Share: October iPhone 4 Accessory Giveaway, Part Trois!


It’s that time again!

For those that may just be joining us, here is the run down about these giveaways.

It is a segment that will:

  • Last 24 hours
  • Only happen a couple of times a month (maybe less or maybe more)
  • Be extremely easy to win
  • Be posted at random

What’s up for grabs today?

Today, I have THREE leather iPhone 4 cases from to give away to readers! BudgetGadgets is a great source of low cost accessories for a variety of devices.

Today we have the following cases available:

Both case types provide good protection for the iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 slides into both cases and both have a pull-string to retrieve the device. The red leather sleeve is a tight fit around the iPhone 4 and the black pouch features a magnetic strap.

How to Win

To win, simply comment on the following:

1.) Which case do you prefer and how would it help you and your iPhone 4?

Winners chosen at random; Contest ends October 31, 2010 at 4:15AM PST.

Contest Rules:

1.) Make sure to include your email in the email entry field or I cannot contact you!

2.) One Contest Entry Per Person. Do not attempt to post multiple contest entries under different emails and/or user names during the same contest.


  • Anderson_46

    I would like the black case because it matches the rest of my black iphone 4 accessories. This will help prevent my phone from being scratched in my pocket or in my jacket

  • Ben Jones

    Would be nice to have so I can protect my iPhone 4 without resorting to a case that spoils the aesthetic!

  • Cgomboc

    The black case would be awesome so when I pull out the iPhone I can see it’s beauty without a bumber.

  • Anonymous

    The Leather Case Pouch (black) would look much better if I’m using the iPhone at work, rather than using a plastic case of some sort.

  • Sleemans24

    The black case would come in handy at work … Thanks

  • Robotrob

    Although Apple has assured me that dust can’t get between the screen and the glass like previous models, I still don’t trust them 🙁
    I think the black one would be better protection from dust in my line of work!

  • The black case, Because I can keep my iPhone in my backpack without it getting damage.

  • Miogus

    I would prefer the black case. It would add a degree of professionalism to my iPhone 4 which some of my blackberry using colleagues still consider more of a toy than a business device.

  • Mike Middlestead

    I haven’t yet purchased a case for my iPhone 4. I had a similar black case for my old iPhone and was considering purchasing a new one, but a free is even better!

  • CAR

    The black leather case will keep my iPhone 4 safe when I’m not playing Scrabble. It’s SCRABBLE TIME!

  • Tony

    My iPhone is finally shipping and I’ll have it next week. The Black Case would be perfect to protect my new phone.

  • Sheila

    The black leather pouch would help protect my phone especially when inside my purse.

  • jason

    I love the black case. it could give me added protection on my iphone and would be alot better for work instead of having a silicone case. thanks alot

  • Tam

    I prefer the black case, and it will help protect my iPhone 4 from those annoying scratches!

  • Fshin

    Would love the red case as it will help me get noticed!! 😉

  • G6LIFE

    I would use the black case as it is more class and has a potential to protect more than a plastic case. Not to mention it looks classy.

  • Wild24shroom

    the black would make my phone look manly 🙂

  • Jordan

    The black case would help protect my iPhone much better then the no case I am using now!!

  • Anonymous

    I’d love the Black case pouch as it would provide great protection for my iphone while I’m not using it. It’s nice and business-looking too.

  • Lukejwf

    The black case will ensure my iPhones safety.

  • Geekphone

    I Love the Black Leather case to protect and give a great look to my new iPhone4!!!

  • i love the red leather case as i think it is original and will be hard to misplace.

  • Munky

    The red pouch because it sets itself apart from the rest, making it harder to misplace.

  • Anonymous

    I would love to have the pouch since i dont have any case for my i4

  • Tenoarman

    The black one would rock for my upcoming iP4 purchase. I live dangerously without a case for my 3G.

  • J Warwani

    I love the feel of leather, and the black leather case would be perfect for my iPhone.

  • Romansrampage

    I prefer the red case because it would help me not lose track of my iPhone when it disappears all the time.

  • Espresso

    Hi guys, I’d like to have the red one, to keep my iPhone 4 in an place easy to access.

  • cheeks

    the black pouch would be perfect for me since my iPhone is always in my front pocket sometimes with keys or coins.

  • Naruto

    The black pouch because it would look soo professional 😀

  • Yamadorishitate

    Definately the black leather. Would offer great protection and remain stylish. Nice looking product.

  • Roger

    Black pouch for me, as my layar of Zagg does not fit well with hard cases.

  • lilsaint

    The Black one because it suites my phones + black is my favorite color , Red is hot but black Works with everything

  • Brettscarlett

    I like the black case the best……it just goes better with me than red. I really need it because I just finally got my iPhone 4 (upgraded from 3g) and need some protection badly.

  • SG

    The black one please. It will look fantastic on my iphone 4 !!

  • Iamslowlygoingcrazy

    The Red Leather one would look great on my iPhone 4. Every girl NEEDS a red one!

  • EDKEdwin

    The Leather Case Pouch (black) would go well with my iphone 4, as the black color makes it more professional.

  • FadyAndraous

    I would Prefer the Black, it would help me alot around the hospital, while im running around helping patients with my iphone in my scrubs bouncing around:S

  • Alfredo

    I like black so I would love to get the black one

  • Nuurban

    Black pouch would be great. My iPhone needs some protection in my backpack and in my pocket!

  • Elliot

    the black one would look professional but both of these are nice, i want one to save my device from getting damaged if i have it in my pocket and the protection of the screen.


  • badrusadru

    I like the black leather pouch for my iphone. It will help keep it from getting damaged.

  • kaysee

    I could totally use the RED pouch. Looks so cool !

  • mewantphone

    i want a black leather case coz i think my iphone has a leather fetish

  • Peter Michael

    The black one would look great. Thank you

  • Dez

    I want the black one since it would look sleek.

  • suman

    I sometimes fall asleep right next to my iPhone 4, and so the leather case (black, preferably) would reduce my chances of squishing it in my sleep!

  • Anonymous

    I’d like the black leather case pouch, because then my iPhone would have some form of protection instead of just being out in the open :).

  • Blair

    This case would look awesome on my black ninja utility belt beside my ninja star carrying case also it would protect my iPhone from accidental ninja star stabbings which recently has been a problem for me oh I would prefer the black case because my ninja suit is black and it will blend in nicely

  • Leather Case Pouch (Black) please, so my phone won’t get stuck in my pocket……..

  • Alsarraf M

    It will protect my iPhone 4 and will keep it safe

  • Noreallyitsme

    I don’t use a case but would just LOVE a leather slip. Black please and thanks so much if I win


    I would prefer the Black Leather Case Pouch as with this case, I can carry my iPhone 4 around on my belt, instead of in my pocket. One side will be my Blackberry (from work) and other side my sparkeling new iPhone 4…!!

  • buddy

    i like the red one – its stylish and cool and will protect my iphone from drool

  • Ashley3

    It wouldn’t benifit me at all. Either of those cases look nice. R u supposed to slide your phone in and out as you need it or does the phone stay inside? Either way.

  • Martinmo1970

    The red because of the pull tab will enable to finally answer calls because I can never get the Iphone out of my pocket.

  • Tournesol2000

    This would bring a bit of class during meetings at work. Where everyone dumps their phones on the table, having a classy leather case would be very nice.
    I would like the subtle Black case please.

  • DDB

    Red, to brighten an otherwise bleak season!

  • Tim F

    Finally, a case to match my car, and to give my iPhone the awesome protection it deserves!! My car is red, therefor I would prefer the red case!

  • TSiSPY007

    I prefer the Black Leather Case Pouch because it will offer great shock and scratch protection for my iPhone 4 while giving me easy access to it via the pull-string. Genius!

  • Humble

    Black case so I don’t have to carry the phone around by hand.

  • Rui

    I prefer the back case, as it has a classy look. It not only looks good, but will proteck my iphone from scratches.

  • Felix

    I’d like the black leather case because it will help protect my iphone 4 and prevent dust from going into it from my jeans!

  • Gregorykho

    i prefer the Leather Case Pouch (Black) b/c it will protect my iphone from my super clumsy girlfriend.

  • I totally would like the black leather case, cause it looks so professional!

  • Shi001

    Please red or black both are good – I am still carrying my phone around in it’s protective plastics.

  • Theredarrowguy

    I must be on the “B” list as I just got this email this morning (Nov 2)! Although the black would have gone great with my uniform!

  • Sochidog

    Red goes with my purse. And my nose (I have a cold!).

  • Rjr

    Black. Yea the black one. Because it will help protect my dear iPhone of course!

  • Ex


    – Anderson_46 (Black)
    – Miogus (Black)
    – kaysee (Red)

  • Takabastian

    i love to try plese.. 🙂