iOS 6 WiFi Problems Occur After Update [Updated]


We’re hearing numerous reports iOS 6 has killed WiFi connectivity for some users. People are reporting they can no longer connect to their WiFi hotspots from their iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and iPad 3s.

Here are some possible fixes for this bug:

  • Reboot your device with the on/off switch
  • Reset network settings (General–>Reset–>Reset Network Settings)
  • Select your network and tap “Forget this Network”
  • Select your network and tap “Renew Lease”
  • Toggle Airplane Mode on/off
  • Try restoring and reinstalling iOS 6 in iTunes

There’s a massive thread over at the Apple Support Communities about this issue. iOS 6 updates worked on our iPad 3 and iPhone 4S.

Did iOS 6 kill your WiFi connectivity? If you found a fix that worked for you, share it with us in the comments.

Update: It appears the bug was not related to iOS 6, rather Apple’s “captive portal” page being down. It now appears to be working so try your WiFi again (thanks @lieven)

Thanks everyone for sending this in!


  • yup my ipad 3 wifi is dead, i’ll repost if i find a fix!

  • I too just noticed this. Was working fine earlier, left the house for an hour, came back and keeps asking to login as if it were a web-password hotspot. Tried all those things already, still happens.

  • Just read the thread and this is *not* what I’m getting. Completely different bug, just as annoying.

  • mc

    I got the same issue too… It just started happening an hour ago…

  • fab830

    No wifi anymore since ios 6 update on my Iphone 4.

  • Paul

    Tried all of the about with an iPhone 4. Still can’t connect to my home wifi, keeps redirecting me to an apple site with a page that doesn’t exist.

    I can however connect to public wifi’s so it appears that iOS 6 thinks my private wifi requires me to login through apple!

    Bit of a disaster on Apple’s part! Hope there is a quick fix available soon!

  • I’ve actually been running the GM for a week, the only difference today is updating apps – the OS build is exactly the same. I can connect to networks, but then it brings up a Log In panel as if I was connecting to a web-authenticated hotspot and immediately disconnects.

  • Molly

    I “forgot my network” then went back and renewed it and now it works!

  • Marco

    Reset network settings worked for me.

  • Paul

    The issue now appears to be fixed.

  • Same. Been on iOS 6 from day 1 so there must be something else going on.
    Resetting Network settings fixed it for me

  • fab830

    I just reset my Iphone 4 and the wifi is back to normal.Tanks !

  • prybar

    I get a page that can’t be found on when I join my network…not always…but from time to time.

  • Matt

    Settings > Wi-Fi > (Network…) > “Blue Circle Arrow”

    Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and set:

    HTTP Proxy to Auto

  • forgetting network and reconnecting worked for me

  • erik thiessen

    i did the network reset option and it worked on my iphone 4. my son (ipad 2) picked the maps app and chose a network and it worked as well.

  • Didn’t do anything for me except require reentering passwords.

  • Xavier

    Just turned airplane mode on and off. Both my iPhone 4S and iPad 2 are now working fine!

  • Shorty_dammit

    Nothing you do to your device will fix it. It was something someone hosed on Apple’s server, so the device didn’t think the wifi had connectivity to the internet. Resetting your network settings isn’t going to accomplish anything except forcing you to redo all your wifi settings for every network you use again. It seems they’ve now fixed the server, so just turn the device off and back on.

  • Jdizzle

    DO THIS. It worked for me on my 4s.
    Go to Settings>Safari>Clear History, Cookies and Data. Restart the iPad. Restart the iPad by holding down on the sleep button until the red slider appears and then slide to shut off. To power up hold the sleep button until the Apple logo appears and let go of the button.

  • miogus

    Killed my wifi as well. Double hard reset was the only thing that fixed it.

  • Funkyman

    Hard reset didn’t work, nor did forgetting my networks or brief Airplane Mode. I turned my wifi off for around 30 minutes, then back on and it worked…

  • john

    this worked.

    i did the reset and safari clear, doesnt work. at least not for iphones.

  • Dar06

    Hard reset worked for my iPhone 3GS. I had no problems with my iPad 2.

  • I had to do a restore on my 4 .. It works now .

  • jabohn

    I had this too and tried all the tricks above. All I was trying to do was connect to my home WiFi. Why would a login page come up? Then the page said “could not be found” and I discovered if I just clicked the DONE button anyway, it would work.

  • Kusch

    Had the same problem. Easy fix software setup was trying to find apple site which is very busy. I just needed to go to settings, general and software update. Then you will have your wifi back.

  • Farids

    Both my and my landlady’s 4S worked fine after the update. Mind you, having an Apple Airport Extreme router at home, may’ve had something to do with the trouble free connection.

  • Khdoss

    I tried all the above and the fix for me was rebooting the router..even though all other devices worked with it

  • stphotos

    I found that setting http settings to auto (within network details) did it for me. I have the beta goldmaster as of 3 days ago and thought it was just me!

  • Braiden

    I had this problem and now my iPhone 4 is experiencing major battery drain … And I reset it and restored πŸ™ , anyone else with that problem

  • I reinstaled iOS 6, and it worked for me

  • Jamie F.

    Was running iOS 6 beta GM with no problem until today. Then had wifi issue. I had found updated carrier settings when connecting to iTunes. Installed them and did a hard reboot. All was ok after that.

  • Andre C

    I had the same issue and decided to reboot my wifi router and that solved it for me.

  • Hosein

    I have had no problems on my iPhone 4 so far; works fast and perfect.

  • Britt

    I had no problems with wifi but now I don’t have YouTube, some apps don’t work and my pictures turn out black

  • DJ crunk

    Had the same problems with my 4 and 4s restored phones and restarted modem+router. Everything works now.

  • BrianM

    my wifi is working fine, but hotspot isn’t working properly (with cell phone carrier Fido) it turns on, computer can connect, but gets no IP address. Going to try again tonight, and call Fido if it still isn’t working. (additional note, when I updated to iOS6, there was a carrier update as well)

  • Nikonwil

    No problems so far; however, wifi seems to turn off when in sleep mode and then turns back on when wake up iPhone..
    Also a bit upset that not all new features were included in our update – iPhone 4, 3GS and lower..:/

  • ITGeek

    Issue appears to be IOS6 not supporting TKIP encryption on WPA. Switch to AES encryption on the WiFi access point and it works fine. This appears to be a bug in IOS6 and the only workaround is reconfiguring the access point (router). Hope Apple fixes this soon. There is nothing wrong with TKIP and it should be supported.

  • Shinun

    how to re-instal ios 6?

  • One click in iTunes.

  • Geracao

    I have found some very strange behavior after install IOS6 in the IPAD 3 I upgrade using the network not used the iTunes, lot of photos that were deleted from the the device appear again. That is really scared how come that photos appear? I did not use iTunes or any other device.
    That needs to be clarified!!! Where is our privacy?

  • IOS6 has left me with a ‘grayed out’ wifi button on my Apple unblocked iphone 4s. Thats right, ‘grayed out.’ No way to turn on the wifi. Tried to restore multiple times and nothing is working. Tomorrow I’ll have to take an hour to drive to an Apple store to find out what’s going on. Worked fine before the “upgrade.” Didn’t have this problem on my IPAD3.

  • And this is what it looks like when it’s ‘grayed out.’ BTW I’ve never used a data plan, only a prepaid voice. Has nothing to do with the carrier and everything to do with that “upgrade.”

  • Addy

    Still have problem for wifi after I did as you described above.

  • iphone4 after restore 6.0 wifi or bluetoth not work .how fix it?

  • switching our router from TKIP to AES resolved the problem, tho one of 3 iphone4 devices on our network was working fine when TKIP was on.

  • eli

    i tried every thing, it didnt work, i can,t select :forget this network: and how can i reinstal ios6 without connection?

  • Jess

    My wifi only works randomly and it seems as soon as I click on the App Store it turns wifi off every time.. It’s been having a lot of problems I have tried all the quick fixes you’ve suggested and they work every once in a while and then it’s right back to having the same problems!

  • Rawad

    How did you solve this problem??

  • Izza

    how did you solve your problem? i got the same !_! i cant use my wifi! my iphone 4s is useless. can someone help me please πŸ™

  • rsunset

    Apple store took it and gave me a new one. They said there is no way, at least that they knew of at the time, to fix it.