iOS 6 Wi-Fi Bug Causing Data Overages Makes CTV News BC


Looks like the former iOS 6 Wi-Fi bug causing data overages has received some media attention via CTV News BC.

A report by CTV’s Consumer Reporter Lynda Steele takes a look at a particular case that involves Fido, where customer Derek Finnamore was noticed increase usage of his data plan compared to before:

“I had apparently used 3.61GB of data in October, more than any other month in my previous three years of iPhone use, and many times greater than my previous monthly average,”


“I then went into my data history and took 30 day averages of before and after I installed iOS6 on my iPhone 3GS. My starting average was 29MB/day and my post-iOS6 average was 137MB/day,”

We reported on the bug back in the beginning of October after hearing multiple accounts from readers on all three major carriers suffering from data overages in iOS 6. Fido’s community forums declared there was no issue related to their network. Later in November, it was discovered the bug appeared within Apple’s Podcast iOS app, which caused data leaks. Updating to iOS 6.0.1 fixes the problem.

Are you still suffering from data leaks over Wi-Fi in iOS 6.0.1?


  • Tom

    So does TV news wait until the news is one month old so they can verify it before airing it on TV? Gary brought it to us first eons ago. Just saying.

  • I dont know about pver usage of celluar data on fido.
    But even in 6.0.1, both iphone and ipad(wifi) wont hold its connection to the access point when sleeping.
    Futhermore, ipad mini(wifi) has wifi connection issue witch it degrades the streaming speed.

  • 300 bill. Still strouguling with Fido to waive those charges. :/

  • I just got into a huge (yet civil) fight with a Fido CS rep on Friday over $30 of data overages from my last billing cycle. Data tracker is broken (won’t connect), and I got no alerts of my overage, and after NEVER (EVER!) having gone over my data allowance I didn’t anticipate this, nor undertand how it happened. This bug was first and foremost on my mind but the CS rep basically called me a liar to my face.

    I threatened to cancel and was ready to actually do it this time. Off to retentions and (thankfully) a pleasant lady who actually recognized the issue right away (a known bug), credited the overages, and appologized for the jerk CS rep who I had dealt with just previously.

    This is the second month I had billing issues with Fido and I was not in a mood to be called a liar and a cheat by a misinformed and belligerent CS rep.

  • james

    I swear that my iphone 5 was initially guzzling data as well. Seems to have stopped. But I had about $60 in overages the first month

  • Threaten to cancel. Speak to retentions. That’s what solved my issue despite my stonewall idiot CSR I dealt with to begin with.

  • sponticelli

    I also had an unpleasant surprise with my data usage. I was 3GB over my average, but I realized the root of that over use was not the supposed Wi-Fi bug.

    One day, at home, I startet the download of 5 iTunesU videos directly from my iPad. For some reason, they didn’t finish at home, and I got out to work. Once on the bus, I connected my iPad to my iPhone (tethering) to browse twitter and Facebook. It was 45 minutes of tethering. When I was at my job, I realized one of the videos was still downloading. At that point, I didn’t know they were also downloading while I was tethering.

    One week later, I got the surprise of data usage. Then I did the link to last week download issue. So, I tried to confirm that and I was right. I startet a download, then I switched from home Wi-Fi to tethered WiFi and the download was progressing until the new video was full downloaded.

    Apple doesn’t allow big downloads over 3G/LTE on the iPhone, but when an iPad is tethering with an iPhone, it sees the connection as a Wi-Fi and the restriction does not apply.

    Since then, when I tether my iPad with my iPhone, I verify first there is no pending download.

  • Beetle

    I`m still suffering from data leaks over Wi-Fi in iOS 6.0.1
    When I’m at home (connected to my personal network via wi-fi) and my iPhone is on stand-by for a while and then I’m starting to use it, it seems to have a very little gap where the iPhone does not find the wi-fi network so it uses 3G

  • jabohn

    I just got my iPhone 5 from Bell a few weeks ago. I am halfway through the billing period (plus a few pro-rated days) and the Bell website says I’ve used roughly half of my 500MB monthly data. Previously on my iPhone 4 I would use around 300-350MB per month. I have LTE turned off usually, but the extra usage this time could simply be the novelty of the new iPhone, and I will indeed be watching it closely.

  • Ilya S

    I didn’t have leak of data on my iPhone, however had HUGE data leak on my iPad since i upgraded to iOS 6. I called Rogers and tech recommended me to reinstall iOS 6. That solved the problem.
    Now its impossible to wave charges ($517 of them to be exact) as all of Rogers tech support and customers representatives i spoke to NEVER HEARD of this problem before… some of them stated that i was the first client with that problem…

  • greg hannah

    6.0.1 did not fix the wifi problem for many iPhone 5 users including myself (I’m on my 4th iPhone 5), There’s 170 pages of user problems on the Apple support community and many other discussion boards can be found on this problem such as MacRumours. Google: ‘iPhone 5 wireless problem’ and see the results that come up. I’m locked in a 3 year contract now because I was very happy with the 3GS but I’ll never, ever buy an Apple product again after this, they are dead to me.

  • Thx. I will try that. 🙂

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