iPhone 5 Is Way Faster Than New iPod Touch [Benchmark Scores]


Most of us (including myself) believe that the new iPod touch, that packs incredible power for such a sleek device, would perform on par or slightly slower than the iPhone 5 considering it has a similar sized display and an A5 processing chip like the one seen in iPhone 4S. However, Geekbench benchmark scores reveal that the difference in speeds between the two devices is much more significant (via iClarified).

The iPhone 5 features an Apple A6 1300 MHz dual-core processor, where as the new fifth generation iPod touch has an Apple A5 800 MHz dual-core processor. According to the Geekbench results browser, iPhone 5 scores 1573 while the iPod touch 5G scores just 617, putting it behind the iPhone 4S at 653.

If you’d like to know how your own desktop computer or iPhone performs, you can download Geekbench and run it on your Mac or Windows system to find out your score. Meanwhile, here is the full Geekbench chart showing comparison scores of all iOS devices tested:


  • JH

    Why would anyone think it performs on par when it has an A5 processor and the iPhone 5 has an A6 which Apple said is 2x faster than the A5? Anyone would think that it would perform on par with the iPhone 4S if they had a brain. It also makes sense that it scored lower than the 4S because it is pushing more pixels with the same processor.