iPhone 5 Sale: Rogers Offers 16GB for $79, TELUS Cuts $100 Off All Models [Update]


Rogers and TELUS have introduced some iPhone 5 sales for the holidays. Rogers is offering the 16GB  iPhone 5 for $79 on a three year contract, which is a savings of $100.

rogers iphone 5 sale

TELUS is also offering the same deal on the 16GB model, but has also slashed its 32GB and 64GB models by $100 as well, all on three year contracts until Dec. 27th. Online orders have free shipping and no activation fee.

telus iphone 5

Also, TELUS is offering the 64GB iPhone 4S for free on a three year term as well, as part of a web exclusive. If someone is jumping to the iPhone for the first time, a $0 64GB iPhone 4S would be a fantastic deal (expires Dec. 31st):

telus iphone 4s

Here’s a summary of TELUS iPhone 5 offers (three year term pricing):

  • 16GB iPhone 5: $79
  • 32GB iPhone 5: $179
  • 64GB iPhone 5: $279
  • 16GB iPhone 4S: $0
  • 64GB iPhone 4S: $0 (web exclusive)

Plus, for those who want the iPhone 4S it still remains at $0 on a three year term from TELUS, Rogers and Bell.

Let us know if you’re going to jump on any of these!

Update: According to this RFD thread, if you bring in ANY old CDMA cellphone to recycle, you can get an extra $50 off your iPhone 5 on a three year term. So essentially you’d be paying $29 for an iPhone 5 on a three year term. Nice deal.


  • Drewz

    Three year contracts suck. Sasktel is also having the same iPhone 5 sale. Who would want to sign three years though?!

  • tyam

    hey can u tekl me how it works ? most imp thing how much i have to pay as an downpayment ? iphone4s 64gb free?

  • tyam

    what is sale price for iphone5 ?

  • jim

    All these discounts are false, because if you decide to upgrade before the end of your term. You will need to pay the $100 discount back together with the pro-rated outstanding handset price. If you look, you will see that the no term price is still the full price. All the carriers do this ‘trickery’. If it was truely $100 off then the contract cancellation price would be $100 less. Where is the CRTC on this?