iPhone 5S Surpasses Galaxy S4 Sales At US Carriers In Just Two Weeks

The iPhone 5S, Apple’s latest flagship smartphone that went on sale merely two weeks ago, has already overtaken the Samsung Galaxy S4 to become the top-selling smartphone at all four major carriers in the US. According to new data from research firm Canaccord Genuity (via CNET), Apple will sell more than 52 million iPhones (including the iPhone 5C) worldwide during the last quarter of the year.

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Canaccord’s report didn’t indicate exactly how many units were sold of each device, but indicated that the Galaxy S4 was pushed back to second, and for some carriers, third, during the month of September. For the first time in several months, Apple was the top-selling smartphone vendor in September, surpassing Samsung, which led the way in June, July, and August.

“According to Canaccord, it’s seeing “very strong” sales for Apple’s iPhone 5S. The iPhone 5C, meanwhile, is experiencing “strong sales.” Based on what it’s seen so far, Canaccord believes Apple will sell more than 52 million iPhones worldwide during the last quarter of the year.

Samsung is expected to post similarly strong sales, though Canaccord didn’t predict how many units it might sell.”

The report also highlights poor sales for BlackBerry’s Z10 and Q10 handsets, as well as the HTC One, another direct competitor to the iPhone.

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  • Chrome262

    Shocking, why would anyone want to buy something that actually is different than the previous model, instead of buying the a newer version of the S3. be funny if the 5c surpasses the S4 because thats more apples to apples lol

  • John

    Yeah the 5s is so much different than the iphone 5…Add 64 bit processing (gimmickry) and a fingerprint unlock 😉 and WOW its different

  • Al

    As I said back when there were reports about Samsung was outselling Apple… THESE REPORTS ARE FUCKING POINTLESS!!!!
    New product = Better Sales … DUH!!

    These companies that put out these mind-numbingly stupid reports are just looking for attention and hoping stupid people will be impressed.

  • Chrome262

    M7 chip, Camera sensor, larger aperture, bigger battery, low power Bluetooth. A7 completely different architecture, new transmitter/ receiver chips, true world phone. So yes way different

  • John