Share: November Accessory Giveaway: MOBiLE CLOTH


It’s that time again!

For those that may just be joining us, here is the run down about these giveaways.

It is a segment that will:

  • Last 24 hours
  • Only happen a couple of times a month (maybe less or maybe more)
  • Be extremely easy to win (usually)
  • Be posted at random

What’s up for grabs today?

Today, I have FIVE six-pack MOBiLE CLOTHS from our friends over at Hartigan Industries Inc. As you may know, the MOBiLE CLOTH is one of the best device cleaning cloths out there and it can even be used on items such as sunglasses and more!

Today we have the following MOBiLE CLOTH packages:

  • 6-Pack MOBiLE CLOTH (three white/three blue) x 5 (retail value: $11.99 each)

The MOBiLE CLOTH easily takes care of smudges, finger prints, and whatever else you can throw at it! The best part is, the cloth does not need a spray compliment which makes the MOBiLE CLOTH work better and faster with less re-cleaning.

How to Win

To win, simply comment on the following:

1.) What devices/objects will you use the MOBiLE CLOTH on?

Winners chosen at random; Contest ends November 28, 2010 at 5:15AM PST.

Contest Rules:

1.) Make sure to include your email in the email entry field or I cannot contact you!

2.) One Contest Entry Per Person. Do not attempt to post multiple contest entries under different emails and/or user names during the same contest.


  • Jreid2375

    Awesome cloths. I’d use them to clean my IPad, my iPhone 4 and my wifes iPhone 4. Also i’d use it on my HDTV’s. Have to keep those it tip top shape as well. Perfect product. Thanks.

  • Whitestar_27

    I’ll use it on my iPhone 3GS and my iMac

  • Barrettneil

    I’d use them to clean my iPhone, laptop screen and sun glasses

  • Sleemans24

    I would use this cloth on my iPhone 4, my iPod, my LCD monitor, and my Ray-Ban sunglasses … Thanks

  • Cuneiformed

    I’d use mobile cloth on my iPhone 4, my 17-inch Macbook Pro, and – maybe – my glasses.

  • Diogo Neves

    I’ll use it on my iPhone 4 and my Nokia C7.

    Also on my iPad and my glasses.

  • wiper

    my iPhone 4

  • Chris

    My iPhone 4 and I’ll even throw one in with my iPhone 3G (16G White) when I get around to selling it.

  • Ptakeda

    My iPhone 4, wife’s ipad and reading glasses.

  • Mikey

    I’d use it for my iPhone and I’d use it to clean your iPhone too if I was a winner. 🙂

  • Patrick

    I will use it on my iPhone 4. I did a really poor job when I first put a screen protector on…all these bubbles are getting annoying…I can really use this to wipe it clean before I reapply a new screen protector! 🙂

  • Kuldip Kainth

    Oh man, I’d love this cloth for my iPhones or MBP, they’re always so dusty and smudged!!

  • Tironnahoser

    These would be a fantastic way to keep my iPhone 3GS screen smudge free to allow me to keep on reading this great blog! 

  • asanjuan62

    It will fill the need of cleaning all my screens for all my idevices and would help me avoid spending money on an overpriced Monster cloth.

  • Bookminder

    I’d use it on my iPhone, the most coddled mobile around, and my glasses.

  • Carolynn F

    I would use it on my iphone and sony reader…maybe my computer screen too? How about sunglasses? Fingers crossed!

  • Sugat Mahanti

    I will use it on my iPhone 4 so that the screen remains clean after such rugged use.

  • Sugat Mahanti

    I will use it on my iPhone 4 so that the screen remains clean after such rugged use.

  • Mark Swinkels

    I would clean my iPhone, iPad and the glass control panel on my stove.

  • Mark Giles

    I will use it to clean my iPad, iPhone and try it on my glasses. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • Sarah Stickney

    On my iPhone, my husbands iPhone and my new iPad.

  • brassmonkey

    I would use it to clean my iphone, macbook and try it on my lcd. Thanks 🙂

  • Martinmo1970

    When I win the mobile cloth I will use on my daughters iPad, my other daughters 3GS iPhone and my iPhone 4.

  • Anonymous

    My iphone4, my itouch, my netbook since it never gets clean, and my glasses probably!

  • Jason

    Would use for my iPhone and the screen on my Macbook… I’m sure I can find other uses as well!!

  • Kevin Klassen

    I would use these On my iPhone and the 4 iPod touches we have in our family. Thanks!

  • Spideyspence

    I would use it on our families two iPhones and my daughters iPod. My son will probably try to use it on his superhero base.

  • bruce

    i’d use it on my macbook pro and iphone

  • Ed

    To clean my iphone4 of course, my palm TX and laptop.

  • kevspeck

    to clean my iPhone 4, my Macbook Pro, my iPod Classic and my new glasses/frames. Thanks, it’s just what I was looking for!

  • Stephane Ngo

    I would use it to clean my macbookpro, iphone and glasses. 🙂

  • DSes31

    To Clean my iPhone 4, my sisters iPhone 4, and the 2 iPads in my house.

  • Angela

    I would use the mobile cloth on my iPhone, MacBook and glasses. 🙂

  • Frankie C

    My computer screen, my Iphone 4, and my ipod touch!

  • Fastrace24

    I would use these on my iPhone 4, my wife’s iPod touch, my iPod nano (for working out), the LCD screen in my car and even my TV screen. I read some reviews on these a while back and they seem amazing. They are exactly what I want. Thanks for the contest!

  • Al

    I would use this product on my iphone4, my laptop and my tv screen!

  • Brock

    I would use these cloths on both my iPhone and my iPad… I find myself cleaning them all the time and these cloths would do the job better than my sleeve! 😉

  • Anonymous

    iPhone 4 , MacBook pro 15″ anti-glare high-resolution i7 and myself.

  • Anonymous

    iPhone 4, Monitor, TV, and car wind-shield…

  • Hkz

    I would definitely use it to clean my iPhone 3g, my laptop, my desktop, my tv and anything that is hard cleaning with any other wipes.

  • Tam

    I would use the cloth to clean my brand new iPhone 4 and my MacBook Pro and the screen on my digital camera and…the list goes on…

  • Anomolish1

    I would clean down mah iPhone 4, MacBook Pro and iPod touch. And maybe even my GLASSES!

  • Shierkahn

    I will use the mobile cloth on my lovely iPhone 4. I’ve been looking for a quality way to remove all the finger smudges from curious folk who want to play with my baby :p

  • Brandon

    I will use the mobile cloth on my iphone4, my girlfriends iPhone4, my glasses, my sunglasses, my camera lens, and even my father’s bald shiny scalp!!!!

  • Andrew

    I would use them on my iPhone 4, my wife’s iPhone 3G3, my MacBook, our HDTV and I’d give it a whirl on my dog.

  • Brad Spence

    I will use the MOBiLCLOTH to clean hundreds of iPhones, iPod Touches, iPads, MacBooks. Blackberries of all models, Samsung Galaxy S’s, Xperia X10’s.

    Wait, you think I’m kidding? Nope. I will actually use it to clean all those devices because I work at the invisibleSHIELD kiosk and the clothes we use SUCK.

    So help me help hundreds of customers. =)

  • Niknacdude

    I would love to use MOBILE CLOTH on my iPhone 4, MacBook Pro and the iPad I’m typing on now that I couldn’t resist getting yesterday.

  • This will be quite useful for my EXOPC, iPhone 4 and my damn fingerprint magnet Microsoft Arc keyboard!

  • Pat

    I will use it on my iPhone 4, LCD tv, and laptop

  • Jon

    If I win one of the 6-pack Mobile Cloth, I will use them to clean the wife’s and my iPhones, laptops, computers, and GPS screens. As well as our glasses so we can see our nicely, Mobile Cloth, cleaned items better. With there being 6 cloths in the pack, we can put one in each of our cars, one in my wife’s purse, one in my briefcase, and maybe give the other two cloths to our 2 sons so they can clean items they own, too.

  • Anonymous

    I will use my white mobile cloth for my i4

  • With one of these cloths I would make sure the wife’s iPhone 4 is well cleaned up so she can see me calling her!!! I’d clean my iPhone 4 as well so I can enjoy these amazing retina display graphics!!

  • Jhayz80

    I am going to clean everything with it when I win!!!! Thanks in advance

  • Ex

    Which city???

  • magbugcanada

    I will rub my iPhone 3Gs like a Magic Lantern until it’s clean! Something wonderful always appears on the screen! 🙂

  • Mike B

    I would love to have this pack of cleaning cloths I would use them on my iphone on my desktop screen on my eye glasses on my wifes phone and anything else that has a screen with smudges on it.

  • Slowburn

    I need this to keep my iPhone 4 clean, but I need to also wipe down my MacBook Pro which has a thick coating of dust & when the light hits it just right it looks really bad!

    I’d also wipe down my TV screen & my TV too! I like keeping it shiny! 🙂

  • Darkspirit386

    I’d use it on my new, almost unlocked iPhone 4 hehe. Probably on my Nintendo Ds too!

  • luc

    My wife’s iPhone 4.

  • Totosingh

    I would use it on my phone and computer screen and in the car.

  • I would get great use if I am chosen. Working at a wood factory brushing away wood chips and dust can be dangerous sometimes due to the odd sharp edge and the risk of scratches. These cloths would prolong the sexiness of my perfect iPhone 4 screen

    I would carry a 2nd one in my iPad bag to get those dirty smudges off my iPad while watching big bang theory at work with my brother and friends. ^_^

  • Trebor

    I would use it for my iPad and iPhone 3G.

  • Pete

    My iPad and iPhone3GS can use a real cleaning. Yuck!

  • Tz616379

    I’ll use it in my new iPhone 4 and maybe my glasses!

  • Teal

    I’ll use it on my new iPhone 4 that is covered in fingerprints!

  • Anonymous

    I would love the Mobile cloth as my iPhone always looks like h3!! due to my greasy fingers.

  • We have 3 iPhones at home… So these clothes would greatly help us to keep them clean!

  • lilsaint

    I’ll Use it to Clean the Dust and germs off my iPHONE 4 , any maybe my laptop screen , but mostly my iPHONE because i dont use a case and i always like to keep my iPHONE Clean and shiny


  • Matt

    There are two iPhone 4s and an iPod touch in the house. So the cloths would be great! Also, my laptop screen and my glasses would get cleaned too.

  • colleen

    I will be using this cloth on my IPHONE

  • MacEra209

    In my family of 5 every one of us uses and iPhone 4. That is a lot of fingerprints if you ask me! Also 4 of us use MacBooks which seem to get extremely dirty screens as well! On top of that, 3 of us wear glasses and all of us need a cloth for sunglasses as well. These will get a LOT of use!

  • Poohich

    Ipad, iPhone, Macbook Air, Imac

  • Geoffrey Sadleir

    I will use the cloth on my iPhone and iPad

  • Bob Dunlop

    32GB iPhone 4, 64GB iPad, 27″ iMac

  • Anonymous

    Richmond, BC in Richmond Centre

  • Ex

    Oh no way!!
    Right by the Apple Store! Awesome!

  • Patrick Bordeleau

    It’ll be used on iPhone 3G and 4 to get rid of face grease smears 🙂

  • Shatterbox

    I will new it on my new iPhone 4, which has smudges all over it already 🙁

  • Suman

    I will use it on my iPhone 4!

  • Aleesh

    I’d use it for my iPhone 4! 😀

  • Karen Larsson

    I would use it on my iPhone 3GS

  • Karen Larsson

    I would use it on my iPhone 3GS

  • Jason

    I have an iPad, an iPhone, an iPod Touch and a cat. ‘Nuff said!!!

  • Myodie

    I’d use this on my iPhone but mostly on my iPad, it gets very smudgy!

  • Rup

    Would use it on first just bought iPhone!

  • Jbohn

    I would use it on my Mercedes Benz. Or my iPhone 4. Haven’t decided yet.

  • Anonymous

    Id be using it on my iphone4 or my macbook. Clean of those damn smudges!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, we’re doing well so far. Come check us out!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, we’re doing well so far. Come check us out!

  • Supermankojo

    Would use it to wipe my laptop, calculator, and my iPhone 3gs,

  • Supermankojo

    Would use it to wipe my laptop, calculator, and my iPhone 3gs,

  • Allan.l

    i want to use this for my iphone 4, macbook, hp desktop, keyboard, sunglasses and MOREEE 😀

  • Ex

    I was there about 2 weeks ago, just checking things out!

    Such a great thing to do as so many people need help applying the films.

  • Sparky

    I have microfibre clothes but they all suck.
    I’d use them on my iPhone 4, sunglasses, laptop, monitor, an my bloody tv (covered in palm prints from me giving it a few wacks. Yup new LED tv that works when it chooses to).


  • Anonymous

    iPhone 4 and my phace 😮

  • ljrochon

    I’d use this to clean all my gadgets my iPhone MacBook tv xbox slim(that glossy finish takes a pounding) even my harmony remote it would be awesome.

  • Reg

    I think it would be great at cleaning my iPhone 4, laptop screen, monitor screen, mirrors and I would be interested in seeing how well it would work on the inside of my car windows.

  • Josephine

    I will use it on my iPhone, I’ll give one to my boyfriend to use on his iPhone, and one for my brother on his iPod Touch.

  • ddisoul

    iphone 4 and my ps3 and why not my kids faces….lol

  • ddisoul

    iphone 4 and my ps3 and why not my kids faces….lol

  • mc


  • Vince

    iPhone 4, 2 digital cameras, PSP, eye glasses, ski goggles

  • Dallas Hinton

    Iphone 3gs, Palm TC, Palm TX!

  • Dallas Hinton

    Iphone 3gs, Palm TC, Palm TX!

  • Jeff

    I’d use it on my iphone 4 of course! Also my computer monitor and laptop!

  • you name it, laptop iphone, monitor… I would love these!

  • LaurieH

    My husband and I have both an iPhone 4!

  • BamX

    iphone definitely!

  • iVictoria

    Unfortunately I’m still waiting for my new iPhone 4, however, we have two iPads, two iPhone 3GS’s, 1 iPod Classic, 1 iMac (27″ screen) and (bought yesterday on sale for our twin girls for Xmas) two iPod Touch’s (not to mention a small dog who likes to get his paws really dirty in the wet Victoria weather) all of which would be wiped spotless with the Mobile Cloth! (Full disclosure – I own shares in Apple!)

  • Jack

    Ah! finger prints on ipod touch…
    i need this cloth.

  • Kamal

    I will use it on my iphone 4 every night. I promise

  • Luke

    My iPhone 4. I work outside and my phone constantly gets covered in dirt.

  • Anonymous

    I would use the MOBiLE CLOTH on my iPhone 4, iPhone 3G, Macbook and soon to be iPad 2.0! 🙂

  • Jade

    My iPhone 4, gaming systems, glasses. Pretty much anything!

  • Anonymous

    I’d use it on my iPhone, laptop, TV(s), TomTom, Sirius, and computer screens.

  • Noahattic

    i do want one as i am going to use it on my iPhone 4!! i am so annoyed by the fingerprint on the brilliant display.

  • Codywoodward

    both mine and my girlfriends iPhones, both of our laptops, my TV and my trucks nav system!

  • Tcrowns

    Would be great for the iphone/ipad and also my dslr.

  • GC

    The cloths are probably best for the 4 and mac monitor

  • jywc

    I’d use it on my iPhone, my glasses, and my laptop screen

  • Dan D

    I’d use it on my iphone, ipad and glasses. A world without fingerprints … WOW!

  • Peternorth

    I need it for my iPhone and kids need it for their iPod .

  • I will use it on my iphone, ipod touch, glasses, laptop and hopefully the ipad I will get for Xmas!

  • Car

    I would use it on my iPhone and iPad to get rid of my finger prints because I have such sweaty fingers/hands! As a bonus, to clean my glasses and my glass computer table! Awesome!

  • Michelle

    I would use this on my iPhone 4. And my iPad. And my netbook. And let’s face it, probably my glasses too. So multifunctional, I just HAVE to have it!

  • IM

    I would use it on my iPhone and my iPad(once I get one)

  • Charles L

    I would definitely use this on my iphone 4 since it gets greasy sometimes and I would also use it on my lenovo tablet pc! oh and my glasses of course 🙂

  • iEricMartel

    I would clean my iPod touch 4!

  • Axionomical

    I will use the MOBiLE CLOTH on my iPhone 4, and I’m interested to see if it will easily take the smudges off the piano black finish around my TV.

  • Woody

    iPhone 4 32 GB OtterBox Defender Case

  • ChrisP

    I’d use it for my iPhone 4 and my Apple TV, since that thing is a fingerprint magnet and I need to share HDMI cables!

  • Mtl4817

    I would love to use this on all my Mac products, the kids get the screens really dirty! Iphone 4, touch and desktop.

  • Josb0513

    I need it for my iphone 4! yep yep yep!

  • Gamehunter420

    I would Use it on my iPhone, iglasses, laptop, etc.!

  • GregL

    I would use the MOBiLE CLOTH to clean my iPhone 3GS, my first generation iPod Touch, and my iMac screen!

  • iPhone Uber Fan

    I would use the cloth to clean my iPhone 3GS, my iPod, my Bose Sounddock, my sunglasses & real glasses. With six – my hubby’s iPhone 3GS can also be smudge free!

  • Don D

    I would use this cloth to de-smudge my iPad and iPhone.

  • jeff

    i’d use it for my iphone4, my sister’s iphone 3gs, my laptop, my ps3, my sunglasses and my reading glasses lol

  • bekk45

    I would use it on my 3GS because I didn’t buy the iPhone 3GS and a half aka the iPhone 4.

  • Munky

    To clean my iPhone 4, iPod Touch, and MacBook Pro.

  • BurnabyMoe

    I’d use it on my iPhone 3GS, my glasses and sunglasses as well as my Brother’s iPhone, iPad, MacBook and glasses.

  • Ktoron2000

    Id use it on my old 3G first since my 2year old has taken ownership of it the screen is full of cherioos and other snacks. Then on the ip4 and a couple of netbooks!

  • Edwin

    i’d definitely use it on my iPhone 4, i’ve been having a hard time trying to keep fingerprints away from the screen, and it looks like this will be it.

  • Wynncy12

    I will use it on the laptop I just ordered online and to be delivered next week. And of course to my iphone4.

  • Efciem

    Id use it for my iphone 4, the screen is constantly in need of wiping … darn fingerprints.

  • Seiya0917

    I would use it on my iPhone 4 because it needs to get it’s 2 inch thick of fingerprints wiped off.

  • William-macs

    Wish the white iphone 4 would come out so I wouldn’t have to constantly wipe the screen with my shirt.

  • Dave

    iPhone 4 and iPad.

  • Thunter

    I would leave these strategically around my house and car to clean my iPhone 4… I can’t stand fingerprints and smudges.

  • Sammy

    I’d clean my iPhone 3G S and Apple MacBook Pro!

  • J Warwani

    I’d use it on my iPhone, your iPhone, everybody’s iPhone! I’ll get rid of fingerprint smudges everywhere!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Sorry, got carried away.

  • Ex

    I’m scared…

  • Art Johnston

    I would use it for my iPad, my iPhone 3GS, my notebook, desktop monitor at home and work, my glasses, windshield, my Zamboni’s at work!

  • Grubster11

    I’d use it on my brand new iPhone 4 purchased last week 🙂

  • Nate

    I would use it on my iPhone 4 which i just got with Rogers last week… FINALLY.

  • Jroberts Drummer

    Definitely need one if these cloths…getting tired if smudges and grease build up on my new iPhone!

  • cheeky

    i’d use it on my iphone 4, as well as my ipad.

    …oh yeah, and on my kindle from all the fingerprints of friends who think it works like an ipad.

  • mk

    If I win, I’ll use this for my iPhone, ipods and sunglasses.


  • Obviously to be used on the iPhone. But I’ll give it a go on the Powerbook, the monitors on the main computer, and I have prescription sunglasses for the motorcycle so that seems to be worth using there as well. It might be interesting to see how well it does on the motorcycle windshield as well.

    You know, the GPS also has a screen that could use a clean, as does the instrument cluster on the van and the motorbike. If it’s soft enough for the iPhone screen it should do well with the plasma tv….

  • Martin

    I’ll use it for my my iPhone 4 & iPad.

  • Miogus

    This cloth will be used in my iPod touch G1, my iPhone 3G, my iPhone 4 and my iPad. I recently lost my cloth on a flight from Argentina to Brazil while on business. Very frustrating! Oh yeah, my wife’s blackberry as well I suppose.

  • Avrum glasner

    Ill use it on my shaving mirror and eteglasses so i can see my iphone4 and ipad screens better

  • Bngo

    I would LOVE to use the MOBiLE CLOTH on my iPhone 4, my black glossy laptop, and my eye glasses to wipe off those darn finger smudges.

  • cwh

    iphone4 and whatever else I can get my hands on!

  • Everydayrae

    Nothing like a crappy cloth or rough napkin ruining your equipment with scratches! I can never find the cloth I have or leave it in the car for my glasses BUT with 6, I can leave one at my desk for my iMac screen, iPad, PSP shhh, at work for my iPhone and eyeglasses, in the car for my gps and rear view, heck I might even try these out on the fancy glass christmas ornaments we bought. Putting it on my list for Santa now.

  • Brenda

    I’d use it on my iPod Touch, MacBook Pro and aged iMac screens.

  • OMalley05

    I would use it for my iphones and all of my glasses.

  • I would use it on my iPhone 4, Apple monitor/Sony monitor & MacBookPro. And use two for stocking stuffers for my kids (one is getting an iPod Touch, the other an iPad).

  • Anonymous

    The first cloth I would use to replace an associates cloth that was lost after I used it to install the invisible shield on his phone. I left it sitting there when I was finished but somehow it got misplaced. So winning this would be huge as I could replace the missing cloth as it was the blue one and he raved about it.
    The rest I would use on my own iphone and ipad and any monitor or glass screen that I could clean with it.

  • Ron Vender

    I would use it on my iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iPod nano and my iGlasses so I could see what I am cleaning!

  • Rjr

    Of course I’d set one aside to use with my iPhone4. I would keep another with the old MacBook. The others I’d have to share with family members so they can clean their iPods and Macs as well.

  • Anonymous

    iPhone 3GS and ThinkPad X61 Tablet.

  • sjette

    I would use it for my 3GS and IPad 3G :). Loved to anyway..

  • noreallyitsme

    ooooOOOOooo I hope I win!
    I’d use it on EVERYTHING! My own and my wife’s macbook screens, on the HDTV, on my iPhone and her htc legend it looks so SOFT!

  • Anonymous

    I’d use them to clean my 3GS and polish the pennies I’m saving up for iPhone5.

  • nuurban

    I’ll use it on all my devices I don’t like to use liquid cleaners on!

  • Felix

    I’ll use it for my iphone 4g,ipad, ds lite, and psp!

  • tim

    i’d use it on my ipad, iphone4, blackberry, laptop, monitor, tv, windshield for my car, my glasses, and my tamogotchi

  • Ex

    – Jreid2375
    – Carolynn F
    – MacEra209
    – Slowburn
    – Xaroc

  • You forgot my name… 🙂

  • I’ll use it for my my iPhone 4 & iPad.

  • MacEra209

    They came in the mail finally and these work amazing!!!