Two Year Anniversary Giveaway Day 5: Helium Digital


Time for another giveaway as part of our Two Year Anniversary Giveaway. Today’s prizes are courtesy of Helium Digital, a Canadian company behind products like the HDBT-990 Wrist Communicator, and Gel-Shellz for iPhone. These are the exact products that are being given away today!

The HDBT-990 Bluetooth Wrist Communicator was reviewed by us and is a unique accessory to have when you’re in quieter environments that don’t warrant a BT headset. We were the first site in the world to review this unit. You can feel like James Bond when you speak into your wrist. We’re giving this away today!

The Gel-Shellz are silicone cases for your iPhone 3G/3GS that are well made and include a cut out on the back to reveal the Apple logo. Two of these are up for grabs.

How to Enter the Helium Digital Giveaway

1. Post a sentence below with the words “Helium” and “Digital” (but NOT beside each other).
2. Contest ends on March 1st, 2010 at 11:59PM. Open to Canadian addresses only please.

Winners of the 1Password 3 Giveaway

Congrats to:

Manny Delgado

Please contact us so we can email you the promo codes!


  • dallashinton

    I loved the helium filled and lighted balloons at the Closing Ceremonies; if they'd been digitally controlled they'd have been even better! 🙂

  • rorypiper

    NO WAY!! I would love to have this!

    In this busy, DIGITAL world, we can't afford to sound like we're on HELIUM, when we're talking on our Bluetooth devices.

    BOOM! Contest over. 😉

  • Thanks iPhone in Canada

    I don't know where the helium comes in but the digital sound could be good…

  • Digital control of your helium will let you fly even higher.

  • montymon

    My talking digital watch sounds like it inhaled helium first…

  • greg

    ok — I find that when I breath helium my voice sounds digit 🙂

  • nbrunner

    A Digital communicator and Helium would help me help me soar.

  • akashgupta

    i once tried to build a digital device that ran on helium!

  • I want to be just like James Bond. So I will take a bottle of “Helium” and fill up my cars tires and replace the radio knobs with a “Digital” display screen.

  • orb2k

    I want to be connected to the world with a digital communicator à la Star Trek and then inhale some Helium so people wont recognize my voice.

  • Steve B

    Who wouldnt want a Helium and a digital freebie!!

  • imerc08

    Wow! My ringtone IS the James Bond theme! This would complement it perfectly!

  • Yanick

    I've breath some helium, so i'm now speaking like digital…

  • GamingSV

    I like Helium Balloons and Digital Watches~

  • karmalysium

    I wonder how many helium filled balloons it would take for my digital device to float away.

  • peter_on_the_web

    At work we use helium in our weather balloons, as we have yet to go digital & get with the 21st century!

  • Fridrich

    Helium for the Digital age

  • eraserXxx

    I wish that DIGITAL Bluetooth wrist communicator were powered by HELIUM.

  • Autofreak

    My DIGITAL readout shows that there is high quantity of HELIUM found in the Jupiter atmoshere.

  • LoWd0Wn

    Using the digital controls on my Home Theater to take me to the final Gold Match Hockey Game at the Olympics left me screaming for joy upon winning, like a persons lungs filled with helium.

  • budcolby

    Hello Gary,

    Keep up the good work. I'm always around, and I look at your posts daily. Oh, and is looking great too.

    A couple of health tips for today:

    1) You won't get high by inhaling Helium.
    2) It's a good idea to get a Digital exam yearly after the age of 50.

  • Jake Jesin

    You know we live in the 21st century when our kids start asking for digital versions of helium balloons.

  • iVictoria

    I love the words “Helium” and “Digital”; the first reminds me of a childhood balloon floating in the blue sky like the cell phone waves floating from tower to tower connecting people across Canada and around the world; and the second reminds me of the dot-dot-dash of an old Morris Code machine my older brother hooked up in the basement of my childhood home like the digital ringtone emitted by my iPhone!

  • Using innovative HELIUM technology will allow us to better embrace this every evolving DIGITAL age we live in.

  • Tony Gray

    In hot air balloons we have digital instruments to measure our helium levels.

  • bringer666

    Inhaling Helium makes my voice sound really funny and when I say Digital, it totally cracks me up!

  • isakben

    Digital computer filled with liquid Helium is the goal.

  • hotchoco

    the digital voice is heliumed

  • gruven

    Using a digital signal processor, it is possible to implement helium speech enhancement algorithms.

  • johnkneematrix

    Great products and I like the review. I just want to say thank you for the great giveaways. Thanks Gary for sending me the Zagg's invisibleShield. It came in the mail today.

    Good Luck to everyone on this great product!

  • Sweet! Enjoy!


  • ReyT

    Even in this modern digital age, airships still use Helium to lift itself up.

  • I love the blue tooth watch band I do not have one so If I win it so cool

    thanks guys

  • Greg Lypowy

    “Let's go DIGITAL!!” he cried, as the HELIUM enveloped him…

  • koiril

    “When things get too heavy, just call me helium, the lightest known gas to man.” – Jimi Hendrix. This helium quote is posted for you from my fancy digital phone.

  • HELIUM has no better friend than a DIGITAL world!

  • When I want to tap into digital wisdom, I look to “iphoneincanada” to lift me up like helium.

  • TK09


    A Canadian conversation in the U.S. regarding * digital * services ; “We have the * helium * injected price plan “…..

  • gameover027

    Someone should created a digital wrist watch that gives off helium at the push of a button. That would be hilarious. Imagine a room filled with people talking in high voices.

  • mikeec67

    This one time, at band camp, I filled my Timex digital watch, I mean like to the top dude, with, wait for it… Helium dudes, it was like so totally rad.


  • vman1964

    I think Helium in your mouth sometimes makes you sound a little Digital.

  • DAK

    After inhaling helium my voice reaches a pitch that could normally only be achieved by using a digital device to alter it.

  • Josh Shapiro

    I will win this contest with this sentence, in which I have the word helium and the word digital.

  • Dale

    Watching Crosby score was a helium lifting moment, so was listening to Neil Young, an anti digital, pro analogue activist.

  • Sriram Saravanabavan

    “I'll endorse with my name any of the following; clothing AC-DC, cigarettes, small tapes, sound equipment, ROCK N' ROLL RECORDS, anything, film, and film equipment, Food, Helium, Whips, MONEY and anything digital!!”

    -Andy Warhol (American Artist. Initiator of The Pop art, 1928-1987)

  • x00carly

    Canada is lots of delicious maple syrup. Canada is not having to worry about my children's healthcare. Canada is being proud our hockey heritage. Canada is feeling our hearts soar like HELIUM in pride of our amazing country while we watch the Olympics in awe. Canada is waking up every morning and reading the DIGITAL blog post(s) from iPhone in Canada in my iPhone inbox before doing anything else whatsoever.

  • Jorelle

    I was just reminded of the tv show Digimon about digital monsters and how crazed I got it was like constantly breathing in helium, especially when I got their digivice toys for Christmas years ago.

  • iWaYne23

    Digital Led watch and Helium baloon is the most awesome thing every created!

  • themask

    The story of Helium is revealed through the use of digital video and live performance.

  • jrtabula

    Haiku time!

    Helium is gas.
    Digital electronics.

  • Anthony

    I created a DIGITAL device that can measure HELIUM.

  • Sally JB

    Another great digital giveaway, making me feel delirium from all the helium!

  • Half_Pint

    I once sold LP's at The Bay
    “It's the digital age!” they did say
    So I hung out with scum
    And huffed helium
    'Til I won this 2 year giveaway


  • The changing digital landscape can get a little overwhelming sometimes, such as the helium filled saucer toy that has come out recently.

  • lamw001

    Helium is Digital!

  • dp21

    I love the smell of helium when I'm checking the digital clock!

  • I did not see who won the digital helium bluetooth wristband communicator??? Gary is this one as cool as I think it is and you are keeping for yourself =-)

  • Winners (sorry for the late results):

    HDBT990: Sally JB
    Gel-Shellz: dallashinton
    Gel-Shellz: peter_on_the_web

    Please contact me via the Contact Form. Congrats!!!

  • Winners (sorry for the late results):

    HDBT990: Sally JB
    Gel-Shellz: dallashinton
    Gel-Shellz: peter_on_the_web

    Please contact me via the Contact Form. Congrats!!!