Apple Should Take A Few Hints From This Cool iOS 7 Concept [VIDEO]


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A set of Flickr images and a video posted by designer F. Bianco shows a pretty cool iOS 7 concept, that includes a new lockscreen, widget mode for apps, mission control and lots of other interesting tweaks. I honestly think Apple should have a look at this one and possibly grab a few hints as well.

What I like the most about this concept is that double tapping an app’s icon brings up its widget mode, while a single tap opens the app itself. Similarly a quickly accessible preferences screen makes turning Bluetooth / VPN / WiFi on or off a whole lot easier.

Check out the following video and tell us what you think!


  • Best concept I’ve seen so far!

  • One thing is certain, Apple needs a major refresh of iOS. This concept brings a lot of smart ideas to the table. Hopefully Apple takes notice.

  • Josh Gorman

    Personally, I am not a fan of having all these features added to the lock screen… I wouldn’t want to accidentally turn on airplane mode in my pocket. Lock screen shows notifications if I allow them and allows access to the camera and that should be it!
    As for the widgets, I think it adds needless complications. Why not just open the app as long as the processor is fast enough that apps open near instantaneously. Double-tap means that single tapping would be slower as the UI would have to wait to detect the second tap.

  • NK

    Anything new to the iOS experience would be welcome. It is pretty dull as it stand right now!

  • I agree with you all the way! Widgets and all those gadgets are for Android… Keep it lean and beautiful that’s all I’m asking for.

  • Christopher Jones

    Definitely, I so agree with you!

  • Cloisty

    But this is all stuff which Windows Phone and Android already does! If Apple want to stay relevant they need to do more than just introduce year-old features. They need to add all those things, sure, but where’s the actual innovation!? Rather than just catching up I’d like to see something fresh. You’re getting left behind, Apple!

  • Cool ideas, and an excellent video to show them off, but there would be problems with implementing most of these…

    As mentioned by someone else, adding double-tap functionality to the app icons would mean a longer lag for opening apps, as the OS would have to wait to see if there’s a second tap.

    Adding a swipe functionality to the settings icon would mess up the interface if I were swiping because I wanted to see the next page of apps. How is the OS supposed to know my intention? If all of the apps had this functionality, how would I switch between pages?

    The mission control screen seems like too much work to me when it’s just as easy to switch between apps to see what’s open. I think a lot of people would like the idea of a kill all apps button though, even though it’s a myth that all of those apps are using up resources.

    The “shelf” app idea is brilliant. Basically a folder that you can see as an app, that stores any type of file or document, that any app can access for saving or opening files. This is definitely a step in the right direction, although management of that folder would become cumbersome really fast as soon as there are a dozen or more files in there.

    Finally, to echo a comment below, I like my lock screen to keep my phone locked, so that someone else can’t just pick it up and make a phone call, read my emails, reply to my texts, etc. So I don’t think those are a wonderful idea. But I do like the idea of having quick access to turning on/off the various wireless functionalities of my phone. A flashlight icon there would be great as well.

    So as far as Apple “taking hints” from this video, I’m sure a lot of this is stuff they’re looking at implementing, but there are a lot of repercussions and angles to consider before just implementing changes like this. You have to think of how each type of user will handle these changes, how it affects other functionality of the OS, etc. It’s not as simple as it looks.

  • Don

    Yep same old look, its extremely dull, bland and boring. Hopefully with Scott Forthythe (or however you spell his name) out of the picture, Apple may actually spruce up there VERY date iOS platform now.

  • George

    Yawn….stuff android already has and does. Better up their game and bring something innovative soon. Losing market appeal to Android in a big way and frankly its embarrassing.