SNL Skit Targets the ‘Problems’ of the iPhone 5 [VIDEO]


SNL host Christina Applegate talked about the “glitches and design flaws” with latest iPhone 5 in the skit ‘Tech Talk’ that aired on Saturday night. Three tech writers complain about the pitfalls of the latest iPhone, but only to be shocked and surprised when the show brings out three factory workers to address their concerns in person.

Check it out by clicking here to watch on Global (YouTube videos have been blocked).

Complaining about the iPhone 5 and its flaws = #firstworldproblems.

Update: Added link to Global for the clip, thanks to the folks in the comments.


  • AccordXTC

    Now that was funny lol

  • Kirk

    LMAO!! We gripe about nonsense… Way to go SNL! 🙂

  • gtasscarlo

    FIrst world problem LOL

  • Farids

    Hilarious!!!! I love it!!! Gary, you made my day! Now it’d be really good to email the links to all the major complainers!!!

  • Wuju

    No longer able to see. Blocked

  • Guest

    Sieg Heil NBC

  • Guest

    video blocked by NBC due to copyright issues… BS …Big Brother ( APPLE ) has spoken… Thou shalt not Belittle thy Master

  • No, that is NBC being a dick. I can watch NBC in HD all day long on my TV in Canada but not short clips? Earth to NBC, short clips actually “promote” your shows. Consider them “free” advertising. Stop shooting yourselves in the foot.

  • Creigger

    Yup…Apple has spoken. “Thou shalt not jest at the igods!”

  • AZ
  • Thanks for this link, updated!

  • thanks!

  • Yeah it was well done 🙂

  • lol

  • kop

    Happy someone can talk about apple not being perfect – It would have been so negative if it was Rim SNL did a great comedy on this topic.

  • Nicely done, SNL, nicely done.

  • ging-ho

    LOL. iOS 6 still sucks ass though.

  • LOL love how they made each of the major blogs just look silly.