i4Siri: Install Siri On Your iPhone 3GS / 4, iPad / iPad 2 Or iPod Touch 3G / 4G Without Any Proxies


While there are presently a couple of other methods too which allow Siri installation on un-supported iOS devices, the advantage of i4Siri hack is that it does not need an iPhone 4S at hand or require a proxy server setup for installation. i4Siri is currently in beta and supports features like time, timer, notes, www search, dictation, phone calls, jokes, alarms, weather, where am I?, Reminders (partially), Wolfram Alpha and Location Searches (in US).

Below is the list of iOS devices supported by i4Siri (requires iOS 5.x):

  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4
  • iPad
  • iPad 2
  • iPod Touch 3G
  • iPod Touch 4G

You need to follow these simple steps (via FSM) to install Siri on your iOS device using i4Siri:

Step 1:

Open up Cydia on your jailbroken iOS device. (If you want to install Siri on an iPad, follow steps 2-3 . If you need to install Siri on an iPhone, skip to step 4)

Step 2:

Add this source to Cydia:

Step 3:

Install ‘Spire for iPad’ from the source you’ve just added.

Step 4:

Add this source to Cydia:

Step 5:

Install ‘i4Siri’ from the source you’ve just added ( ‘i4Siri‘ for the iPhone/iPod Touch and ‘i4Siri iPad’ for the iPad )

Step 6:

Now load Settings app and look-up ‘Spire’ under ‘Extensions’ and make sure the proxy server is set to:

Step 7:

Also look-up ‘i4Siri’ under ‘Extensions‘ and tap on ‘Install Certificate’.

Step 8:

i4Siri will now load a page in safari followed by a provisioning profile sent to your device. Install that provisioning profile.

Step 9:

If you’re using an iPad, load Cydia and browse idevicedaily’s repo again to install Siri GUI Files for iPad.

That’s it. Enjoy!


  • Shierkahn

    It’s installed for me. However it won’t reply to any requests at this time

  • Ole Dory Plug

    I am also having problems with Siri replying to requests.

    It tells me that there is a problem and to try again later.

  • Anonymous

    I am also getting the same problems

  • Sp2006

    same here what’s up with that?

  • Anonymous

    Is there a Siri substitute yet that plays iPod tracks?  That’s the only thing I ever used Voice Control for, and I’d love it if one of these Siri clones could do a better job identifying what song or artist I’m asking for, while still doing so on a long hold of the headset button.

  • Accordtr

    Installs and does work, though somewhat limited. I have a problem though that some others seem to have. After spire installs some system and downloaded apps just open and crash, so far I found mail and camera just hang and close. Any ideas?

  • André Cruz

    same here

  • Ray

    I had the same problem (safari crashing) and disabling Zeppelin did the trick…

  • Ray

    Sorry, I didn’t realize but the Zeppelin fix didn’t fix everything: Facebook still crashes for me.
    I found that Spire is conflicting with tweaks in the mobile substrate. Just have to find which tweaks…

  • Anonymous

    Should have read user comments first before installing. Froze up during Spire install then got error msg saying partial install. Cydia asked if I wanted to forcibly remove. I did but I still have Spire in my settings. Not sure how to remove it. I found a Spire file in iFile & deleted it but Spire is still in settings section.

  • Alex

    If you have something like my3G, many apps will crash. Try disabling this. It worked for me

  • Guywhocantfindsiri

    I followed the instructions – no errors.  Seemed to work find.  I can’t find SIRI now – where is it and how do you start it.  Not in app list, not in settings. WTF?

  • Accordtr

    Yeah that’s my conclusion as well. Seems to crash my mail and camera app, surprisingly facebook works.

  • Guywhocantfindsiri

     figured out how to turn it on – no I get ‘I’m sorry, I can’t respond now”

  • ugh

    Yeah “without any proxies”, except, you know, step 6 where you have to make sure you put in the correct proxy server (ie. someone else’s proxy, good idea!)

  • Anonymous

    has anyone actually got this working right? it wouldnt reply to my requests so i uninstalled and now i4siri wont reinstall just keeps getting a http POSIX error.

  • Jkhdsa

     That’s not a proxy actually but the servers of i4siri that handle ur questions. On their site they claim to not abuse data, it’s not stored nor logged. If you want to believe this is on another hand of course. 😉

  • JaredD

    Tried this on my iPhone 4. Siri technically worked but basically wouldn’t answer any of my questions. I tried uninstalling it and it completely messed up my phone. It became extremely slow, so now I am in the process of restoring and updating to iOS 5.1 because I have to, not because I wanted to. 

  • help

    it wont even let me install siri onto my phone. keeps saying CANNOT COMPLY 

  • Juan

    I finally have siri working (sort of) on  my 3gs, but now siri keeps say “thank you for using http://www.pandorabot,com, but the …..

  • Djrider85

    You could try “Sara”

  • Gherna1

    I’m disappointed too. The install worked without a hitch but Siri claims to have a problem. Is your server down?

  • Soknine_ddk

    First it work perfectly on my 3GS but now don’t work y? Server down?

  • Rafaechart

    You didnt know hoq to use cydia right?

  • 1His_Nibs1

    problem solved

  • Brandonw86

    I did all the above downloaded i4siri the spire proxy has the right link and still nothing works? does this work in canada. I’m using iPhone 4 gsm 5.0.1. send me a response to

  • trolololauren

    Spire keeps messing up my Safari… whenever I install Spire, Safari won’t open?

  • iphone4user

    How did you solve this?

  • Sixxis65

    how did you find it?

  • ShayMm