“Do Not Disturb” in iOS 6 Fails to Turn Off on New Year’s Day [Update]

What’s up with dates and times in iOS? Back in 2011 New Year’s day alarms failed to go off causing users to miss their morning wake up calls. Today, reports are coming in Do Not Disturb mode fails to turn itself off, as first noted by MacRumors

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When Do Not Disturb mode is turned on, calls and alerts will be silenced (unless you allow permission for certain calls to come through). The mode should turn itself off if users have a scheduled start and end time. It appears today that wasn’t that case for some of our readers too:

Ironically enough, Apple started airing an iPhone 5 commercial highlighting Do Not Disturb mode, featuring tennis stars the Williams sisters (via 9to5Mac):

Update: official Apple embed added

Did you suffer from Do Not Disturb failing to turn itself off this morning?

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  • Starklet

    Set an alarm…

  • Barrnei

    Mine was fine

  • Kellie

    Mine was fine, no issues.

  • BrodieTheDog

    I did not have this issue.

  • steve81

    Here is what I posted on MacRumors forums :

    I made some tests and this issue will fix itself on Sunday January 6, 2013. It will happen the first few days of January 2014 (until Sunday January 5, 2014) if the bug is not fixed. Most first few days of most years seem to have this bug. The bugs starts on January 1st (based on the From time under Scheduled) and is usually fixed on the first Sunday of the year (except if the first day of the year is a Sunday, then it is fixed on the second Sunday). Years preceding years where the first day is a Sunday are not affected by the bug.

    Let’s check the next few years, this is the pattern :

    2013 : Issue fixed on Sunday Jan 6
    2014 : Issue fixed on Sunday Jan 5
    2015 : Issue fixed on Sunday Jan 4
    2016 : Issue not happening even though first day is a Friday
    2017 : Issue fixed on Sunday Jan 8 (Jan 1st is also a Sunday)
    2018 : Issue fixed on Sunday Jan 7
    2019 : Issue fixed on Sunday Jan 6
    2020 : Issue fixed on Sunday Jan 5
    2021 : Issue fixed on Sunday Jan 3
    2022 : Issue not happening even though first day is a Saturday
    2023 : Issue fixed on Sunday Jan 8 (Jan 1st is also a Sunday)
    2024 : Issue fixed on Sunday Jan 7

    The same pattern happens if you go back in time as well.

    Note : If DND is scheduled before midnight, then the issue and the fix (see above) are delayed one day since it’s based on the From time under Scheduled.

  • Interesting thanks for this

  • MrXax

    My iPhone 5 and ipad 3, along with my girlfriend’s iPhone 4, are all affected by this bug.

  • frank

    my iPhone 5 had this problem

  • Mark

    When I crawled out of bed at 11:00 and undocked my iPhone from the iHome station, DND was still on. Less than an hour later it had turned itself off. I just think my iPhone knew I wanted to sleep in. It’s always looking after me 🙂

    Update (next day): The issue has returned and hasn’t gone away on its own, this time.

  • Apple’s way to curing a New Year’s hangover?

  • R2D2

    It caused me missed a few important SMS. I’m disappointed with Apple.

  • I had this issue as well on my 4S. No big deal.