The Reality Of The ‘Disappointing’ iPhone 5 [COMIC]


Everybody has their own thoughts on the iPhone 5, and we are alright with that. If you choose not to like the iPhone’s two-toned back plate, or the lack of additional hardware, that’s your personal opinion. But we all know one thing, even the people who don’t necessarily like the iPhone 5 will probably purchase one.

My personal Twitter feed was filled with cheers of joy and rants on September 12th after the iPhone was announced. The top rant stated that the iPhone was ugly; yet later on the same users were talking about pre-orders. The irony of the situation is just too much not to enjoy.

This comic tells a story:

Yeah, that pretty much sums everything up. A Samsung user ranting about the iPhone, but still wants to test it out. Meanwhile that Apple fan he is sitting next to must be laughing it off in his head.

Thoughts on this comic?

[The Joy Of Tech via AllThingsD]


  • draz

    So true! I know several with S3’s that can’t wait to see my iPhone 5.

  • RyanStOnge

    Haha, those Samsung fans can’t stay away from Apple.

  • I also know a guy that went around convincing everyone to switch to Android ….. then went an ordered an iPhone 5 for himself

  • iFone

    So true! But one cannot blame them. They are always trying to compare to the best phone in the market to justify their purchase…

  • Lol. I know a blackberry switcher to the S3. Says he hates the lag of the OS, regrets buying it.

  • mc

    I honestly like Android and switched over since the iPhone 4 but after 2 years of lag and random rebooting I’m going back… I don’t want to keep on dealing with a phone that I have to be paranoid on installing apps because it might make my OS slow down or crash…

  • ottoes

    No lie, this happened to me today. Guy was bitching about Apple and the iPhones and the iPhans and then, when I told him I was getting mine Friday he said “Can I see it when you get it?”

  • LOL!

  • Peter

    These comments are funny, must be part of the article. I had the 3gs, 4s and a few android phones. With apple you get a vg product out of the box, and but I found the apple religion too much. Most of the apps that I purchased were from cydia. With the android what you pay for is what you get, the if you get a cheap phone than that’s what you are going to have, and but you have the choice. I has several androids too and still have the Almost 2year old s2.. Which has very similar specs to the ip5. Currently on ics, never experienced any sluggish performance . The bonus, I don’t have to give up my religion 🙂

  • Sanders

    My thoughts? That comic is cute for 5 year old and people that believe that things are black or white. I think we’ve all wanted to check out the latest Andriod offering at the local mobile stores many a time. It goes both ways. Android bring a lot to the table, Apple is geared towards certain people. Get over it, there is no right or wrong….sorry just grey.


  • Goodbye_iPhone

    I am not a fan of any phone. Be real, at the end of the day it is still just a phone with email, a camera and browsing access. However I can say that even though I have had iPhones since the 3G, and have a 4S now, I will not be getting another iPhone most likely.
    Apple imposes too many restrictions. You do it Apples way or to bad. The flexibility of the Androids is definitely much better if you want to tailor your phone to your needs.
    I see a huge market for lower tech users for iPhones. People that are not comfortable with settings, customization etc. should get an iPhone, but for anyone with any technical ability that wants a phone to do what they want, an Android is by far the best choice. If you don’t like choices and want the simplicity of Apple telling you what you can and can not do, then the iPhone is a great choice.
    With the latest joke patent suits against Samsung, I personally do not want to give Apple any more of my money, which pretty much put the last nail in the coffin for future iPhones.
    I can’t wait for the next Samsung to come along as that will most likely be the phone I upgrade my 4S to.