ZAGG invisibleSHIELD iPhone 3GS Review + CONTEST!


By now if you’re using an iPhone 3GS, you most likely have a hard case, silcone case, a “skin” type case, or no case at all. For me, I’ve told you guys before that I use a leather belt clip case plus ZAGG’s invisibleSHIELD. The combination allows the invisibleSHIELD application to last longer and prevent corners from wearing down.

ZAGG’s invisibleSHIELD for the iPhone 3GS–What’s New?

Since the form factor of the iPhone 3GS did not change at all coming from the iPhone 3G, there’s not much new to explain about the latest invisibleSHIELD from ZAGG. The shield fits exactly the same as it did on the iPhone 3G. I did notice a few changes to packaging though. There are instructions on the inside of the pull out cover and the spray bottle image is different.

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Best Tips on How to Make that Perfect invisibleSHIELD Install

The number one tip I can offer is to be patient. If you’re not a patient person the invisibleSHIELD is not for you! You’ll just end up crying a river because of your inability to install plastic film on your iPhone 3GS πŸ™‚

Here are my old videos (filmed long ago late into the late) on installing the invisibleSHIELD on my iPhone 3G. Video #2 has some crazy music because my original music was pulled by YouTube. Hope these help! If you’re on the fence, use our 20% off coupon code “iphoneinca” if you don’t know about it already!

iPhone 3G/3GS invisibleSHIELD Giveaway!

Thanks to our kind friends from ZAGG, we are going to have another contest (jeez we give away a tonne of free stuff)! Up for grab is an iPhone 3GS (it will also fit the iPhone 3G) invisibleSHIELD! Here’s how to enter…

1. Follow me on Twitter. Send me a hello message
2. Comment below on how winning an invisibleSHIELD will benefit you. The person who make me giggle the hardest like a little school girl will win.
3. If you don’t want to enter, please close your browser window now.
4. Contest is open to Canadians only, and it will end August 26th at 11:59PM. GOOD LUCK! πŸ™‚


  • momin

    winning an invisible shield will benefit me by protecting my phone from all the drops it will face once school starts, and from the bullies who will attempt to break my incredible jesus phone out of jealousy! hahaha

  • CMfly

    ah if on;y I knew how to send a message on twitter… (That's what she said)

  • sseymour84

    Winning would allow me to replace my current screen as it is completely scratched after trying to show it of using the closest thing around….. scissors. oops πŸ™

  • laurenng

    If I won the invisibleSHIELD, it wouldn't scratch when I drop it from the CNTower.. Sure, it'd still be broken, but I could try and bring it to Apple and complain πŸ˜‰

  • Kup99

    I would love a free invisible shield … I heard these things make great condoms too, with their thin design, and ultra toughness to prevent baby juices from escaping!!! Might hurt taking it off though:(

  • daniel88

    If I won the ZAGG Iphone 3gs invisibleSHIELD, it would prevent me from damaging my iPhone when I step on it. I wouldn't be able to see my Iphone, because the invisibleSHIELD will make my Iphone invisible, but atleast it will still be protected.

  • jasonfearon

    How would I benefit from winning an invisibleSHIELD?

    The only thing that I can think of is that I wouldn't benefit. Actually it'd be bad. Let me explain.

    If I had an invisibleSHIELD, my iPhone would stay nice and shiny and new looking, even when I do dumb things, like drop it down the concrete stairway, or when my cat thinks it would be a good chew toy. But if it stayed all nice and shiny and new looking through all that, I wouldn't need to get a new 3GS…

    Hmm. Maybe winning is bad? In that case, nobody else enter. I'll gladly bite the bullet and take the prize for you.

  • livininvic

    I haven't decided if I'd use the Invisible Shield for my iPhone yet.

    Instead, I might apply it to the blades of my chopper to make it ready for sand combat! Might need to win a few 3GS sheilds though, you know… for full coverage.

  • nickhesson

    So I order a ZAGG invisible shield for my iPhone 3G. Installing it seemed very simple, and besides a few hiccups everything went great.

    The following week I'm out with some friends, bragging about this Invisible Shield and how it's military grade. Encouraged to show a demonstration, I quickly grabbed for my keys to give it some scratch testing, however I couldn't find them so I used the but end of a lighter. As I'm doing this and bragging about it, I realize the lighter has now streaked my zagg screen with scribbles and no matter how much I try to clean it, the marks are permanent. A big FAIL for me, as my friends laughed and pointed at the screen.

    However it doesn't end here. I hop online to order my replacement. When it arrives I take off the old one and apply the new one. The next day I'm out shooting some film for a skate video, when I bail taking a corner. Low and behold, I once again have scratched and cut my zagg screen, and need to order a replacement. However, my old one didn't make it back to Zagg in time so I've been charged in full for a day's use… hahaha. o boy.

    Nonetheless, you could see how I could use a new replacement. :p

  • TK09

    Did you say you were like a little school girl?!? Quick send me an invisible shield; i need to write your # down on my phone.

  • EvilTurbo

    I need an invisible shield to protect my iPhone from those evil UV rays and skin cancer(yes…. Electronics get cancer too!!! When is the last time you saw a healthy X-box). Sunscreen just won't cut it.

  • edge777

    I have no idea if you an X1Zero are buds or if you have this great poke fun at each other type rivalry. If that realtionship is anything like yours and Stephen Fung's, this should work fine… or, it could backfire biiiiig time.

    Anyway, I have no idea how it started, but it seems like X1 is a pretty sensitive guy (or perfaps he… um, she then… is a girl), and just can't not take being worshipped. Where was I? Oh ya, it seems we've kinda got on each other's nerves. Not me so much, cause life just ain't that serious.

    So, if I won this shield, which BTW, is awesome, it would totally perturb X1, and could definitely be hugely funny!!! πŸ™‚

    Ok, so maybe the competitive side is coming out now, but this would definitely make me giggle like a school girl!!!!! XD

  • Oh edge. You have no idea how much joy and laughter you bring to my and my friends lives. I am honored even by the fact that I seem to be constantly on your mind, drilling into your brain!

    To be honest though, you have become somewhat of a laughed-about celebrity with your non-understanding comments and etc among my social circles. Some even fell upon your YouTube channel, of which was spent an evening of pure golden entertainment! LOL!

    And it wouldn't perturb me if you won because we all know, collectively, who trolls are πŸ™‚

  • edge777

    Haha, cool, I'm honored!!! To be honest, it has been mostly good natured fun for me, and I truly meant to give my opinions without it getting personal or into an argument. We all have our opinions, and I value that it can so often be subjective. As for trolls, I've had a ton of fun here on iPhoneInCanada and came here when I was first thinking about getting a 2G, keeping up with what version could be unlocked, and followed through to now – in fact, it's all together possible that I've been visiting this site long before you. I still think it would bug ya if Gary picked me to win, lol πŸ˜‰

    Have a good one!

    P.S. You sure you found the right YouTube channel, lol, mine's about working with youth in missions trips, helping homeless people, and serving the people of a country and culture I've grown to love!

  • It would not bug me at all. I could not care less about you, so why would I care if you won? lol!

    As for site tenure, you could have been here longer..maybe? But most of the vets around here got their 2G's opening day from AT&T in Washington (Bellingham, Seattle, etc, myself included) and then made their way back to Vancouver. The site went live shortly after that and almost all of the current readers at the time (now vets) signed up to the forums in March 2008 (you came around April with your current handle) and that is about when the site took off.

    And oh yes, they found the right site. It was just really funny to watch those videos and “religious undertones” and then try to plant your, at times, negative personality over it. It is like two different people so to speak. But we won't get into that here.

  • edge777

    Ya, that's the trouble with writing, it's actually really hard to tell what a person is truly like. To be honest, I've never been described as negative – and truth be told, stating an opinion on something isn't being negative, it's just stating an opinion. As for religious overtones, I hate religion with a passion.

  • LOL. Right..

    And with that, back to the contest!

  • edge777

    You're right on that one X1, I let it get personal. As for “with a passion” – it's true, I'm passionate in what I believe, not ashamed, and live life to the fullest (and to be honest, I'm on a crazy adventure), but I do really dislike religion, don't have, and don't want anything to do with it. Well, with that, I agree, back to the contest, and I hope this little contest has proven to tickle Gary's funny-bone, lol. For me, it's back to the homework!

  • GamingSV

    Today, I was having really bad diarrhea. I sat down on the toilet and heard a plop, thinking it was just me going to the bathroom. After I was finished, I look in the toilet to see my iPhone sitting in a pool of diarrhea.

  • I would use the zagg to protect my phone from the unGodly cooties that my fellow stinky-cubicle-smells-like-fish co-workers incubate amongst themselves. They are always touching my phone whenever I leave it sitting unattended at my desk or in the lunch room. The thought of millions of their festering microbacilli swarming my phone's screen wrenches my very guts. Especially after visiting the washrooms, where first-hand evidence of their Dickensian personal hygiene habits are on display, both literally and figuratively, for all to see. They have dropped the phone in the past, and show great disdain for my sad and ugly silicon case. Sir, allow me to free my phone from its present enslavement in said case, and I will do my utmost to improve the lot of these loutish associates of mine, in the bright hope that some day, the light of an iPhone shall shine upon the miserable wreck of their existence. God bless our souls, every one.

  • atomicz

    If I won an invisibleSHIELD for my iPhone, then I would finally be able to take pictures and make phone calls while in the girls' shower room. But only if it matches the colour of my personal invisible suit (just because you can't see me doesn't mean I shouldn't be hip and trendy).

  • Dusty

    Invisible shield is the BEST! and u know it πŸ˜‰

  • The Shield is a nice Protector, only the Corners are a litle fussy
    I also wrote a Review

  • The Shield is a nice Protector, only the Corners are a litle fussy
    I also wrote a Review

  • ssk13

    With all these 18+ Apps in the iphone invisible shield is like my phone's wearing protection πŸ˜‰

  • johnpizz

    So ive had my iphone replaced a total if 3 times for hardware issues, and owned a invisible shield on my previous iphones. Im hoping that this is my last reppacement, but im hesitant to buy another shield out of fear that ill have to get this one replaced.
    Heres the funny part. I have had the protective plastic that comes on the new phones for a month now. Im so scared of having anything scratched that i put a silicone case over the plastic cover. Now picture how ugly that looks… Insert laughter here…insert tears here…

  • rorypiper

    Haha! I like rule #4! Open to Canadians only!!

    I do need a new Invisible Shield. My last one was peeling so much, I took it off.

  • speedbump

    my phone feels naked πŸ˜‰

  • JC

    I thought the screen is scratch resistant… but got a scratch within 1 week of owning the 3GS πŸ™ this would for sure protect it.

  • Protecting my iPhone?? I want to win the invisibleShield to protect myself? Haven't you heard about the exploding iPhones in France? Anything that can protect against sharp objects penetrating should be able to protect my eyes from shards of flying iPhone glass! So for my own safety, hook me up!

  • MirthMage

    I've already protected all three of my iPhones with Shields (thanks for the discount code, by the way)… I just want to be able to flash the “new in box” shield to my friend… He's too cheap to buy one and already has a scratch on his 3Gs. Call me sadistic, but it would give me great pleasure to wave it in front of him for a while before gifting it to him, and then introducing him to (so he can say “thank you all”)

    (the process of flashing it in front of him, and actually giving it to him…. well, that might be a few hours….maybe a day. I promise, I won't drag it on for a week…)

  • Rayman1991

    Invisible Shield, oh, Invisible Shield, where have you been all my life?
    If I had an Invisible Shield….My life would be so much easier, when I become clumsy and drop it or when I'm clumsy and put it in my pocket with my keys my iPhone will stay nice and shiny. Here's a quick little, true story, last week I was in Florida, I went to the local Starbucks, (hey hey they don't have Tim Hortons down there) so I wen t there and ordered my Caramel Frapp and I was talking on my phone, the heat made my hands sweaty and I dropped my phone on the floor, it didn't break luckily, but it was really weird how it kinda just flew out of my hand, it honestly felt like it had a mind of it's own or something, it just flew out of my hand like a bird, weird. But hey if I had an Invisible Shield my iPhone wouldn't have tons of scratches.

  • Anonymous

    Winning an invisable shield would benefit me because I would prevent scratches on my iPhone 3GS!

    Oh! and as for the giggling like a little school girl part.. there you go, hope you laugh! πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Winning an invisable shield would benefit me because I would prevent scratches on my iPhone 3GS!

    Oh! and as for the giggling like a little school girl part.. there you go, hope you laugh! πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    The invisibleSHIELD would benefit me because my phone won’t scratch and i won’t have to pay for it! πŸ™‚

    and as for the giggling like a little school girl part, enjoy!

  • Hahahahhaha

    Own! With the YouTube channel. Felt like batmans identity being
    revealed hahahahahah

  • Chouster

    I would love an invisibleSHIELD because Saran wrap doesn't stick. I've Saran wrapped my entire house but some how the baby skin smooth surface of the 3GS doesn't adhere to any type of wrap out there.

  • fawkeskc

    I'm so afraid for my bro's naked iPhone! So afraid, I would give him this freebie!

  • marymonteith

    How will the Invisible Shield help me? Let me count the ways….. my phone will not want to slip from my fingers and commit hari-kiri on the cold unforgiving pavement. It will not succumb to the cruelty of scratches and other indignities. It will be a stylin' 3GS!

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  • I'm goin to get one of these for my 2G iPod touch. I had one for my 1G touch and it stuck to glass. I love these things. They are great when you put em on right.

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  • Jonny

    I need it!!!

  • Jonny

    I need it!!!

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  • johannes

    I bought maine here so dont need more thanks hehe, nice with the new iphone

  • Adanortega

    I have had a couple of devices covered by ZAGG with the InvisibleSHIELD. The InvisibleSHIELD is a good product, but it depends largely on the quality of the installation which ZAGG performs through booths at malls, in my case at the Brea Mall in California. The first device was my teenage son's cell phone which has withstood his abuse. The second was my iphone. The Zagg installer took two hours to install it, well beyond the 40 minutes they ask you to wait. She told me that she was struggling to make a corner stick and if it came undone just to bring it back. It came undone, and an attendant who was working at the Brea location at about 4:30 pm on July 16, 2010, lectured me on the product warranty covering the InvisibleSHIELD but not the labor for re-installing it which would cost $10. Hence while InvisibleSHIELD provides its product warranty to ZAGG, ZAGG does not cover their installation which may in fact ruin a perfectly good SHIELD. My advice….don't depend on ZAGG to properly train the installers …the $10 re-installing charge is a margin maker for ZAGG plain and simple. Pretty shoddy…read the fine print.

  • Definitely the best protector screen. Just love it !