Rumour: iOS 7 Will Be a Significant UI Overhaul, Currently Running Behind Schedule


If history repeats itself, WWDC 2013 should take place in a couple months in June. Last year, we saw Apple unveiled iOS 6. Could iOS 7 be delayed this year? That’s the word on the street according to John Gruber from Daring Fireball, as noted from his participation in this Branch thread regarding the production of the next iPhone 5S. Here are what the little birdies are telling Gruber:

  • What I’ve heard: iOS 7 is running behind, and engineers have been pulled from OS X 10.9 to work on it. (Let me know if you’ve heard this song before.)

Also, Gruber throws out a “yep” to what Rene Ritchie had to say about iOS 7’s system-wide UI overhaul:

“Ive’s work is apparently making many people really happy, but will also apparently make rich-texture-loving designers sad.”

As for iOS engineers with carry privileges on devices running the latest operating system out in the wild, Gruber hears those iPhone displays have privacy filters on them to prevent people from seeing the “rather significant system-wide UI overhaul.”

So far, Gruber has not heard any whispers about Apple events, as rumours point to an iPad launch based on the iPad mini’s thinner design.


  • Tim

    A. BOUT. TIME.

  • My itouch 4G took a huge beating when I upgraded to iOS 6. Will there be performance or lag issues with iOS 7? Or will it be optimized to fit the snappier iPhone 5S??

  • Mohamad

    auto brightness doesn’t work on my 4s and ipod touch 4th gen after upgrading to ios 6 🙁

  • FragilityG4

    You do know “a bout” is actually one word? ….

  • MleB1

    Forget making it look pretty. Fix the iOS and its antiquated built-in apps.

  • Neo

    No its not

  • FragilityG4

    In the context the poster was using it it is.

  • FragilityG4

    What’s wrong?

  • What about ‘a boot’

  • Jon

    He is putting emphasis on the syllables. Basic English folks.

  • FragilityG4

    No one speaks like that. Bad English.

  • Tommy’s concerns look justified when you think that there will be a major overhaul in iOS 7. This would obviously mean there’s the question of the battery and the CPU again. A7 on the iPhone 5S has almost been confirmed but how much of a power-consumer it would be is not known. All said and done, although Apple wouldn’t want to piss off the older-gen iDevice users, it will still be pushing forward sacrificing a few things here and there.

  • Applefanboy

    I had a 4s on ios 6 it worked perfectly fine..