iPhone 5 ‘HD Voice’ to Work Exclusively on Bell and Telus LTE Network [Update]


The iPhone 5 supports HD Voice, which essentially makes your voice calls sound clearer than before. Here’s how it is described by Bell, as they introduced HD Voice in January on their network and Virgin Mobile too:

On an HD Voice call, you can expect:

  • Richer sound quality – words are clearer and easier to understand
  • Significant reduction in background noise
  • Ease in recognizing voices when more than one person is speaking

The iPhone 5 will support HD Voice, and MobileSyrup reports both Bell and Telus have confirmed their shared LTE network is the only one in Canada to support the feature. Telus notes the iPhone 5 is their first HD Voice-enabled device:

Bell: “The iPhone 5 is also HD Voice capable and Bell is the only nationwide carrier in Canada to offer HD Voice which provides the clearest call quality available.”

Telus: “We now support HD Voice on the TELUS network with the iPhone 5 being our first HD Voice enabled device.”

Anyone out there test HD Voice calls on other smartphones? How do you like the feature?

Update: We reached out to Rogers and they responded to us with this email:

“We are working towards making HD Voice available to our customers later in the year.”

So there you have it. HD Voice support is coming all around, folks.


  • That’s great since I’m with Bell but I wonder if it really makes a difference.

  • Omac

    What about Rogers?

  • jlocicero

    Anyone know how to get a Telus nano sim card without buying the phone through Telus? I pre-ordered through Apple, and it is shipping without a nano sim card. Can I just go to a Telus store next week?

  • Yes 10$ in store

  • Abdulla

    where does it say that it ships with a nano sim?

  • jlocicero

    Sorry, that was a typo. I’ve edited my question above!

  • jlocicero

    Thanks! One more question, do I need to register the nano sim somehow? Can I keep both sims in case I have a second phone to use as a backup?

  • Check update.

  • Yes. It’ll cost you $10 though. Or, free at the Apple Store.

  • jlocicero

    Really? Free? Cool! I wonder if I can go before the store launch next Friday, to avoid the crowds…

  • Yes I can’t wait to hear the difference if it really make a difference 🙂

  • gerry

    It’s a bonus for me since I just switched back to Bell about a month or two ago. I’m in for something nice when I get my iPhone 5.

  • Yep 🙂

    You could try. Let us know!

  • Alex

    Great coverage these couple of days, thanks!

  • What about koodo?

  • Thanks 🙂

  • Hk

    You can register it online with fido/Rogers… Once you register it your old sim becomes useless

  • steve

    Great news however I haven’t seen one person on Bell or Telus who had a good cell phone plan.

  • John

    Out of all these brands, who has the best LTE coverage? I am thinking of switching to Telus, I am currently with Rogers.

  • Sure glad I’ve decided to dump Rogers! Now, who to go with… Telus or Bell?? Hmmm….

  • I’d heard good things about Telus.

  • You can only have one SIM active at the time but nothing prevents you from swapping SIM back and forth online to switch from an iPhone to another HSPA device that uses a regular sim

  • Not with TELUS, the old SIM is still good but only for that same account and same phone number, you cant use it on any other phone number

  • Aro2220

    I’ve heard bad things about Telus. And Bell has better LTE service..especially in Toronto. All three have bad customer service but for different reasons.
    Bell = outsourced
    Telus = useless
    Rogers = they play con games

    I went with WIND but they’ve got the worst customer service at all…they are outsourced, useless and they play con games (not as bad as rogers though, rogers is king at that)…but they are also insulting. And their prices have been going up…and coverage got a little better but their mobile data is still wonky at best. I’m not sure if I want to spend 2x as much for my phone plan to be with Bell or Rogers. And I saw the new iPhone 5…not impressed with their map service and the ‘longer but not wider’ screen design feels…weird…

  • TELUS just released the service the other day. The voice quality is like talking on a high end VoIP system. The quality is fantastic and sounds like the person is in the same room with you.