How to Fix White Icons Bug from Absinthe Jailbreak


If you’ve jailbroken your iPhone 4S with the Absinthe jailbreak, you might have run into the issue of having white icons on your home screen. The apps that turn white work as normal, but appear blank on the surface.

Here’s how to fix this bug:

  • Respring your iPhone via SBSettings (it worked to fix one icon for me)
  • Install any free app from Cydia (as recommended by @planetbeing; this worked)


If all else fails, re-jailbreak with the latest version of Absinthe v0.4, released yesterday. What fixes have worked for you to get rid of those blank icons?


  • Maverick

    Although this has been recommended by @plantetbeing, it never worked for me. (ip4s jailbroken with Absinthe v3) Mine, not only white out some original icons randomly, it actually creates 3 other icons. Nothing a simple respring won’t cure though. I know it’s cosmetic only but really wish there’s a fix.

  • lol

    i agree i had the same problem. this needs to be fixed!

  • Georjbandicoot2

    This is the reason why I restored my iphone to stock ipsw after using Absinthe v0.3

  • Sarangs

    download guicache from cydia and rebuild cache, faster than respring

  • Jaskaran

    Clearing your cache with icache works like a charm!

  • Kraken

    Installing a free Cydia app or SBSettings will only work temporarily.  The problem comes back when you install a new app.  Running ‘fix user dir permissions’ in SBSettings seems to work.

    By the way, Corona 1.0-8 was released a couple of days ago. 

  • Anon

    Re-jaibreaking with 0.4 doesn’t resolve the issue.  And installing Corona 1.0-8 doesn’t solve it either.  the white icon bug is still there.  Nothing works, I’ve tried every solution in the comments here and other jailbreak blogs.  The ‘DreamTeam’ still needs to fix this issue.

  • Kraken

    Spoke to soon.  ‘fix user dir permissions’ also doesn’t work.   The dreaded white icons still keep re-appearing when you install an app.  Looks like there is currently no permanent fix at the moment.

  • Anonymous

    Please disable libhide extension (depedency installed with sbsettings), and use other icon hider, such as springtomize

  • Wuju007

    The calendar icon also keeps showing the wrong date. It does not advance to the new date. Unless I manually do a Respring everyday to refresh to today’s date. Annoying. Anyone is having this same bug? How do we fix it.

  • kimce18

    I jailbroke my gf’s iPhone 4S with Absinthe, and after downloading a game named “Chuzzle” in the Installous, the calendar turned invisible. Then after restarting the phone a few times, I tried to re-order the icons and saw that the calendar icon turned back to normal. But then, another app went missing. So I re-installed the app, then the Phone icon went white. I tried to do what I did with the calendar but nothing happened. Can someone help me here?
    Thank you in advance 🙂

  • Iii

     I had the white icon after installing SiriLaunch from Cydia. I just uninstalled the tweak and everything was back to normal. The Hands-Free tweak, however, caused a sound problem–can’t hear the clicks of the keyboard, also uninstalled it and it was back to normal.
    P.S. I run the Absinthe v0.4 on an un-jailbroken-before iPhone 4s.

  • My fiance jailbroke my 4S yesterday with absinthe (dont even ask my what version… the newest out obviously) and today, I downloaded a few things off Cydia, and low and behold, this problem happened to me within 30 minutes.
    I restarted my phone 3x, to no avail. And now, as I go into settings, the options for the applications added arent even in the settings to switch them up…

    I’m setting my iphone back to stock setting until these jailbreak bugs get fixed =/

  • Evey

    oh yea. it did work for me when i downloaded something from cydia. thank u so much!!! 😀

  • snill

    I had the same problem. Just reinstall DreamBoard, in my case fixed the problem 🙂