What Happens If iOS Gets Windows Phone Live Tiles & Android Widgets [VIDEO]


Though I’m not a big fan of Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone OS offering, I do kinda like the concept of Live tiles a.k.a the Metro UI. If you add these Live tiles to the iOS along with some Android widgets, an interesting concept by visual and user interface designer Max Rudberg shows you exactly what will happen (via TNW).

Screen Shot 2012 11 01 at 9 13 29 PM

Microsoft’s Live tiles not only give a preview of the app’s status or data, but can also be adapted to appear in different shapes and sizes according to a user’s preference, something you cannot do with your iOS icons. Similarly, Android like widgets can add a more interactive experience to the slightly dull iOS UI. The following concept video, which has been inspired by the more living home screens of Windows Phone and Android, shows how the iOS home screen could become more lively as well.

In this concept, an app icon can be resized from 1×1 to 2×2 or 4×2. The increased size can house widget like functionality and provide easy access to core features of that particular app. For example, you could expand the Settings icon into a widget with a brightness slider, and quick toggles for WiFi, Bluetooth, Personal Hotspot and Do Not Disturb.

 Check it out and tell us what you think:


  • SteveHiggs

    Nicely done. Make it happen Apple! In the very least this concept designer has the Apple design mindset and aught to be hired; certainly thinking along the right track. Makes me wanna grab somebody at Apple and say “Make it so!”

  • I like that.

  • That’s a pretty cool concept. Well thought out, beautifully presented. The thing I like best is it still keeps things simple in an Apple-like way. Smart guy.

    Now how possible this is on an OS level without wasting resources, I’m not sure. And if Apple did implement something along these lines, would they have to limit it to their built-in apps at first? It’ll be interesting to see what kind of direction iOS takes under Ive’s watch.

  • Prailor

    then windows would sue apple , lol

  • Gun to the head! MAKE IT! 😀

  • That’s dope! Looks usable and blends right into the way iOS already works. Very intuitive. Please send this to apple to make sure those engineers see this.

  • prybar

    The big downside would be battery life. Our phones are not considered top contenders for battery life, and the constantly updating icons would certainly hog it.

    I had the HTC weather widget back in my jailbreak days, and it was a hog!!

    Amazing concept though. Mr. Rudberg always has some really great ideas and insights!

  • djepsilon

    Cool concept, but absolutely hideous.

  • Olley

    practical but ugly as f**k

  • lemontwist

    I don’t see the point.

  • Matthew

    The only thing I miss about my Nexus S is the ability to add widgets to the screen. It was really convenient to Tweet, check email and my calendar right from the home screen.

  • MleB1

    Not sure about active tiles, but I’d be very thankful if Apple would get their act together and finally produce a ‘Today’ option for the lock screen. You know, a user-set screen offering Calendar, Reminders, Inbox email, etc all on one screen – as available on other devices like BlackBerry – and I’m thinking as far back as WinCE and Palm. Sorry, but Notifications just doesn’t cut it – and I’m not sure active tiles in entirely necessary for this.

  • Jon

    I’m pretty sure the reason Apple doesn’t do this is battery life.

  • Brian

    Apple: Geniuses in engineering, but 5 years after releasing iOS they still haven’t figured out how to implement widgets. hahaha. It’s easy to have good battery life when your phone does nothing but show you a set of 1×1 stationary icons. Why would anybody need the option of having widgets? Apple knows what you need, just trust them.

  • james braselton

    here is i idear why not make both apps give cosumer choice on app icon says live tile formate or non tile formate then its a win win for both sides

  • james braselton

    hi there apple make it happens i found lots of live tile apps in the apple app store tile weather bing on ipad weatherboxes zen atltimiter puffin browser infact only uses 1 minute per 1 hour useage 10 hour battery only 10 minutes i can make that small compermize thats 1/60 not big deal