JVC and iPhoneInCanada!!!!

  • BF Mitchell

    entered… although it amazes one how you would know who is who

  • http://twitter.com/maple_65 Anne Budgell

    I have “LIKED” and “FOLLOWED” both, as per rules.  I also tweeted, liked, shared, and stumbled, now I need a drink.

  • http://twitter.com/kwguy Darren

    Liked, following and entered!

  • http://twitter.com/kwguy Darren

    Liked, following and entered!

  • Atom

    OK, I’m plugged into all those social media feeds! Now, pick me for that nice JVC docking station! Yay!

  • Giguerem

    Wow !
    Thank’s for this contest 😉

  • Phread

    Liking & following complete~PI_Solution & Phread.

  • Russell Porter

    Liked and Followed.  Entered.  Hope i win, that dock is sweet.!

  • Brenda Penton

    Liked and followed all required. 

  • Anonymous

    All done liked and ready to win

  • Skwcheng


  • Duane Barrett


  • Garnet L

    Great contest!!

  • Skysweptdesigns

    Just got my 1st iPhone – glad to have cdn info source. Hope I win the speakers/dock!

  • kenny


  • JRTabula




  • Elizabeth Vlug

    Entered.  Like both on FB  (Elizabeth Vlug) and follow on Twitter as @Redlizzy1:twitter 

  • http://twitter.com/Mugginstoo l.s.s.t

    Followed on Facebook, following on twitter as @mugginstoo.

  • Wallcrawler


  • Carolmcc704

    liked and followed!

  • Janet

    I entered your contest. Thanks.

  • Bdnl831

    Great product. Entered. Thx.

  • sandra p

    Completed my FB and twitter  entries as per instructed above.  Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Richard M

    There has to be a winner, i guess…..i sure could use one

  • Matthew Demski

    Entered! Thanks!

  • Martin Premont

    I entered your contest. Thanks.     

  • Rose


  • So

    Entered and hopw to win!

  • Terry Perron

    Entered  thank you

  • Cecilia Flaming


  • Raclaw

    Confirming my entry

  • Rachel M


  • aniko

    Entered. Thanx:)

  • Cathy

    Entered! Thanks for the review!

  • Connymcriner

    Did a winner get announced?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think so yet….

  • http://www.iphoneincanada.ca Gary

    Congrats to our winner: JoeOaky. You’ll get an email soon from JVC.

    Thanks for entering everyone! Don’t forget to enter our new invisibleSHIELD iPhone 4S giveaway: http://www.iphoneincanada.ca/how-to/zagg-iphone-4s-invisibleshield-review-install-tutorial-contest-video/

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