Here are Some White iPhone 5 Unboxing Pictures [Gallery]


Yesterday, we saw pictures of the first iPhone 5 unboxing in black ‘slate’ as Apple calls it, and today we have some images of the white iPhone 5 being unboxed at a Canadian carrier. Check them out below:


Earlier today, we posted the first Canadian iPhone 5 unboxing of a package that arrived from Rogers. I cannot wait to get my hands on my iPhone 5.

Thanks TrippDazzle!


  • Dbrake

    Anyone else having a problem with Rogers charging an early upgrade fee when it’s been more than 2 years since than last upgrade?

  • Seems lots of folks are still having their 5s “Preparing to Ship”… any commonality?? Mine status this and the phone is white w/64 gb. Just looking to see if others, with similar orders are getting the same status/

  • JD

    Don’t they make you sign 3 year deals still?

  • FragilityG4

    You’re lucky … I ordered a 64GB White as well an it’s still “In Progress”

  • jnef

    Yeah! i upgraded to my iphone 4 on launch for free, and that was after 2 years. its been more than 2 years now, but the automated 611 number told me there was a fee

  • wstoneman

    I called apple support and they said its depending on where you live. For the ones that have it shipped already, it is coming from China. For the ones that are still preparing are probably coming from the US or Canada stock pile.

    She said it really depends on where you live. So I really hope I get it on Friday.

  • Nate Allen

    Is it just me or does the Lighting cable seem a lot longer by the pics?

  • I ordered through Telus right after midnight but still haven’t heard anything from them.

  • Pha Le Nguyen

    Me too. Anyone to any clue?

  • Bblb

    Upgrade fees apply until your 2.5 years into your 3 year contract. So I was told by a customer service rep

  • Can’t Wait

    I ordered through Rogers, and the tracking number confirms it was delivered to my Rogers Store on Wed at 9:50 am 😀