Purported iPhone 5 Prototype Unit Leaked, Powers On To ‘Connect to iTunes’ Screen [VIDEO]


Following yesterday’s hands on video of an iPhone 5 dummy unit at IFA 2012, another video of a purported black iPhone 5 prototype has been leaked on YouTube as pointed out by Cydiablog. Uploaded by Chris, the guy claims to have acquired the unit from an “anonymous source” in China, which when turned on, prompts to the ‘Connect to iTunes’ screen.

Since the uploader apparently hasn’t got his hands on a sync cable that fits the smaller dock connector, he couldn’t go past the ‘Connect to iTunes’ prompt when trying to start the purported iPhone 5 prototype.

As noted by Chris:

“The next generation iPhone doesn’t have reflective glass, instead Apple has replaced it with a matte black aluminum, as seen in previous leaks. The prototype is about half an inch longer than the iPhone 4s, meaning the screen real state has increased considerably.

As, seen in past leaked photos, headphone jack has been moved to the bottom of the device – next to the two speakers (or one speaker and one microphone?).  The front facing camera is now placed above the ear speaker, in the centre of the iPhone. And finally, the dock connector on the prototype is smaller as well, it’s now about half the size of the current dock connector”.

Check out the video and tell us what you think of this one’s legitimacy in the comments section.


  • Derik

    I’d be surprised if you had to be *wired* to connect to iTunes, even for the initial set up.

  • Cchee

    I also don’t think you would need to plug in to a computer to connect to iTunes, When I bought my 4s at Future Shop it was all done wirelessly through iCloud.

  • FragilityG4

    It looked as if his back plate was not two tone …..

  • Don’t post fake videos here. Just ruins your rep as you are promoting someone who just wants to mess with people. Makes you look bad.

  • Does iOS ask you to connect to iTunes now that it’s gone fully Post-PC?

    I’m pretty sure you can activate a new iPhone OTA now.

    Also, no two-tone back. Though that might just be an update to an old design. (hope so)

  • Not a bad vieo though. But there’s way too much light. Next time, please make sure you’re in a dark room at night with only one 20 watt bulb to illuminate the space. If you can’t make out all the details of a black phone at night in the dark, then what the hell good are ya.

  • Fake.

  • MrBambinoDent

    Totally fake.

  • ritchied

    A sync cable….lol

  • gerry

    It would be funny to see a totally different design and phone finishing when they hold their press conference.

  • Yep. We’d all look like complete fools.

  • @cb169cd0441928624d7f5b44db9e1c59:disqus @facebook-519276207:disqus @b31c7e41b565136fddccf2cda6d7a759:disqus You all have a very good point because iOS 5 can be setup initially via the device itself, not needing a computer anymore. However, if this was a legitimate prototype, it would not have been running iOS in the first place. It would have been running Apple’s internal test software for testing out the hardware in their prototypes. Assuming prototypes could run iOS (most likely), you would have to put it in DFU mode or recovery mode to restore and install iOS. Therefore, the chances of this being legitimate is slightly increased…

  • shin

    just because your headline says “purported” doesn’t make this look any less fake.