How To Receive A Refund From Apple’s iTunes Match Service


Earlier today I noticed an interesting post on Reddit (via Macgasm) about how a user received a refund from iTunes Match. This may not seem groundbreaking, but I have seen many complaints in the past with users having a displeasing experience when trying to obtain a refund for an Apple online service.

So I am going to explain how a user can go about receiving a refund to iTunes Match the correct way. Reddit user clam_chips recently presented his flawless method to receiving his refund, so let’s use his example as an outline:

Step One: Ensure to start your email to Apple Support off delightfully. As shown above with “dear sir/ma’am.”

Step Two: Make your email simple with a nice positive tone. You will not want the email to be four paragraphs long, present your case with a few sentences.

Step Three: Tell support that you’ve been a longtime Apple customer and you aren’t pleased with the service. Just make sure you don’t state to support that the service was terrible. Remember to keep the tone nice.

Step Four: Simply end the email stating you will discuss your issues in a future email if needed. Remember to add a “thanks” and preferably your name.

That’s all. Depending on your support representative, you may or may not have a follow-up email requesting details. If details are requested, remember to keep the tone of the email positive.

iTunes Match debuted in Canada back during December of 2011. The service allows users to upload and store up to 25,000 songs in the cloud. When they are uploaded, the songs are then attempted to be matched with songs in the iTunes database. Once a match is found, your uploaded song is replaced by Apple’s 256 kbps version of the track.

I’m posting this guide because many Canadians are having issues with the service. Even an editor at Macgasm was troubleshooting an error with iTunes Match.

Have you had any issues with iTunes Match in Canada?


  • Dave

    I had an issue a few months ago but after a couple of days it cleared itself up. I would say in my experience it is 80% reliable to date and I have had it since around November 2011.

  • iTunes Match doesn’t properly handle play counts, which makes it mostly useless for the many people who rely on that information and don’t want their libraries screwed up by using Match. Otherwise it works okay for me.

  • Nice. I’ve been using iTunes Match and so far so good. Apple email support is also usually pretty decent as long as you’re not a jerk.

  • RyanStOnge

    Works pretty well for me too. But I guess that’s because I don’t use play counts.

  • Tired8281

    I think iTunes Match is great! I keep my iTunes library on a portable hard drive, and when it went bye-bye recently, I would have lost my 18,000 track music collection. With iTunes Match, I was able to re-download everything…took about three days, but that’s way less time than it would have taken to rerip all my CDs. Best $27 I ever spent!

  • This is a perfect example of iTunes Match and its usefulness.

  • tgwaste

    LOL! This is nonsense. Here let me help: Step 1: Login to your credit card account online. Step 2: Dispute the charge.