Video: How to Install ZAGG’s invisibleSHIELD on iPhone 4


Ever since I posted my review of ZAGG’s invisibleSHIELD for the iPhone 4, I’ve had emails from people asking how I perform my flawless installs. To put those requests at rest, I decided to make a short video tutorial from start to finish.

Filmed with a Panasonic GF2, and 20mm f/1.7 lens (watch in HD!). Enjoy:

iPhone 4 with ZAGG invisibleSHIELD (Back)

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  • MrAnonymous

    I don’t like the “orange peel” surface of the Invisible Shield as it takes away a bit of clarity from the retina display and it gives off more glare, making it horrible in the daylight. The Power Support Crystal on the other hand, is super clear (100% transparent) and is much easier to install.

  • Matt

    Power support is great. Apple Canada doesn’t sell back screen protectors so I had my screen protectors shipped from the us because I wanted my back to be covered as well. The install was so much easier and there’s more of a smooth feeling ratherthan a rubbery one with the invisible shield.

  • Tony B.

    Great video Gary, a big thank you from the community for the quality content as always!

  • Calgary

    wow ive never even heard of power support crystal, i thought invisible shield was the ‘top’ brand, cuz its advertised everywhere and in some/most stores.

    There’s the crystal, anti-glare and hd anti-glare, which one is the best???

    SugarSync (5GB startup, + 500MB w/ initial referral, max your free account upto 105GB), a Dropbox alternative, *remove space*… goo. gl/EOc15

  • MrAnonymous

    That’s what I thought as well, until I’ve read several user reviews. All of them preferred the PS Crystal over the Invisible Shield. I ended up buying the PS Crystal, and wow what a difference. Once it’s on, you can hardly tell there’s a protector on the screen. The surface is also a lot smoother than the glass, and it’s more resistant to finger prints. The HD Anti-Glare, which you can install over the Crystal (or by itself) has a little texture to the screen to prevent glare and isn’t as smooth and clear as the Crystal because of that. BUT it’s still way better (in clarity) than the Invisible Shield.

    The only problem is that Apple Canada only sells the HD Anti-Glare. To get the the Crystal, you have to order direct from Power Support – the shipping costs more than the Crystal itself ($14). Cheapest shipping is $15 FedEx ground to Vancouver. I notice Power Support does allow the use of discount coupon codes, but I can’t find any. I’m hoping Gary can contact them and provide us Canadians with some codes.

  • MrAnonymous

    To add, the Invisible Shield is still the top dog when it comes to resisting very heavy scratches as it is self-healing. But unless you are planning on scraping your keys harshly against your screen, and or putting a weed-wacker to it (as seen in the Zagg videos – who really does this?), I would definitely take the Crystal over it.

  • Calgary

    wow, $15 to calgary. F that. the crystal does look a lot clearer than the invisible shield (even just in the video)..and your all saying, better texture.

    The product costs $15, so im going to hold off until I find free (or $2) shipping.

    I just sent a serious letter to power support’s email/customer service, I hope
    you will do the same thing.

  • Frank

    Ghost Armor is way better

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Gary,

    I did it for my iPod before and the front was good, but I kind of screwed up the back. Already order one for my iPad, so I’ll be doing it this way now.

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  • Sean Jase

     Gary, how come your Zagg protector for iPhone for its sides are broken down in small pieces? For example, between the volume control buttons or how it leaves the space for sim card insert.  One I received just had a long piece and none that goes between the buttons?

  • which spray is this?? and thats cool dude.