Apple Releases Apple TV 6.0 Software Update With Tons Of New Features


Last week, a report from AllThingsD suggested a September 18 release for Apple TV’s latest software update, alongside the public release of iOS 7, which eventually did not happen. Today however, Apple has released the Apple TV 6.0 software update with tons of new features, including AirPlay from iCloud, iCloud Photos and Videos, iTunes Music Store, Podcasts and Vevo. While the update also includes iTunes Radio (in U.S.), it is not available to Canadian users.


With the latest software update, Apple TV users can use iTunes Music Store to purchase music directly on their TVs and also AirPlay from iCloud, that allows Apple TV to play content from iTunes in the Cloud instead of your AirPlay device when possible. The iCloud Photos and Videos now replaces the PhotoStream feature, while Vevo lets users watch HD music videos, live concerts and original shows featuring their favourite artists, directly on their Apple TV set top box.


The following Apple TV 6.0 software builds have been released today:

Have you updated your Apple TV yet?


  • pk

    I’m off to update right now!

  • Weird. I was using the Vevo app three days ago, so it must have come in a previous update. I thought I remembered seeing podcasts on my AppleTV before as well, but I could be wrong about that. The other features are definitely new though.

  • Graham Rose

    Vevo came out a few weeks ago, and the music purchase is a nice addition – the integration of iTunes radio is the key that i cant wait for once we get it here. if they added the new genius player feature.

  • rizulli

    Podcasts were on there before but they didn’t sync with your subscriptions. You had to hunt whatever it was you wanted to watch/listen to down manually.

  • einsteinbqat

    I had Vevo a few days ago, but got the 6.0 update today? Is that even possible?

  • yes Vevo came out earlier. today has new features.

  • gj

    updated and now have no connection, bought a micro/usb cable connected it and apple tv does not show in the devices list, so I have no way of restoring the device.

  • Nick Frühling

    Had the exact same issue: make sure you completely unplug Apple TV power, then plug in USB to Apple TV and computer, THEN plug in power.

  • Mike

    Had the exact same issue, and this doesn’t work (first plug in USB, then in power). Very annoying, I can’t use ATV any more..

  • ?suttonmontreal

    how come i don’t see the update im on 5.3 apple tv 3 and it says is up to date

  • Try a reboot or unplug it if you haven’t already?

  • ?suttonmontreal

    strange i tryed both and still the same. i guess i will download the IPSW and restore from iTunes Thanks Gary

  • That’s a pain in the arse; the IPSW route will definitely work.