On Sale: 10Ft/3M Lightning USB Cable for iPhone 5, iPad Shipped Free [Deals]


If you’re tired of always charging your iPhone 5, fourth generation iPad, iPad mini or the latest iPod touch (or any other Lightning iOS device), don’t bother. Just keep it plugged in with the following 10 foot/3 metre long Lightning USB cable, currently on sale right now in our Deals Store.

Normally priced at $29 this cable is being discounted 51% to $13.99, which includes free shipping to Canada (and theĀ United States, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Australia, South Africa, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore).

Lightning usb data cable for iphone 5 and ipad mini 10ft 3m 1  1

At three metres long, it’s three times as long as the original Lightning cable from Apple and is also capable of syncing your data in iTunes. The cable is made by a third party manufacturer.

Couch time with your iPad is going to get a whole lot better when it’s at 5% charge and you really want to watch a movie or keep working. No more running off to charge the iPad and delaying your fun.

Click here to jump on the 10ft/3M long Lightning USB cable deal while it lasts!


  • hylowyoh

    I bought one last time IC/Stack Social promoted this. Cable does not sync data. Only charges battery. A bit disappointing, so buy at your own risk.

  • Sven L

    A definite buy at own risk is necessary here. This cable is horrendous horrendous quality. I purchased this approximately 1-2 months ago through Stacksocial. It worked for the first 3 weeks and then stopped. It was used very lightly and was not subject to any abuse whatsoever. Also, this is NOT MFi certified and so isn’t even guaranteed to work in the first place. DO NOT BUY!

  • K3

    .. how’s it work with iOS 7?

  • joyn6160

    Why do you need a 10ft cable to sync your device? I ordered one just to have as an extension for when I turn on personal hotspot I can have it plugged in and charging.

  • Sall3.82

    I bought one of these from the last sstacksocial deal and my cable works fine. love chillaxing in the bedroom with my devices plugged in!

  • Sven L

    iOS 7 recognizes it as a non-certified cable and displays a message indicating so.

  • Alex

    Hey Sven, Alex from StackSocial here. I’m so sorry you had such a negative experience with the cable! That is the exact opposite of what we want! However, I appreciate the feedback and we’ll incorporate it into future deals. Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you have more feedback:

    Otherwise, if you’d like a replacement, contact Rachel (the manufacturer) at Have the email address you used to place your order handy and she’ll take care of you. Thanks!

  • Alex

    glad to hear it! šŸ™‚

  • Alex

    Hey There Hylowyoh,

    Alex from StackSocial here. I’m sorry your cable doesn’t sync data correctly! That stinks. We’d be happy to get you a replacement, just contact Rachel at (they’re the manufacturer). Make sure you have the email address you used to place the order and she’ll take care of you.

    Otherwise, if you have any issues or any more feedback, feel free to contact me directly: Thanks!

  • Alex

    Hey Hylowyoh, I also just tried my cable, and the data transfer works great! So please, reach out to for a replacement. Let me know if you have any issues!

  • Alex

    Hey All,

    Alex from StackSocial here. We partner with iPhone in Canada to bring you great deals! I’m so sorry that a few of you had issues with this cable previously. However, I appreciate the feedback… we’ll definitely incorporate it into future deals.

    In regards to the cable: A normal lightning cable from Apple is $19 plus shipping… and that’s only 1 metre! This cable is 3 metres for $14 with free shipping. To bring that low price, this cable may not be as strong as Apple’s official one. We brought you this deal though, because at 3 metres long, we thought it was pretty cool!

    We’ve tested the cable, and the data transfer and charging definitely work. If your cable is having issues, please contact us, and we’ll get you a replacement, free of charge.

    Both iPhone in Canada and StackSocial have your back with these deals. If you ever have any issues, please contact or you can reach me personally at

  • Kencz51

    R u beta testing IOS 7? I have had 3rd party cables stop working after an iOS upgrade.


    I am using this product since last 6 months, it charges perfectly which is what i needed it for. Headline of the product does only say “charge” but description says “hotsync/charge”. I am happy with what I got.

  • shinratdr

    Buy the 10 foot Lightning Cable from Monoprice instead. It doesn’t have free shipping, but it’s cheaper, good quality, comes with a lifetime warranty, comes in Black & White, and most important of all it’s MFi certified.

    The article is incorrect. That message isn’t displayed because it’s not an “official Apple cable” it’s displayed because it’s not an MFI cable and they didn’t pay Apple licensing fees to make a proper lightning cable. That’s fine for a $5 cable but for $14 that’s a complete ripoff. A $29 list price is also insane. That’s $10 more than the official Apple cable even though they aren’t paying licensing fees and the only difference is it’s longer, which is pretty cheap to do.